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The Wiener Dog Nationals - My Interview With Kevan Peterson

So now that I am a married doxie and my hectic(but pawesome) wedding is over, I have decided to start fulfilling items on mybucket list. 

Some of the things I want to do before I fly tothe Rainbow Bridge include:

 1.     Getmarried to the doxie of my dreams.

 2.     Modelin a Calendar

 3.     Meet100 of my Facebook Friends in canine.

 4.     Obtaina Canine Good Citizen Certificate

 5.     Becomea Certified Therapy Dog

 6.     Gosee the Statue of Liberty and pee in Central Park

7.     Flyon an airplane.

8.     Catcha squirrel.

9.     Inventdog-safe chocolate.

10.  Sniff a famous person’s heiney.

11.  Learn to skateboard.

12.   Go to Mundare, Canada and see the world’slargest sausage monument.

13.   Lead someone to the Lord.

14.  Visit the animal shelter in Mullins, SC and poopon their lawn.

15.  Make 5000 Facebook Furfwends.

16.   Paw out a book.

17. Be in a commercial.

18. Open The Longdog Retreat Dachshund RetirementHome and Foster Care

19.Run in a wiener race.

20.  Interview a movie director.

I have been doing research on my dreams. Some ofthem are going to be a bit harder than others to complete but I will never giveup.

While researching ‘Run a wiener race’, I cameacross some fascinating information. There are many different races across the country…even around theworld.  I have several furfwends that runin these races often. Some of my furfwends are even considered professionalsand they have won lots of times.

The most amazing thing I discovered is thatthere is actually a movie being made about wiener racing! 

I was so fortunate to be able to interview Mr.Kevan Peterson, the writer and director of the greatly anticipated upcomingmove The Wiener Nationals.

Hello Mr. Peterson! Thank you so much for letting meinterview you.  Have you even been interviewed by a dog before?

No. I have not. I've also never been interviewed by someonewho is naked, so it's really a double first for me!

Tee hee! I’ve never interviewed a director or produce, so Iguess we are even.  It would have been abit more fun if you were naked too.  So, you are directing The Wiener Nationals movie, which youalso wrote.  How did you come up with the idea of making this movie?

I read about the Wiener Dog Nationals, which is an actualevent, in the L.A. Times. It sounded like a fun event, so I called up a goodfriend of mine, Greg Gutierrez, and said we should go. When we got there wewere blown away by the huge crowds and the level of enthusiasm there were forthe races. These are people who really love their dogs, who come down for theday to partake in this event. These are not professional racers, they just wantto have fun, and the dogs seem to love it. We asked around to find out who wasin charge of the races. We secured a face to face meeting with the heads atWienerschnitzel a few weeks later and pitched them the film. I had no idea I'dbe directing it! Or that it would consume the next four years of my life!

It is true that doxie parents are a special group.  What has been the biggest challenge you havefaced while making this movie?

Coming up with the money. The script has kids and dogs init, and a pretty elaborate race sequence at the end. When most studios read it,they think it will cost them too much. We've decided to take the DIY approach,and have found a surprising amount of people, mostly dog lovers, coming to usto help support the film, either as investors or through helping to spread theword. We still need to find more money, but we are definitely getting close,and will make the movie in July with as much as we can raise!

I will be letting all my wiener friends know about the movieand even though there isn’t much time left, I am sure you will meet and evenexceed your goals. Speaking of goals, I am an aspiring bald dachshund model andI am always looking for advice about advancing my career. What advice do youhave for wiener dogs who want to become famous movie stars?

Just get out there and be yourself. Embrace what is uniqueabout you. And most importantly know that you are already the star of yourfamily!

Do you eat hotdogs?  Just wondering.

Only ones without legs.

Oh,good. Do you use stunt double doxies or does each wiener race athis/her own risk?

We have several dogs that we use, they run very shortdistances, and then it is all assembled to make it appear as if they ranfurther. We also have one sequence where we plan on using CG. None of the dogsare doing anything they wouldn't be doing if the cameras weren't rolling.

Ahh…that makes sense. We wieners get tired if we have to runtoo far. Who is more difficult to work with...the doxies or thehumans?

The humans. Theydemand higher salaries, and are picky eaters.

 Hmmm…well I have most doxies I know will eat just aboutanything.  As far is money is concerned,I wish I had a lot of money so I could help save lots of doxies. Barking ofmoney, if you had a blank check budget for your production, what's the onepiece of equipment you would never go without and why?

Well, I would never go without a camera, cause then I'dstill just have a script! But with the more money we raise, we look at gettingbigger names in the film, better special effects and more elaborate locations,pretty much in that order.

 Will any of the proceeds from your movie go to helpdachshunds?

The plan is to donate a portion of profits to dachshundrescue. We have reached out to several organizations. We want to make sure thatif the film is wildly successful it goes to several places and not just one.

That is so nice. I am sure whatever organizations you helpwill be so happy.
Do you like cheese?

Yes. I grew up in Wisconsin, which is the cheese capital ofthe U.S. Sorry California cheese makers. Also, since we do primarily familyentertainment, the root words 'From' and 'Age,' seemed like a good fit.

Neato! Wieners love cheese! People who don't like cheesejust simply can’t be trusted.  You areokay in our book!

 Do you own any dachshunds?

Nobody 'owns' a dachshund. I don't have one in my house. Mybest friend in elementary school had two of them though, and I used to spend somuch time at his house, it was like they were mine. I am, however, Facebookfriends with several hundred of them.

You are a very wise hooman….tis true no one “owns” a doxie!I have hundreds of doxie facebook furfwends too!  They are all looking forward to seeing TheWiener Nationals. When will your movie be released?

We anticipate the early part of next year.

Is there anything else you would like all of my wienderfulfriends to know about you or your movie?

 So many things! We appreciate all the support that has comeout of the dachshund community. Independent films survive on the sweat of thefilmmakers and the support of the film's community. We still have severalhurdles to cross before reaching the finish line, so if anyone wants to supportthe film in some fashion, please email us directly

Thank you soooo much. Best of luck with your movie. We allknow it will be a big hit!

Did you know YOU can help with The Wiener NationalsMovie?  It’s true!

Please clickhere!  and make a donation!


  1. Great interview! I think this might jumpstart your acting career!

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