Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It is Hard Work to Look This Fabulous!

Being bald has many advantages. I do not get fleas, I do not cause fur allergies, and I get to have a fabulous wardrobe! I have learned to be proud of being hairless but it took awhile. When I use to live in that scary place I heard words like ugly, reject, mongrel, and deformed.

Now that I am in my forever home I hear words like beautiful, lovely, unique and loved. I have come a long way from back in the shelter days but it is true that back then I didn't look too great. Because of neglect I had very infected skin and was covered in ugly blackheads.  It's true! 

I received excellent medical and cosmetic care from Dr. McCrary at The Animal Clinic of Eagle Harbor and my foster mom Barb Warner and when I got to my home I looked good but still required lots of skin care.

If you ever decide to adopt a hairless dog you should know...we are high maintenance!  We do require clothing to keep us warm in the winter and lots of sunscreen and protective gear to keep us safe in the summer.  It is also important to take good care of our skin.

My momma and dad have developed a routine for keeping my skin healthy and clean. I still have hundreds of little blackheads that they work on a little bit every day. In time mom thinks they will mostly be cleaned and healed.

Each day I get wiped off with baby wipes and lotion put on my skin.

Twice a week I get my full beauty treatment which includes a bath, mask, exfoliating scrub and lotion.

Mom and I decided to make a little video about my daily beauty routine.



  1. little lady!
    yes!you are really a beauty!and you should never,ever listen to anyone saying something different!
    we think:persons who be so cruel to little furbabies are really ugly!
    we love our look with or without clothes and we are sooo happy that your newmomma and daddy found you and give you the love you deserve!
    yours the foxbrothers

  2. You are very beautiful!
    Dachshund Nola

  3. i loved watching your beauty routine. you are such a good girl for your mommy when she does all those things even though you dont like some of them. you are truly a beautiful girl karli!!

    love cindy and clayton <3

  4. Oh Karli you are a little doll!! You are such a great little girl to be so patient and sit still for your Mom like that... I am not sure Maddie would be so still. You are gorgeous inside and outside and not many humans can say that, Karli! Animals are always beautiful and don't let anyone tell you anything different. It was wonderful of you and your Mom to video and share your beauty routine and educate everyone. You have beauty AND brains Karli! We love you! Maddie the Doxie and her Mom

  5. Beth S. and Otto the doxieJanuary 26, 2012 at 6:59 PM

    Karli - thanks for letting us watch your beauty routine. You are such a good girl, sitting like a little lady so nicey for Mommy while she takes care of you . You are beautiful on the inside and so beautiful on the outside also. Don'twoork, I covered Otto's eyes when Mommy showed the hiney scene...bol. WE love you and want to you to know how awesome and pretty we think you are!!!!! Love, Beth and Otto.

  6. Karli you are such a pretty little girl! Those people that called you those names think they are perfect! Actually I think people who do stuff like that are describing themselves! God does not make mistakes, people do,
    then blame someone or something else!
    You have a wonderful Mom and you are so good for her at bathtime!
    Buddy was busy chewing on his bone-bone, so he didn't watch!
    Barking gets his attention, so be careful not to bark when the hiney is bare;)


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