Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wiener Workout

Christmas is only 116 days away! Do you know what that means? It means you still have time to get into shape so you will look great in your family photos wearing that gaudy green and red sweater!

During the summer I tend to lose a few ounces from chasing squirrels and rolling around in worms but then if I am not careful I will balloon up a whole pound in September!

This year I am taking a proactive approach to keeping my wiener waist in check. I have developed a list of exercises to do that is sure to help me stay in Top Dog Model shape.

  • Walking! Okay...I know...this one is pretty lame. "I already do that!" you are thinking.  I do too but I am yapping about purposeful walking. Set a goal like a mile or a time limit and then once you reach it set another one. You will have to communicate to your human that slowly lumbering out to the mailbox and back just isn't cutting it.

  • Sniffing! This is not the same as walking. Now you do not have a set distance or even time limit. Just let your nose lead the way! This is not as high intensity as a purposeful walk but it is great for your brain and releasing tension. Many hoomans do not understand the concept of sniffing. They think an occasional stop at a random bush or fire hydrant should suffice. Explain that sometimes you just want to explore the neighborhood. Hoomans tend to do this with their eyes...we are much more sophisticated than them and use our sense of smell.

  • Bubble Batting! This is a new sport I recently took up and I must say although I thought this activity was just for babies or cats, I have found it to be quite exhilarating! It is easy enough that even the most uncoordinated dog can do it and yet fun enough to get your heart pumping pretty quickly. Just have your hooman blow some bubbles up in the air and then do your best to pop them with your nose, tail, paws or even tongue!!! That's right you can eat bubbles!!! My mom found BACON FLAVORED BUBBLES!! Click here for bacon bubbles!

  • Dancing! This is a personal favorite! Just ask your hooman to crank up some fast beat tunes and jump, twirl and run until your hearts content! Here is a list of my top 5 favorite dance tunes.
    1. California Girls - Katy Perry
    2. Dancing Queen - ABBA
    3. Who Let The Dogs Out - Baha Men
    4. The Black Eyed Peas
    5. The Lady In Red - Chris de Burgh (Favorite slow song)
  • Swimming! - Did you know that swimming for 5 minutes burns about the same amount of kibble as walking for 5 miles!! I don't know about you but for my little legs 5 miles is a long way but swimming for 5 minutes is a snap.  My brother Spike can only walk about 1/2 of a mile before he gets exhausted. He is an IVDD survivor. Swimming on the other hand is something he is really good at.  No pool? That's okay. Ask your hooman to fill up the bathtub with warm water and you can still get a great workout. Be sure your hooman stays with you to supervise. Spike wears a life jacket because he has a hard time staying upright without it. You can get a good life jacket here!

    • Doga! - Doga is yoga for dogs. It is a fun way of stretching and relaxing while spending quality time with your hooman. You may not burn up a lot of calories but it is great for your joints and keeping your back strong. To see an example Click here to learn about Doga!

    • Treading! - No...not treading water but rather walking on a treadmill. We doxies tend to dislike extreme cold weather and I personally despise rain! I do not like getting my lil paws wet at all! When the conditions outside dissuade me from exercise I like to try treading. My mom has a treadmill and although it can be scary at first, once you get the hang of it the experience can be quite fun. Here is a cute video of Spike treading.

    • Agility Training! - Okay...let me be totally honest here. I am not "into" agility training. I think it is a bit ridiculous to run around jumping through hoops, weaving in and out of sticks, and popping through little tunnels. That just seems what is the phrase I am looking for...PEOPLE PLEASING! I guess I'm a bit stubborn...but I am only comfortable strutting my stuff When and Where I want to. However, I have many friends who have told me this is great fun, terrific exercise and a great way to work out frustrations.  I have only tried it a few times and I will say watching my hooman get all freaked out just because I walked up and down a ramp was quite funny. You do not have to go to an agility course to do these exercises. Your hooman can make a course or you can purchase one relatively inexpensively here!    
    • Dog Park! - Sometimes it is fun just to get away from your own environment. I really enjoy sniffing and peeing my way around the dog park. So many markings to enjoy! So many new heineys to meet! It is a great way to get your hooman to work on on their social skills too!
    • Fetch! Chasing after balls and toys is great exercise but it really isn't my thing. Wildly running after an item and joyfully returning it to my hooman seems very "labradorish" to me. Those to please people! Sweet yet so unrefined. My hooman needs to know I am in charge so although I will occasionally retrieve...I usually do not. Don't want them to get use to that behavior.
    • Be Happy!! - That's right! Just be happy! Barking and wagging your tail will burn up lots of kibble. This is the easiest of all exercises. Be sure to practice this one alot!!!
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    1. no wonder that you are in such an adorable shape,karli
      thank you for your workout tricks but you forgot destuffin!
      that burns a lot of kibble and is so much fun,too
      have fun,doin your sports and have a great weekend
      anni,the foxbrothermomma

    2. Oh my! Destuffin!! That sure does work up a healthy pant. I can't believe I forgot to add that one. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

    3. Karli, Mom got the bacon bubbles as part of my training to race at the Phest in October. I hope you will come by to see me race. Brownie


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