Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Karli Kisses for Katie

It is almost February and you know what that means? Love, licks, and treats!  This will be my first Valentine's Day with my family and a very special one because of my sweetie Austin.

I have been thinking of what I should get him and have come up with a few ideas.

1. A glamour shot of me wearing nothing but a boa.

2. A box of bacon dipped strawberries.

3. A romantic candlelight dinner of fancy kibble, cheese, Bark-tinis, and liverwurst pudding.

I haven't been able to choose so I think I will get him all three.

If you haven't picked out a gift for your honey yet, don't fret because I have the perfect idea.

Send your lovey a wiener kiss, a pooch smooch, a Kiss from Karli! (me)

A little over a month ago my friend Katie, a DRNA foster doxie hurt her back and required surgery. 

She is doing much better now but unfortunately was left with a large bill to pay.  I told her foster mom Lauri that I would host a fundraiser for her. Karli Kisses for Katie is a fun way to help a doxie in need and give a fun Valentine to someone you care about.

For a donation to Katie's ChipIn I will give you or your significant other a big, wet kiss!

I can deliver you kiss in one of three ways.

1. I can give you a kiss via web cam.
2. I can give you a kiss via video.
3. I can give you a kiss in person at our February 18th Doxie Meetup in Norfolk.

In my video and web cam kisses I can also send out a special greeting to anyone you would like. This is a nice option for those who want to give their kiss to someone far away....or for those who might be a bit too shy to do it themselves.

I'm not shy!  I will ask someone out on a date for you, sing a love song for you and even propose for you. (Sorry...I don't do break-ups.)

To sign up for a kiss please do the following;

1. Make a donation to Katie here.

2. Send me an email with the name and email address of the person you would like me to kiss along with any other details. You can also send me your/their Facebook profile page info and I can put the video on their page. (special message, song, etc. that you would like me to say.)

3. Let me know when you would like this kiss delivered.  (Between Feb. 10th and Feb. 18th.)

It is simple and fun.

Here is an example of a video I did for a couple who were celebrating their anniversary.


I hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Day full of love, licks, and treats!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It is Hard Work to Look This Fabulous!

Being bald has many advantages. I do not get fleas, I do not cause fur allergies, and I get to have a fabulous wardrobe! I have learned to be proud of being hairless but it took awhile. When I use to live in that scary place I heard words like ugly, reject, mongrel, and deformed.

Now that I am in my forever home I hear words like beautiful, lovely, unique and loved. I have come a long way from back in the shelter days but it is true that back then I didn't look too great. Because of neglect I had very infected skin and was covered in ugly blackheads.  It's true! 

I received excellent medical and cosmetic care from Dr. McCrary at The Animal Clinic of Eagle Harbor and my foster mom Barb Warner and when I got to my home I looked good but still required lots of skin care.

If you ever decide to adopt a hairless dog you should know...we are high maintenance!  We do require clothing to keep us warm in the winter and lots of sunscreen and protective gear to keep us safe in the summer.  It is also important to take good care of our skin.

My momma and dad have developed a routine for keeping my skin healthy and clean. I still have hundreds of little blackheads that they work on a little bit every day. In time mom thinks they will mostly be cleaned and healed.

Each day I get wiped off with baby wipes and lotion put on my skin.

Twice a week I get my full beauty treatment which includes a bath, mask, exfoliating scrub and lotion.

Mom and I decided to make a little video about my daily beauty routine.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Kidney Stone Named Da%@ It!

So momma has a kidney stone.  She named the kidney stone Da%@ It.  At least I think she did because she keeps saying that.  I have never had a kidney stone but according to mom they hurt real bad.  I don't like to see my mom in pain. It is sort of scary.  I asked mom if I could get one and she said that dogs can get kidney stones but we are more likely to get something called bladder stones. 

Bladder stones are made up of certain minerals that turn into crystals and can be formed in our doggy bladders or anywhere in our urinary tract.  They can be very painful but also may not cause pain just depending on where they are located and how large they are. 

Dachshunds, because we are a very special breed, are at a higher risk of having bladder stones.  Some of the symptoms are:

  • Blood in our urine
  • Straining to urinate
  • Lack of energy
  • Loss of appetite
  • Signs of pain
  • Vomiting

  • So if you get a bladder stone you may be wondering what will happen.  That depends on how many stones you have, how big they are and where they are located.  You may need surgery to remove the stones but sometimes just changing your diet can help dissolve the stones. 

