Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Villages

Last weekend was Wienerpalooza. It was completely pawsome and i promise to write a special blog or two all about it but today I want to tell you about something that happened on our drive home.
We were on I-75 north. The wieners were sleeping...except for me. I was looking out the window and reading the signs. I wanted to be sure mom knew where she was going. I liked  the names of the towns...some of them made giggle. We went through a town called Fruitville. Another town was named Citra. Mom and Ms. Angela stopped there and bought some orange juice and grapefruit. They didn’t buy me anything but i did get to go potty. That was nice.
A weird thing happened in Citra. Hundreds of tiny bugs were swarming in the air and hitting our windshield. They were getting stuck to our windows and headlights. Mom was using the window washers...but they made such a yucky mess. She said they were love bugs because they were kissing....but I looked real close and I think she is wrong. Or if she is right...they do not know how to kiss because it looked like they had their heineys hooked together! Tee hee!
Up the road I was getting sleepy but I opened my left eye and saw a sign...I almost fell asleep but then memories of a commercial featuring happy people zipping around on golf carts and riding bikes jolted me awake!

"Mom! Mom! Bark! BARK BARK BARK! Look it is The Villages....America’s Friendliest Home Town. We have to stop! We should move there!!!"

"Karli...The Villages is a place where old people live!"

"Well, you are old, right?" I asked.

"!" she barked back.

"You look old." I replied.

Then for some reason...Angela laughed and mom didn’t talk to me until we got to our hotel that night!

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  1. I don't think your mom is old... If you think she is old what does that make me ??? Huuummmmm ???

  2. Ah little Karli welcome to Florida in the spring - yes Love Bugs are certainly keeping up with their names and I truly hope your mommy her car washed immediately because those bugs will ruin her paint on your car and then you will be called the "love Bug mating machine." Ugh we never went outside in the spring but our mom and dad protected us (even though they do not bite) by putting a huge screen over our back patio so the bugs could not get in. Well sometimes they did when Mookie would lay half in half out through our doggy door - dumb brother. If you were on I-75 you went by our old house in Sarasota, we lived off of Fruitville Rd exit 210 - gosh if we had still been living there you could have visited us and swam with us in our pool. Well actually we did swim in it, we are too scared and believe it or not - we couldn't swim. We just sat in the shallow section and cooled our butts. Now let me tell you about the Villages. Don't go there - your mom is right it is just for old people and she is not old gosh my mom is twice as old as your mom (although they do sorta look alike - we would all have to find them by smell wouldn't we hehe). My mom once did The Moving Wall (the half size replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial) there - (hummmm did you see our photo on her web site - we are actually very famous volunteers at The Moving Wall, we have our own cammies). Anyway the people there were like shriveled up cause they are outside in the carts all day playing golf and sitting in the outside pool areas lathered up like old leather crisping like bacon...oh my I said Bacon and Mookie just woke up. hummmm I better lay back down and get him back to sleep - no snakes for Mookie after 9 pm. You had such an adventure - I know my mom misses some things but she is here with us - heck what could be better. hugs and licks Niko and Mookie (asleep again sigh) and my mommy sends hugs

  3. My paws don't type to good. I meant to say we do not swim, we sink like bricks - we never could get the leg action right and we had the pool to practice in every day - dumb brothers huh Also I meant snacks - hopefully there are no snakes here in England but there are snacks and Mookie eats way too many of them. can't wait to hear more great stories. hugs Niko

  4. Boy we be in the dog house out side and not in the big comfy bed if we called Mommy old. Mommy says she only as old as she feels. Some days she says she feels very old when her joints hurt .
    We love our mommy and daddy so much no matter how old they are.

  5. LisaMarie and Anonymous....anyone older than Spike is old to me. He is 13.

    Sharon...yes we did drive right past Sarasota! How neato that we were so close to your former home. :)


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