Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Mommy's Crazy Day

Yip Yap Friends,

Wow this was a whirlwind day!  Mom was busy getting Chloe and Harlow ready to go to their new furever home and also getting ready to go to Arizona to get Lil Bit and Miss Daisy.  Mom sort of has a bad habit of procrastinating so she was moving quickly in a thousand different directions and talking to herself.  Austin and I thought it was really funny. She had to go out for a bit and left us locked in the kitchen but she made a big mistake....she left the doggy door open.  This normally wouldn't be a big deal but Chloe is very sly and she has figured out a way to slither out under our fence.  She never does this when mom or dad are home...but when they leave is a different story.

When mom got home from her errands we were barking our heads off to tell on Chloe...who she immediately notice was MISSING!  She ran outside frantically calling for her and within seconds Chloe guiltily slinked up to her just outside the fence.

Mom was so mad! She told Chloe she was a very naughty girl and then we all rushed out to see Chloe get in trouble.  That must have made her really upset because then she attacked poor little Harlow.  Harlow didn't even do anything wrong.....okay she might have said, "Ha ha ha ha ha! You got in trouble! All I know is that doggy war broke and Chloe was on one side and Harlow was on the other. Spike tried to break it up but mom had to do it. 

In the aftermath mom noticed both girls had bad boo boos. Chloe had a nasty gash on her cheek just below her eye and Harlow had a puncture wound near her dew claw.  Mom was freaking out and I just started barking because I didn't know what else to do.  Mom called her friend and my former foster mom Ms. Barb and she said they should go to the vet.  Mom herded us all to the Ugly Green Van and we were off.

Well it turned out that they were fine...just minor injuries but the nice vet, Dr. McCrary from Eagle Harbor Animal Clinic, gave mom some antibiotics for them and some pain meds.  I'm not sure if the pain meds were for Chloe and Harlow or for mom but anyway it was really nice to see everyone at the vet.

Mom drove us home, took hoosister to work, came home, fed us dinner, gave us a bath, brushed our teeth, and cooked dinner for dad.  I have never seen her move that fast!

Mom told dad, "I know it isn't Saturday but could you please make me a drink!" and dad laughed.

I don't know what is so funny about that but they thought it was....I really don't understand humans sometimes.

So now we are all relaxing on the couch and mom is much calmer.  I thing dad must have put Bach's Rescue Remedy in her special drink.

Has your mom or dad ever had a crazy day?  I think the best thing we can do when this happens is to just look as cute and possible and give them lots of licks.

Love Ya!!



  1. Karli, your poor Mom deserves a drink! And that Bach's Rescue Remedy might do the trick! Have you seen the alcohol content in that remedy? LOL Your Mom is a very clever writer and I KNOW she could write and publish your adventures! I always laugh and look forward to them! Glad everyone was OK- Maddie and her mom (Angela)

  2. Wow Karli that is a crazy day!! I'm glad everyone is ok and that Mom is much more relaxed!!

  3. Oh Karli - your poor mommy - this is the first laugh I have had in days - It sounds like a real circus was going on there at your house. You ar so pawsome and so is mommy - I am so happy Lil Bit and Daisy will be coming home to be furever siblings to you - your mommy is an awesome lady and you of course, are a princess!!! Hope Zoey is watching over you, miss my little angel more than words can say.. kisses and hugs, love, Beth.

  4. Now dat wuz a wild day!!! My mom gets all crazy like dat sumtimes too!
    Hey, my moms gonna meet you mom Saturday!! Cool!


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