Monday, June 10, 2013

Penelope's Weird Cold

Often we share tips and advice on different medical ailments that plague doxies such as IVDD, luxating patellas, hypothyroidism, even bad breath. Today, however, i am not sharing information about a doxie illness but rather asking for your HELP!

My hoo-sister Penelope is seventeen. She will be eighteen very soon and mom says we should love on her as much as possible because when she has her birthday she is gonna ‘disappear’! I didn’t know that was even really possible. I mean...I have seen magic on T.V. but I always really thought there was a trap door or something behind the curtain. I didn’t know people could really vanish.

Penelope says that mom is just over-reacting and that she isn’t gonna disappear but rather move to California to ‘follow her dreams’. That sounds like fun to me! I would love to move to California and become a famous Doxie Model and Star like Mila Miesner....but alas I am now a married woman and will have to be happy in my role as wife and spokes-model for The Long Dog Retreat.

Mom says Penelope isn’t being realistic about life but then again what teenager is?  

My biggest concern about my hoo-sissy is this weird cold she has and that is what I need your help with.

A few months ago I notice she seemed to be sniffing more and well...excuse the gross fact but ehem...picking at her nose.

I licked her nose to help her out, (I am nice like that.) and what to my surprise...I discovered the oddest boogers ever!!!


Has anyone ever heard of this? What causes this? How can I get them out of there? I keep licking and licking and licking but they won’t budge. They don’t seem to be getting smaller either!

Poor girl. She looks ridiculous!

I hate to tell her....she is so pretty otherwise. Do you think this is permanent? Fatal?

Any advice would be appreciated.




  1. Not permanent Karli... just age appropriate !!

    Keep on loving on her maybe she'll change her mind about going to California !!

  2. Karli, with time those silver boogies will just go away. :) I don't think she wants to look like a bull the rest of her life.

    I have a younger cousin living in LA who works her hiney off for Jessica Simpson. My cousin and Ashley Simpson went to school together in TX. Anyway, before going to work for Jessica's company, She tried acting. Her now husband is an actor. She didn't get very far. Its extremely difficult if acting is her intention.

    I'm all for chasing dreams or at least trying to live somewhere else, but it has to be realistic (and safe).

    Try not to worry so much! Penelope just wants to find herself.:)

  3. Thanks everyone. My sissy is soooo pretty and I just don't understand some of these fashions. I know some things are a remember when I loved Justin Bieber? Yikes!

    I just mostly want her to be safe. Thanks for your advice.

  4. Karli we had the opposite problem. Our sissys were left in the UK at 17 and 19 when our parents had to go to Africa to protect the embassy and the Americans there. Mommy kept saying we had to trust them at college cause they had good morals and standards and really wanted an education so they could make loads of money. They were also in a Band and daddy was worried but mom kept saying I trust them. After 4 years they graduated on our parents 25th wedding anniversary - wow so much happened but nothing happened that worried our parents. o Mom said we brought them up and it was time for them to test their wings. Gosh our sissys have wings, wish we did. Karli be careful don't swallow one of those silver things, it will upset your tummy. love <3


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