Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Modeling Career Woes

Should I Turn to a Life of Stripping?
Yip Yap Friends!

Don't remind me...I know...it has been too long.

I haves a big problem though and I need your advice!

Several months ago I developed a troubling case of "lump on my heiney".

Mom monitored, squeezed, monitored some more and finally took me to the doggy doctor who agreed I should have the lump removed.

Welp the day finally came and although I was a tad nervous the lump came off (along with several of my toofers that had to go.)

The problem I am having now is that the "minor" surgery has left me with a "major" scar!

A scar on any other doggy would be cool! It would be worn like a badge of courage. An over-comers emblem, a survivors stamp! But on me...it is not good. You see...I'm a MODEL. And I'm not a Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund Super Model...I am more of an up and coming model. I still have to work hard to get gigs, model questionable things like dog diapers and Chinese dog treats! I still have to "pretend" to like cats in some of my shoots!

So...a scar...specifically on my ample and bootiful heiney could be career ending. (Pun intended!)

I have been making a list of my skills in the unfortunate event that I have to find a new line of work but so far I have only come up with:

Licking my feet
High pitch barking

Not thinking that will be enough to fill up a resume so I am asking for your help!

If I absolutely must leave my chosen field of modeling...what should I do for a living? This girl has GOT to eat!

My Boo Boo

The Scar

Please add you suggestions on what Karli's new career should be in the comments section!