    Have you ever had a bladder stone? If so I would love to hear from you and know how you fixed it. Did you have surgery? Are you on a special diet now?

    I hope I never get a Da%# It, but if I do I am glad that I know the symptoms and I know my momma will help me.

    By the way...before you rush sure to look around my blog at the ads and other pages!  Did you know just by clicking on the ads you are helping doxies? It's true!  I get paid a few cents everytime you look at an add and all that money goes to ChipIns to help doxies and doggies in need.  Thank you!

    Wednesday, January 11, 2012

    I need your help!

    Yip Yap Friends,

    Today my bloggy is just a look at some of the Rescue Groups and Resources I like.  I know there are many more doxie/doggy rescue groups that need to be added here.

    So I need your help!  Could you please email or message me with groups that should be listed here.



    Bella's Fund For Doxies

    Dachshund Rescue of North America

    Dachshund Lovers of Texas

    Dachshund Adoption Rescue and Education (DARE)

    Diamond Dachshund Rescue of Texas

    The Rescued Rescuers: Dachshunds and Friends of the Emerald Coast

    Dachshund Rescue South Florida

    Nebraska Dachshund Rescue

    SOS Save Old Souls Senior K-9 Rescue

    Support DRNA. Shop Here!

    Monday, January 9, 2012

    Karli's seizure

    Hello everyone!

    Today momma is going to write my blog. She says she has some important information to share with you.

    Hi! This is Kelly, Karli's mom. Many of you have asked about how Karli has been feeling since she had her last seizure..or as she refers to them,"funny shakes".

    When we first adopted Karli she was thin and recovering from skin problems. One week after moving in she had a seizure. It scared me so much but I knew it was a seizure because I have epilepsy myself. She had several more in the following weeks and we were going to put her on Phenobarbitol but then we tried changing her diet and it made all of the difference in the world.

    Since putting her on a grain-free diet Karli has only had three seizures. I don't think that this approach is right for everyone but it worked well for us. We are not anti-medications but we were just trying something less invasive first.

    We have now come to realize that Karli's seizures are brought on by stress. She has had them when we have visited chaotic places and when I have gone away. She can get very excited and happy and this doesn't seem to be a trigger for her but when we are away from home or if I go away from home she has a higher chance of having them.

    I can't always be around her and I can't prevent chaos but now that I am aware of her triggers I have some tools that help. I give her Bach's Rescue Remedy, an herbal supplement, when I feel she is going to be nervous or upset. I try to be calm and relaxed when I am getting ready to leave her.
    I make sure people coddle her when i am gone. She loves this part!

    On Friday I was extremely busy trying to get ready for my trip to Phoenix and upset about delivering Chloe and Harlow to their new family. (I was happy for them but a bit sad too.) What I didn't realize is how my emotions would be so apparent to her. When I got home after being gone all day she sensed my stress and had a seizure.

    I wanted to share a video of Karli's seizure with you because often people say that they think maybe their pet had a seizure but they aren't sure. This was a very mild seizure and I think that can make them even more difficult to recognize. Please don't watch the video unless you are truly interested in seeing what it can look like. I also highly recommend that if your pet has an episode that you are not sure is a seizure or not, grab your phone and video the event. Our videos have helped our vet determine that Karli has epilepsy.

    If your pet does have epilepsy, do not be afraid. There are lots of great medications on the market and lots of great information out there about how to help your pet live a long life.

    As a person with seizures I can tell you they are scarier for you to witness than for your pet to experience. Usually they won't remember anything but their behavior may be a little different anywhere from 1 to 48 hours after the seizure. They may be whiny, hungry, thirsty, lethargic, hyper, aggressive or they may seem exactly the same.

    The best resource I have found on the internet for canine seizures is Epi Guardian Angels. I highly encourage you to visit their site.

    Please let me know if you have any questions about Canine Epilepsy. I may not know the answer but I would be happy to help if I can.

    Friday, January 6, 2012

    It's Official, Wieners Make People Happy!

    This morning while mom was getting ready to go on her big trip, I nuzzled up on the sofa next to Austin and we watched the "Today Show" as is our customary morning routine.

    We love the show because it keeps us informed on interesting human facts and they have an animal segment, "From Bow to Wow!" that features shelter dogs getting make-overs so they can get adopted.

