Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Why God?

I watched the news with momma and saw all of the houses and buildings smashed from the twister in Oklahoma. It was so sad. All of those people’s homes were gone and their cars got piled up and even some schools were demolished! Mom said about 25 people died in the storm including little hoomans and lots of pets were missing from their families. I could tell momma was very upset so I climbed on her lap and licked her eyes.

“Mom, why does stuff like this happen?” I asked her.

“Oh Karli…that is such a good question little doggy,” she said. “Honestly, I have no idea.”

“But God had a reason right?” I asked again.

“Karli…I would like to believe that…and I do believe the Bible that says “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.” But Karli I don’t believe God caused this storm. I believe he allowed it.

“Mom….if God is all powerful and all knowing….couldn’t he have just made a world without storms and suffering?

“Sweet baby girl…you are too cute! He DID! Wow I really need to read to you more. Genesis 1:31 says “Then God looked over all he had made, and he saw that it was very good!” He created a perfect world. There was no sin or suffering. No storms or mean people. But then after God created man, Satan entered into the scene and now even today we have to pay the consequences.

“So…why didn’t God just make it so we always just obey and love Him and then everything would be perfect!” I suggested smartly.

Mom smiled but then explained, “Karli if Austin was programmed to love you….it wasn’t his choice…he just loved you because it was the way he was made, how would that make you feel?”

“Not very special because it wouldn’t be true love.” I replied.

“That is why God gave us free will.” Mom explained. “He didn’t want little robots. He wanted authentic beings who had the choice to follow Him or not, to believe in Him or not, to love Him or not. He loves all of us though Karli, not just those that love Him and I know that His heart is broken over the tornadoes in Oklahoma. He knows even when a single bird falls from the sky, so he surely knows and is hurting over all of the pain and devastation there,” mom said.

I still am not sure why all of these bad things happen but I am glad that God loves me and that He didn’t make these things happen but rather allows them to happen. I am encouraged to see the stories of all the nice things people are doing to help each other…especially how they are helping lost pets find their families.
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Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Villages

Last weekend was Wienerpalooza. It was completely pawsome and i promise to write a special blog or two all about it but today I want to tell you about something that happened on our drive home.
We were on I-75 north. The wieners were sleeping...except for me. I was looking out the window and reading the signs. I wanted to be sure mom knew where she was going. I liked  the names of the towns...some of them made giggle. We went through a town called Fruitville. Another town was named Citra. Mom and Ms. Angela stopped there and bought some orange juice and grapefruit. They didn’t buy me anything but i did get to go potty. That was nice.
A weird thing happened in Citra. Hundreds of tiny bugs were swarming in the air and hitting our windshield. They were getting stuck to our windows and headlights. Mom was using the window washers...but they made such a yucky mess. She said they were love bugs because they were kissing....but I looked real close and I think she is wrong. Or if she is right...they do not know how to kiss because it looked like they had their heineys hooked together! Tee hee!
Up the road I was getting sleepy but I opened my left eye and saw a sign...I almost fell asleep but then memories of a commercial featuring happy people zipping around on golf carts and riding bikes jolted me awake!

"Mom! Mom! Bark! BARK BARK BARK! Look it is The Villages....America’s Friendliest Home Town. We have to stop! We should move there!!!"

"Karli...The Villages is a place where old people live!"

"Well, you are old, right?" I asked.

"!" she barked back.

"You look old." I replied.

Then for some reason...Angela laughed and mom didn’t talk to me until we got to our hotel that night!

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