Friday, July 26, 2013

Michigan Air

Welp...I know I am in trouble with many of you because I have been quite negligent in my bloggy writing.
Mom has been telling me that my friends have been asking me to paw out something inspiring but honestly something sorta weird has been happening to me since we got to Michigan.

I can't really explain it. I will try my hardest to put it into words but it is as though my soul has been given wings and all I want to do is play, play, play!!!!! Mom says it has something to do with the Michigan air (which sounds like a bunch of psycho babble mumbo jumbo to me) but maybe she is right because my end-orphans are going crazy! End-orphans are things you get when you were once an orphan (or felt like one) and now that your aren't an orphan anymore you are so happy you get tingly feelings. Well....since I was adopted I am happy often...but in is magnified!!!!

I have been chasing squirrels and chipmunks. I have been rolling in the most heavenly scented fish guts that the cabin rental folks are kind enough to leave behind for me. Following the loveliest butterflies up and down the hills in the yard from flower to flower and barking my most ferocious bark at anyone who dares get too close to my Grammy and Grampy's fence.

I guess it is also what I HAVEN'T been doing that may seem a bit strange to some. I have not had a single pedicure since I arrived! I have only had a few baths..and the ones I have had were because mom said I stunk too bad to sleep with her in the big bed. Tee hee. I have not been wearing my normal couture clothing but rather t-shirts to cover my skin from the sun and bugs. I guess it would be considered "country wear" but I have been sooooo comfy! A few days when it was really hot mom just lathered me up with bug spray and sunscreen and i walked around butt naked! So liberating!

I am still me. I am still Karli the Naked Wiener. I still have the same dreams, hopes and desires but I guess I am learning to enjoy the simple things in fresh blueberries...yum!