Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Scary Pictures

Mom and I were looking through our FB news feed and suddenly saw a very sad and scary picture of a poor little doggy named Hopey.
He has suffered some sort of terrible accident or injury and now he has a very disturbing ouchy.
I was very sad when I saw the picture. It also made me think...how did this happen? What is the matter with this doggy? Did someone do this on purpose?
From what mom could tell the vet wasn't exactly sure how poor Hopey got this way but one thing was for sure...this little fella needs help.
I do not like seeing sad and scary pictures on FB and I know many others feel the same way.
I wonder how many people would know about Hopey if the picture had not been attached to the story?
FB is graphic at times and maybe they should develop a photo sharing app with a warning system and we all need to be careful about what we post.
I hope everyone remembers that the people sharing the pic were trying to help and the folks who refuse to share the pic have very valid reasons too.
Once a long time ago someone put up a frightening photo of a hairless, skin infected, underweight doxie. It was awful...it was sad...it was ME!
Honestly I am pretty sure I would have died in that scary shelter if someone hadn't posted it.
Let's not attack each other over the validity of such posts, lets support each other in being committed to keeping these scenarios from happening in the first place.

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  1. Very well said Karli! I don't like to see those awful pics either, but about a year ago I saw a very graphic pic for DRSF. It was an unforgettable picture. It touched me deeply & I donated for this poor dogs care. He is now my FB friend & has his own page like you. His name is Sparky & he has a wonderful furvever home. Looking back I don't know if I would have donated, if I had not been so disturbed by those photos. I agree looking at such should be optional & up to the FB user. I cried for days thinking of the pain & suffering this poor baby felt.


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