Monday, January 9, 2012

Karli's seizure

Hello everyone!

Today momma is going to write my blog. She says she has some important information to share with you.

Hi! This is Kelly, Karli's mom. Many of you have asked about how Karli has been feeling since she had her last seizure..or as she refers to them,"funny shakes".

When we first adopted Karli she was thin and recovering from skin problems. One week after moving in she had a seizure. It scared me so much but I knew it was a seizure because I have epilepsy myself. She had several more in the following weeks and we were going to put her on Phenobarbitol but then we tried changing her diet and it made all of the difference in the world.

Since putting her on a grain-free diet Karli has only had three seizures. I don't think that this approach is right for everyone but it worked well for us. We are not anti-medications but we were just trying something less invasive first.

We have now come to realize that Karli's seizures are brought on by stress. She has had them when we have visited chaotic places and when I have gone away. She can get very excited and happy and this doesn't seem to be a trigger for her but when we are away from home or if I go away from home she has a higher chance of having them.

I can't always be around her and I can't prevent chaos but now that I am aware of her triggers I have some tools that help. I give her Bach's Rescue Remedy, an herbal supplement, when I feel she is going to be nervous or upset. I try to be calm and relaxed when I am getting ready to leave her.
I make sure people coddle her when i am gone. She loves this part!

On Friday I was extremely busy trying to get ready for my trip to Phoenix and upset about delivering Chloe and Harlow to their new family. (I was happy for them but a bit sad too.) What I didn't realize is how my emotions would be so apparent to her. When I got home after being gone all day she sensed my stress and had a seizure.

I wanted to share a video of Karli's seizure with you because often people say that they think maybe their pet had a seizure but they aren't sure. This was a very mild seizure and I think that can make them even more difficult to recognize. Please don't watch the video unless you are truly interested in seeing what it can look like. I also highly recommend that if your pet has an episode that you are not sure is a seizure or not, grab your phone and video the event. Our videos have helped our vet determine that Karli has epilepsy.

If your pet does have epilepsy, do not be afraid. There are lots of great medications on the market and lots of great information out there about how to help your pet live a long life.

As a person with seizures I can tell you they are scarier for you to witness than for your pet to experience. Usually they won't remember anything but their behavior may be a little different anywhere from 1 to 48 hours after the seizure. They may be whiny, hungry, thirsty, lethargic, hyper, aggressive or they may seem exactly the same.

The best resource I have found on the internet for canine seizures is Epi Guardian Angels. I highly encourage you to visit their site.

Please let me know if you have any questions about Canine Epilepsy. I may not know the answer but I would be happy to help if I can.


  1. Karlie and Kelly: I get the funny shakes too. The first time it happened I bolted across the room and under mom's recliner,it's like my den under there. mama and daddy holds me close and says soft nice words to me when it happens, is that ok? they don't happen often and I know it scares mom and dad but I'm glad you are letting others know about the funny shakes too.

  2. Karli thank you for sharing your condition with us and our humans. It will help other Doxie Moms in helping get the best care for us. Thank your Mom for us too

    Wolter and Otto Knightly

  3. Oh you poor girl! My momma had a dog (didn't have epilepsy though) that had seizures a lot and a neurological condition that made her pass over the rainbow bridge at only 8 months old
    Dachshund Nola

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your video Karli, even though it was sad to see you that way it was very helpful. One weekend my cousin Chief came for a sleepover & he had a seizure & mom had never seen one before. Even though it scared her more than it did him, she now knows what to look for & what to do it I were to ever have one. We are glad you're feeling better & hope that you don't get any "funny shakes" again any time soon.* Jasper

  5. We love you Karli. Thank you for sharing with us sweetie ~ Kiss-Kiss ~

  6. Thank you for sharing this with us all. I would never have known what the signs were in the event of something like this happening. Now I may be able to help others that may have an issue with their animals. (((hugs to Karli)))

    Beanie Weanie & Her mommy Denise

  7. Thank you so much for your comments. I was a bit nervous about posting this video because I didn't want to offend anyone or scare anyone but I thought it may help someone someday. I really didn't intend on exploiting her in any way just wanted to show that she is a great little doggy and seizures can be managed. Thanks for the positive feedback!

  8. dear karlimomma
    do you know the fivesibes?
    one of the pack(gibson)has this seizure,too and their momma is really,really knowing about everything that could hlp!she even writes books about this!
    perhaps you could jump over to her blog and talk to each other for sharing tips.
    i hope,the little cutie will be healthy and happy this year
    greetings the foxbrothers

  9. Hey Karli,

    Our cocker spaniel "cousin" Smokie accross the street has this & she takes pills for them. Our mommy dogssits for her sometimes & scared us a little bit to see it the 1st time.

    Her shakes are sometimes brought on by stress too... but i think my doxie furbrother said he knew somethign was about to happen before the shakes started. He kept loving on her & he usually only does that to me (humpf!).

    Make sure you use the funny shakes to gets extra cookies out of momma. dont take dem remedy pills unless they are in c-h-e-e-s-e. You knows da drill... sucker dem hoomans for food!

    ~HRH Ginger Babs (& mommy, buster, mikey, zorro & luca too)


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