Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sorry...I've Been Honeymoonin', Hunting and Helping!

I know, I know. "Karli, where have you been?"  I apologize for being so delinquent on pawing out my bloggy lately.  I do have some reasonable excuses.

1. Come on folks...I just got married! I've been Honeymooning!

Austin took me on a whirlwind trip of the homeland. Yes..that's right Germany!  We stayed in a lovely castle, The Schloss Ludwigseck Castle.  His second cousin twice removed, Teckel Von Gilsa invited us over and treated us to a lovely stay in a luxurious suite, fine German beers, sausages and a guided badger hunt in the forests of Riedesel’schen Wälder in the Knüll Hills.

Take a look at our room!

2. I've been Hunting!

The guided badger hunt was quite exciting!  Those suckers sure are nasty! Austin managed to capture 2 of them...quite a feat for a mini we were told.  I just sat on a blanket, sipped on  a local Riesling wine and watched.  There was NO WAY I was going to risk my manicure by scrambling down those holes!

Alas, our time in Germany was too short. I hope we can go back for another visit soon.

When we flew back to the states, man were our paws tired!! Tee hee, just barking!  We continued our doxiemoon at home and have been snuggling and licking like crazy.  Austin has just been so sweet.

We thought we left all of the hunting behind us in Germany but unfortunately our backyard has been invaded by a scary and hideous monster so we were back on the attack again.  This hideous beast is a known omnivore and has red beady eyes!  The scientific name is Terrapene Carolina...more commonly know as the Eastern Box Turtle. Oh it is so menacing!  It has a sort of force field to block you from being able to penetrate it and rip it to shreds.  It has a creepy mouth and will hold still for hours just to make you think it is harmless. Fortunately, Austin and I are savvy hunters and knew the truth about this awful monster.  We just about had him destroyed when mom interrupted our conquest and set him free! WTH??? Mom is a bleeding heart liberal sometimes!

I mean look at this thing! Would you let him go?

3. I've been Helping

So apparently we (The Landgraf Family) are moving. Ugh. I am sad because I really love it here and have lots of furfwends but dad is a Marine and we have to go to Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, North Carolina. I have been packing all of my toys, bones and of course my fabulous wardrobe.

Mom says I will like our house in North Carolina but I am a bit nervous about it.  We also have to take a trip to Michigan to visit our grandparents and help them out with their cabins.

So, as you have read. I have been busy. I do have lots to tell you about my wedding and as soon as I get my wedding video I will post it.

If you have any tips for newlyweds I would appreciate getting them. 

Licks and Nuzzles to You All!!


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  1. oooh,you were in germany?
    you could have visited us!we would have shown you the beautiful lueneburg,which is well known for its romantic honeymoon places.we could have celebrated with lots of beer even more hunting!
    perhaps next time,we would love to see such a pretty lady like you "in natura"
    greetings sam and buddy,the foxbrothers


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