Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Song

Sunday was a gorgeous day here in Chesapeake, Virginia.  Just as soon as mom was able to lather me up in sunscreen I bounded out the back door and down the deck step. I was zooming around the yard and sniffing the damp grass. So many smells...and the warm sunshine; a perfect combination.  Sometimes when I am really happy, I sing. I like to just make up songs as I go. Today my song went something like this. "I am sooooo happy because it is warm. I like to smell the grasss!! It is sooo green. Thank you God for giving me such a nice place to peeee!!! You made the flowers and you made me!!!"

It is sort of impromptu singing. My melodies and words are not poetic or beautiful but my body just wiggles and my snoot sniffs the air and I just sing. 

Mom told me when I climbed back up on the deck and snuggled in her lap that I was doing a good job praising God.  I asked her what she meant and she said that every creature was created to give honor and praise to God.  She said many people have a hard time doing that because sometimes they think it is too hard. Sometimes they think about their problems and do not feel that He deserves to be praised. Sometimes they see their own failures and do not feel worthy to praise Him.  Still others miss the point completely and instead chose to praise themselves instead.

"How did I praise God mom?", I asked. And she explained that I was praising God just by being myself. I noticed the lovely day and I danced and sang with thankful glee.  That was it.  It seemed so natural to me.

We should remind our humans that praise is easy. Just look around and notice the beauty in the world. Then wag your tail and sing. Hmmmm....that could be the problem; no tail.

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