Monday, September 3, 2012

Midwife Karli on Labor Day Duty!

Nurse Karli and Patient Gwen

Yip Yap friends!! It is me..Karli the Naked Wiener.

Today I will be going by the name Karli the Charge Nurse and Midwife at St. Francis of Assisi Dachshund Birthing Center.

Tee hee!

Oh much to tell you and so little time. On Monday mom and I received a call that there was a pregnant doxie gal at the local shelter. She needed to be rescued immediately because the shelter has a zero population growth rule.  That means they put to sleep ALL pregnant animals. :(

We picked up this lovely lady and on Wednesday we took her to the doggy doctor.
Our new doggy doctor in North Carolina is located at Surf City Pet Hospital. They were so nice there!

The doggy doctor took and X-Ray of Gwenevere (our new foster gal) and said the puppies would be coming any day!!

Well last night at around 11:00 pm we noticed that she was starting to pant more and more and pace back and forth. 

I calmed everyone down, gave instructions to be gentle and loving, arranged all of the supplies and have been helping Gwen throughout the labor process.

We are expecting the puppies to arrive later today or early tomorrow.

You can WATCH our LIVE VIDEO STREAM of the Birth HERE!!

We also have a new Facebook Group you can join. It is called Gwenevere's Puppy Naming Fundraiser. You can place a bid and the highest bid will get to name a puppy. 
As soon as they are born we will post their sex/stats and you can bid. You can find the Facebook Group Here!

Oh...I have to get back to work. This La-Pawz is hard work.

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