Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Great Bluegill Hunter

I have been so busy in Michigan working at The Long Dog Retreat! Pulling weeds, power washing, painting, chasing swans off the beach,general supervising duties and of course working on my modeling portfolio.
Unfortunately this has left little time for blogging or fun. Welp today I finally slipped away to go fishing.
Fishing is tough for a wiener dog. It isn't that I can't bait my own hook it is just that the little worms smell so good that I want to roll around in them! It takes a great deal of discipline to put them on the hook.
I am not a great "caster" because my tail often gets wound up in the line but once I get my bobber out in the water...well what can I say..I am just a fishing master!
Austin and Spike don't like to fish with me because I make them look bad. For every 1 fish they catch, I catch 3! Tee hee!
Lil Bit is a pretty good fisherween too but he has trouble seeing so I have to bait his hook.
Fishing is good for the soul. It is relaxing,peaceful and gives me time to think. Today I mostly thought about my friends and how Facebook is sort of like fishing. You cast out your line and you never know what you're gonna get. It is exciting and fun and as much as I love fish, I love my friends more.


  1. Oh my Cod, Karli!! That was wienderful! I love how your 'tails' always combine humor with a great moral and some fun too! I think you should really study philosophy, would enjoy it. If nothing else, you should do it for the 'halibut'! BOL!! You are such a sweet little weener, never 'shellfish', well, except with kibble perhaps, but what doxie isn't? We love your writing!! Hope we can 'sea' you soon! BOL! BOL! Love you Karli!!
    Maddie :)

  2. Karli, Mr Nate doesn't like going fishing with me either, he gets bummed cause i catch the fishes and he doesn't. But that is always the way it is. Glad you are getting some time to relax while getting the retreat ready. Caesar and Brutus try rolling in the worms too, must be a doxie thing. Have a great time in MI, its my favorite state!

  3. Way cool Karli !! You are a SUPER fisherdox !! We hope to come see you again !!


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