Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Do You See the Butterflies?

Today is March 14th and what many of you probably didn’t know is that it is “Learn About Butterflies Day".

I love butterflies because they are so pretty.  I like the way they fly….they seem to go about getting to their destination in such a carefree way. They dance and float and are like aerial acrobats that delicately step through the air. 

I learned that butterflies are very tough in spite of their appearance and many of them travel thousands of miles just to reproduce.

Butterflies come in hundreds of thousands of varieties and sizes.  They serve many purposes but probably one of the most well known is to pollinate plants.

On warm days I like to chase butterflies through the yard. Their pretty colors make me happy.

Dad told me something interesting about butterflies. He told me that they don’t start off pretty; in fact he said they are quite ugly. They have a life cycle and when the first start out they are just a squishy little egg.  Next they progress into a nasty little caterpillar. I have eaten those before and eww it was gross! The next phase is when they cocoon themselves in a leaf-looking case. The last stage is when they come out of their cocoon as a beautiful butterfly.

I was thinking about this life cycle and it made me thing of shelter dogs. Often times these rejected doggies are not very cute or lovable when people first see them. They may be curled up in a little ball like an egg. They may be dirty or smelly like a caterpillar. Some shelter dogs have been abused and neglected and they may be reserved and scared similar to the cocoon phase of a butterflies life. The good news is that when given love, time and patience shelter dogs will emerge as beautiful as a butterfly. 

I once was abandoned in a scary shelter. I was skinny, dirty, sick and pitiful. Most people could not see beyond my bald, infected skin and sunken eyes. Fortunately for me, a group of people could see the beauty I had inside. They loved me, helped me, saved me.

Now I have blossomed out of my cocoon and have developed into a beautiful butterfly.

May God Bless all of you who see the butterflies instead of the eggs.


  1. I loved this story Karli! You are a special doxie. Beautiful inside and out!

  2. i agree about shelter dogs. you are a testament to beautiful doxies!!!


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