Thursday, December 5, 2013

Music from the Trash Heap

Mom and I were just snuggling in the Big Bed like normal but then she did something MEAN! 

She changed the tv channel. She knows I love animal planet but she wanted to watch HER show. 

Ugh. How rude!

I pouted for a while but after a few minutes my ears started twitching and then my snoot stuck out of the blanket.

The story on the news show was very interesting to me.
It told of a town called Cateura in a country called Paraguay. Roxy said it is near her homeland of Colombia. 

The story was about the very poor children who live there, in a town that is basically a big trash heap. In spite of their surroundings, the local children have found a way to make instruments out of the trash they live in and have now become famous worldwide by playing beautiful music.

Mom was crying when she was watching this show and I already knew what she was thinking about.

This was just another example of people overcoming their circumstances and taking something ugly and turning it into something beautiful.

Animal rescue is VERY UGLY. It can be so disheartening and sad. There are people that do such horrible things. 

Most times it feels like it would just be easier to give up; to just walk past the trash heap.

But just remember the music you will be missing out on…and the beauty that the world will not get to see.

Do not fear going into that trash heap and pulling out something that may seem ugly to the world. 

With a little love and attention, it will show its beauty and value to the world.

To learn more about The Landfill Orchestra Click Here.


This blog is dedicated to Rosie and her mom Cinnamon. Rosie….I will love you forever.


  1. Glad to see you blogging again Karli. This is a sweet story. Loved it.

  2. I loved your blog Karli! I will check out that link. That is a beautiful ending to a terrible situation. I hope that those children will get some assistance now. We miss your blogs Karli!! <3
    Auntie Angela, Maddie, and Cricket

  3. Karli when we lived in Africa (Mookie and Niko were not with us but Ferdie and Reuben) and they were always asking us to get more toys for the little kids in the village across the street cause they used spools (from thread) and put a wire coat hanger through it and it became a pull toy. So now only did we order a lot of small toys for the kids but we allowed the village to sit every night under our security lights against our wall....they cooked their dinner, they braided hair, told stories from the elders to the youth, they widdled and carved, would weave palms for hats, mats but best ever was the kids were safe and protected from the darkness. When we left the village cried because no one had ever been nice to them and now the chief wanted each child to go to school and help others - your mom was right...they need help <3 you hun


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