Thursday, May 24, 2012

Our Wacky Wedding Video and OOHH The Places We Go!!

Yip Yap Friends!!

Tomorrow I set off on a long adventure in the UGV (Ugly Green Van) to Michigan.  I will be traveling with mom, Penelope my hoosister, Austin, Spike, Lil Bit and Miss Daisy. We are also picking up Gus. Gus is a doxie fella who is getting placed with his forever family in Michigan. He needs a little bit of TLC, dental and some surgery on his paw. 

Our friends over at Bella's Fund are going to be helping out with the fees for his dental work.  We are so excited that since we are on the Bella's Fund Board that we actually get to meet Gus in canine!

Follow our progress on facebook as we will be posting updates along our route.!/karlilandgraf

By the way!! My wedding video is finally uploaded.  Hope you watch and enjoy. Wonderful Wiener Wedding of Karli and Austin

Oh eyes are getting heavy.   Must get some sleep. 

Love and Licks to all.


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