Monday, April 9, 2012

The Doxiefollies Villa and Greeting Cards

Peanut butter and Jelly. Cookies and Milk. Wiener dogs and Cuteness. Some things just make a perfect match. Michelle Lyn Duckworth is a photographer and her love for dachshunds has melded together into a perfect combo.

Twelve years ago Michelle purchased an adorable little dachshund, Oliver from a local pet store. Soon it became clear that instead of getting a healthy, well cared for dog, her new baby was quite ill.  She investigated Oliver's past and was astounded.

"I was introduced into the horror of puppy mills and backyard-breeders." Michelle stated. "So, I started a mission to help as many surrendered/rescued dachshund adult breeders from puppy mills and backyard-breeders, and socially rehabilitate them. I decided the term "sanctuary" was better then a "rescue" due to the fact, that it could take a long period of time to rehabilitate these dachshunds and for them to be adoptable, realizing some may never be adoptable."

The Doxiefollies Villa Dachshund Sanctuary began. 

Michelle explained, "These dachshunds have spent the first 7-8 years living in cages 24/7, no socialization and have behaviours created out of boredom. I also, decided to take in senior dachshunds dropped off at high kill shelters and a few with disabilities. My goal is, to provide a life with quality for these dachshunds that have been bred for greed only."

My mommy and I have always enjoyed looking at Michelle's pictures of her doxies. They are always so cute, professional looking, funny, and sweet.  Mom and many other people encouraged Ms. Michelle to start selling her pics as greeting cards. Recently she did just that!

"Photography has always been a hobby, so I decided to combine the two things I love and live and dachshunds. Financially, the burden is heavy with all the vet expenses, so I created The Doxiefollies Villa Greeting Cards in effort to help support the expenses. 100% of all proceeds are applied to the care of the dachshunds." said Michelle.

Michelle features card for just about every occasion and she will happily create a card just for you!  Her prices are fabulous especially considering how much they can help dachshunds. Like many online items...the more you buy the more you save!

You can find out more about the Doxiefollies Villa Sanctuary here.

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