    Today on the show I heard something that, of course, we doxies have known for a LONG time but apparently humans are just figuring out.  They said that when humans look at something CUTE their brains release something called "endorphins"? I do not know what that is but they said these chemicals make humans HAPPY!!

    So....Doxies are the CUTEST and when Humans look at us they get HAPPY!


    This is news?

    I guess to the humans it is. 

    So the next time your human is sad, go put your cute lil face right in front of them and you will give them a happy feeling.

    Wags and Kisses,

    I Dare You to Not Smile!

    Thursday, January 5, 2012

    My Mommy's Crazy Day

    Yip Yap Friends,

    Wow this was a whirlwind day!  Mom was busy getting Chloe and Harlow ready to go to their new furever home and also getting ready to go to Arizona to get Lil Bit and Miss Daisy.  Mom sort of has a bad habit of procrastinating so she was moving quickly in a thousand different directions and talking to herself.  Austin and I thought it was really funny. She had to go out for a bit and left us locked in the kitchen but she made a big mistake....she left the doggy door open.  This normally wouldn't be a big deal but Chloe is very sly and she has figured out a way to slither out under our fence.  She never does this when mom or dad are home...but when they leave is a different story.

    When mom got home from her errands we were barking our heads off to tell on Chloe...who she immediately notice was MISSING!  She ran outside frantically calling for her and within seconds Chloe guiltily slinked up to her just outside the fence.

    Mom was so mad! She told Chloe she was a very naughty girl and then we all rushed out to see Chloe get in trouble.  That must have made her really upset because then she attacked poor little Harlow.  Harlow didn't even do anything wrong.....okay she might have said, "Ha ha ha ha ha! You got in trouble! All I know is that doggy war broke and Chloe was on one side and Harlow was on the other. Spike tried to break it up but mom had to do it. 

    In the aftermath mom noticed both girls had bad boo boos. Chloe had a nasty gash on her cheek just below her eye and Harlow had a puncture wound near her dew claw.  Mom was freaking out and I just started barking because I didn't know what else to do.  Mom called her friend and my former foster mom Ms. Barb and she said they should go to the vet.  Mom herded us all to the Ugly Green Van and we were off.

    Well it turned out that they were fine...just minor injuries but the nice vet, Dr. McCrary from Eagle Harbor Animal Clinic, gave mom some antibiotics for them and some pain meds.  I'm not sure if the pain meds were for Chloe and Harlow or for mom but anyway it was really nice to see everyone at the vet.

    Mom drove us home, took hoosister to work, came home, fed us dinner, gave us a bath, brushed our teeth, and cooked dinner for dad.  I have never seen her move that fast!

    Mom told dad, "I know it isn't Saturday but could you please make me a drink!" and dad laughed.

    I don't know what is so funny about that but they thought it was....I really don't understand humans sometimes.

    So now we are all relaxing on the couch and mom is much calmer.  I thing dad must have put Bach's Rescue Remedy in her special drink.

    Has your mom or dad ever had a crazy day?  I think the best thing we can do when this happens is to just look as cute and possible and give them lots of licks.

    Love Ya!!


    Monday, January 2, 2012

    Yappy New Year!

    Yip Yap Friends!

    Wow it has been a busy couple of weeks! I sure enjoyed my first Christmas with my family. I got lots of presents and yummy treats. 

    Many of my friends are in a Facebook group called Doxie Happenings.  The purpose of the group is to keep the members informed of fun doxie events that are happening around the country.  One of our members, Jake and his family set up Secret Santa for us to participate in and we also send cards to each other. It is soooo fun. I highly encourage all of you to join Doxie Happenings.

    We had some guests over the holidays and that was a great deal of fun too.  My mom and dad doggy-sat two dachshunds name Gwen and Brownie.  Gwen was older and because she doesn't have many teeth, her tongue hung out. Tee hee it was so cute! Brownie was a long-hair brown and tan and she loved to play ball.  We had so much fun during their visit.

    On New Years Eve Austin and I went to our friend Sadie Mae's party.  We played bingo, danced, ate tons of yummy food and had a wee bit of alcohol.  I got a bit tipsy. Spike went too and he brought his new girlfriend Penelope Stern. They make such a cute couple and they had a great time.

    Now things are getting back to normal around here so I will be able to post more frequent blogs. other foster sissies Chloe and Harlow are getting adopted!  We are so excited but also sad because we will miss them. 

    We have so much to look forward too in 2012! God Bless and Yappy New Year!