Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mom Went and Got a Job!

So my mom went and got herself a job! No one cleared this ambitious en-devour with muah and it has left me feeling a bit upset. One day my mom was home rubbing my belly like always and the next she trotted out the door just after breakfast and left me home with dad! This has been going on two weeks now and although I admit I have been able to trick dad into more treats....I am still very sad about mom not being here during the day.

I have tried barking at her about this but she gave me some lame excuse about needing the money to buy doggy kibble. I have yet to see any of this so called kibble so I think that was just dog doo doo.

I really need your advice friends. How can I make my mom feel as guilty as possible?

I may not be able to get her to quit her new job but I do believe I should be getting something out of this new employment of hers. I need some new dresses and I would love some comfy new jammies.

How would you go about making your hooman feel bad?

Each evening I have been trying my hardest to pout but my darned tail keeps wagging as soon as I see her and the next thing I know I'm licking her all over.

How can I stick to my guns? What techniques work best?

Please write back as soon as possible....I'm desperate!