Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Rude Awakening

When you are a naked dachshund who absolutely abhors getting wet, a rainy day means one thing; NAP!

So this morning when the angry grey sky decided to open up and empty out on us, I decided to curl up next to mom in bed and take a snooze.

I did my normal routine. Walked on her a little bit, licked her nose and face to see if I could glean any remnants of her breakfast off of her face, and then hopped down and burrowed under the blankies to close my eyes and dream of chipmunk chasing.

In only a few short seconds I was transported to a wonderful dream. I was on hunting duty in the back yard decked out in the cutest hunting garb I have ever seen. It was as though it was made especially for me! It was cammo green but had a few little pops of pink in it since pink is my favorite color. The pink spots were flowers so I guess I was supposed to look like a camouflaged bush. Tee hee.

Anyway the outfit came with a cute hat…and I usually don’t like hats but this one was very comfortable and had a wide brim to keep the sun out of my eyes and help me see those nasty little chipmunks even better. I felt cute! I felt confident! I felt ready to attack!

Austin was to my right and Spike was too my left. Our tails were wiggling fast but mostly straight up….the quiver it is called. This is the signal that we are just about to make our move.

Mr. Chipmunk….A.K.A. LUNCH…appeared and we all took off! Spike’s roll is to keep him from going back towards his hole. Austin barks like crazy to try to stun the little thing while chasing him strategically toward me. I have the best job. I get to grab the little sucker and throw it up into the air by its tail! Then we all take turns getting little bites of him. MMMMMM YUM! If you’ve never had fresh chipmunk you do not know what you are missing.

So now came the big moment! We were all getting ready to enjoy our spoils when I was RUDELY AWAKENED FROM MY AWESOME DREAM!

“Karli, Karli…since it is raining you should work on writing a blog!” my mom said.

Ugh! Hasn’t she ever heard the old adage “Let sleeping dogs lie”

Tonight when she is dreaming about eating chocolate I'm gonna wake her up and tell her I need to go pee! Tee hee!