Thursday, February 27, 2014

Do You Feel Guilty? Scientists Claim Dog Shaming a Scam!

So..the media is at it again fellow doggies and we must not remain silent on this issue! Now is the time to raise your bark and fight back; you see apparently according to 'scientists' WE DO NOT FEEL GUILT!

Tee hee hee! How the heck do they know? Have they not seen our eyes? Have they not seen our "slink"?
Do they not know how much we love our humans and want to please them? I admit...when I'm too cold to tinkle outside I don't necessarily feel bad about finding a nice warm corner of the bathroom rug to go and if my mom leaves her cereal bowl out i will gladly help myself to the leftover milk but sheesh that's not really a crime is it? I shouldn't really feed all that bad about those things should I?

Spike, my brother, has an eating disorder. He just can't stop himself when it comes to food but I promise you he feels bad about it. Sometimes he will steal my food. He gulps it down in two bites but when mom says, "Oh bad Spikey!" he always feels sorry. He gets the saddest look and he always tells me he is sorry.

Roxy, my sister, has a habit of doing yipping and yapping at the mail lady but a girl needs to protect her turf. These so called 'scientists' say that when dad scolds her, Roxy doesn't feel bad about it. Baloney sandwiches! I have seem my sissy slink across the room, tail between her legs and eyes looking pitifully at my dad. She feels sorry! we feel guilty....or are we just trying to make our humans feel bad. That is the real question isn't it!

The problem with this article by scientists is that those of us who have perfected the eye roll, the slink, the run and hide and the show my belly are now going to be literally called out on the carpet!

The truth is only WE know the truth and I don't like the assumption of humans that we are just faking!