Thursday, February 9, 2012

Adventures with T.U.G.V. (The Ugly Green Van)

The last two weekends have been a whirlwind of travel for me and momma!  Last weekend we got to be a part of a rescue transport relay and it was pawesome. We helped three little doxies, Mason, Napoleon and Mandy get to their new foster homes. We met a nice lady named Debbie Allen in Richmond and then when we got to Alexandria, Virginia we got to meet another really nice lady named Marjorie Mogulescu. She wasn’t even mad that mom was late! (really late) She was even speeding and I threatened to call the K-9 cops on her, so she slowed down.

The best part of that trip was that I got to see my best girl furfwend Maddie and her mom Miss Angela!  I haven’t seen Maddie since October so I was really happy.  My tail got a mind of its own and just started flailing back and forth. After we dropped of f the doggies for their last part of the rescue relay we went with Miss Angela and Maddie to visit another friend in D.C., Auntie Melissa and Lucy.  Lucy wasn’t exactly thrilled to see us….probably because we sort of showed up unexpected and we were really late. (Again)  Mom got us lost about 10 times in D.C. but Auntie M was still happy to see me. J

After visiting D.C., Maddie and I got to share a yummy hotdog! Mmmmm it was so good. I think I might have hogged most of it but Maddie didn’t mind. She has such nice manners.

This weekend was also very exciting. Austin and I got to ride with mom in the U.G.V.(Ugly Green Van) to North Carolina and meet up with Murphy Poole Dachshund.  He had just picked up a new little brother, Benson, from Miss Tara Herrin in Georgia.  They were nice enough to bring pretty Schatzie home with them so we could pick her up and drive her to her new mommy.

While visiting with Murphy I saw a cat!! Murphy has two cute little beds in his kitchen for his cats. BOL!! I thought that was so funny.  His cat looked yummy to me. I wanted to take a bite of him but I figured that would be sort of rude….so I restrained myself.

Then we all went to The Hampton Inn and had fun running up and down the hallway.  I felt like I was in a wiener race! We got to all sleep up on the huge, comfy bed with mom. Ahhh I love hotels. Special thanks to Tara Herrin for getting the room for us! Mom even let us have pizza bones!

The next day were rode in the car for a very long time and picked up my new foster brother Eli and then drove and met Ms. Beth Schonfeld in Delaware.  It was very cold there and I was shivering. BRRR!!!  We took lots of pictures and then Schatzie was off with her new momma.  We drove home down through Delaware and the eastern shore of Virginia and it was a very nice drive.

We made it home in time to see the end of the Superbowl but I missed the Puppy Bowl. L
Since the Giants won we decided to name our new foster boy Eli.

My mom’s ugly green van may not be very attractive but it makes a great doxie taxi!  I hope we get to go on another adventure real soon.