Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Dangers of Drinking

Who Me?

Rylo, my foster brother, has always had a knack for getting into mischief. The first night he moved in with us he decided he didn’t want to sleep in his crate. Mom heard him crying and whining and finally, after about 2 hours she went down to check on him. He had managed to pry open the bottom of the crate and squeeze his head out but then got stuck.

He has been getting into trouble ever since!

One day he decided to dig under the back fence and go on an “adventure”. I barked at him and told him to come back but he didn’t listen. He followed a ditch behind our yard about 4 blocks away and then found a duck penned up in a yard and barked at it so much the little quacker nearly had a heart attack!

Mom never would have found him but his bark was so loud it led her to his location.

He has nipped at people too! He once nipped at a little girl my sister was watching. Oh boy did he get in trouble. Mom bought a muzzle for him but that proved to be just another way for him to get in a mess.

He was so determined to get it off that he pawed and gnawed on it and ran wildly around the house, knocking down the only good vase mom owned, breaking it into hundreds of tiny glass pieces which he promptly stepped on cutting his paw

He has been known to sneak drinks of my parents and sister over the last few months. As soon as they walk out of the room he would jump up on the couch and lap up my sister’s soda, my dad’s beer, my mom’s coffee. He is a very indiscriminate drinker.

I can charm you with this bow tie!
I, being the good sister that I am, yipped at him again and told him that dogs are only suppose to drink WATER but he ignored me again.

I once tried my mom’s coffee. It was pleasantly sweet but I hurled my guts out after about an hour. I learned my lesson. Human drinks are for humans and doggies drink WATER.

Last night we got a call from Rylo’s new foster mom and our great friend Ms. Barb. They have been keeping Rylo and our other foster sister Roxy since we went on vacation to Michigan.

Rylo was at it again!

On Sunday night, Mr. Doug, the foster daddy, made himself a relaxing glass of whiskey on the rocks.  He then walked out of the room for just a few minutes and wouldn’t you know it, my brilliant brother Rylo decided to lap it ALL UP!!

When Mr. Doug came back in the room, his drink was gone and so was Rylo. He found him passed out on the floor. Soon Rylo barfed and got rid of most of the alcohol in his system but was sick for the next two days. He spent Monday and Tuesday at the vet getting a doxie version of a banana bag of fluids and medication to help him over his hangover.

I know things could have turned out much worse. Alcohol and animals just don’t mix but apparently that was a lesson Rylo had to learn on his own.

This should be a reminder to all of us doxies and doxie parents that some of us wieners just can’t be trusted. They always pick up the chocolate. The keep chemicals and toxins locked up. They attach special latches to doors we aren’t supposed to open but they sometimes forget about the liquid concoctions.

I had to learn my lesson from coffee. Rylo from whiskey.

The vet said he is going to be just fine…but we may need to take him to AA meetings.

He never admitted it but we think he was drunk at our wedding!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Great Bluegill Hunter

I have been so busy in Michigan working at The Long Dog Retreat! Pulling weeds, power washing, painting, chasing swans off the beach,general supervising duties and of course working on my modeling portfolio.
Unfortunately this has left little time for blogging or fun. Welp today I finally slipped away to go fishing.
Fishing is tough for a wiener dog. It isn't that I can't bait my own hook it is just that the little worms smell so good that I want to roll around in them! It takes a great deal of discipline to put them on the hook.
I am not a great "caster" because my tail often gets wound up in the line but once I get my bobber out in the water...well what can I say..I am just a fishing master!
Austin and Spike don't like to fish with me because I make them look bad. For every 1 fish they catch, I catch 3! Tee hee!
Lil Bit is a pretty good fisherween too but he has trouble seeing so I have to bait his hook.
Fishing is good for the soul. It is relaxing,peaceful and gives me time to think. Today I mostly thought about my friends and how Facebook is sort of like fishing. You cast out your line and you never know what you're gonna get. It is exciting and fun and as much as I love fish, I love my friends more.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Scary Pictures

Mom and I were looking through our FB news feed and suddenly saw a very sad and scary picture of a poor little doggy named Hopey.
He has suffered some sort of terrible accident or injury and now he has a very disturbing ouchy.
I was very sad when I saw the picture. It also made me think...how did this happen? What is the matter with this doggy? Did someone do this on purpose?
From what mom could tell the vet wasn't exactly sure how poor Hopey got this way but one thing was for sure...this little fella needs help.
I do not like seeing sad and scary pictures on FB and I know many others feel the same way.
I wonder how many people would know about Hopey if the picture had not been attached to the story?
FB is graphic at times and maybe they should develop a photo sharing app with a warning system and we all need to be careful about what we post.
I hope everyone remembers that the people sharing the pic were trying to help and the folks who refuse to share the pic have very valid reasons too.
Once a long time ago someone put up a frightening photo of a hairless, skin infected, underweight doxie. It was awful...it was sad...it was ME!
Honestly I am pretty sure I would have died in that scary shelter if someone hadn't posted it.
Let's not attack each other over the validity of such posts, lets support each other in being committed to keeping these scenarios from happening in the first place.