Friday, December 7, 2012

Jumping Off the Fence.

I am a dog. A wiener dog that is bald.

I have more to say though. As much as I enjoy interviewing interesting people and dogs, advocating for dogs that are less fortunate than me and showing off in an occasional modeling gig, I have discovered a hollowness.

It has been my intention (as well as my mom's who helps me type this) to keep my blogs mostly upbeat although some may be a bit sad. To be loving and kind to all and to steer clear of controversial topics.

Although I have mentioned God many times in my blogs and on my Facebook page I have recently been convicted that in a way I have been walking on the fence. In my pursuit to be liked by all; I have turned my back on my true love...and his name is Jesus.

What? A dog can't believe in Jesus? Oh yes we can!

The Bible is full of quotes about animals praising the Lord.
Psalm 150:6 states, "Let everything that has breath praise the Lord."

How do animals, specifically dogs praise the Lord?
Through their love, compassion, playfulness, wiggling tails, barks and true appreciation of all they have.

Ok...but what about mean dogs? How do they praise the Lord? Mean dogs are not born that way. They may have been bred with aggressive tendencies...but the breeding was done by humans...not dogs.

I am not a theologist dog, nor is my mom a Bible scholar but everyday she tells me more and more about Jesus and everyday I show her more and more how even as a small, deformed creature I CAN praise the God who created me.

I do not want to offend anyone. I do not want people to 'unfriend' me. I do not want to make anyone feel uncomfortable but I do want to get off of this fence, to take a stand for what I believe, to proclaim the name of the one who made me.

My blogs will still be goofy, sad, boring at times, and hopefully informative.  However, I really want to be sure to give credit to the One who made me!

Remember...even if I have jumped off the fence to the side you don't like or agree with, I am still the same doxie girl and I still love you and want to be your friend.  It was just getting hard to balance up there and I feel safer in my yard.

Love you all,


Friday, October 12, 2012

Brain Toots!

Help! I have brain farts! Seriously I'm not sure if my little doxie brain has been damaged from having too many "funny shakes", if I am still emotionally exhausted from the Mid Atlantic Doxie Phest, or if I have just lost my MoJo but I can't think of a single interesting thing to blog about!!!!

I have several interviews in the works...and those are always informative but my process has been slow.

Writing about MADP is...well...almost I really am not super excited about that idea. I'm sure I'll get around to it...but nothing is jumping out at me.

I've been spending a lot of time with my BFF Maddie...maybe I should write about that.

The weather has been getting cooler and the morning air crisper. I could write about fall fashion trends. ???

The little foster puppies are growing and I love to play with them. They really are cute. Hmmm..maybe how my role as midwife has changed to Au Pair?

So many of my doxie friends have been sick lately...and some have even passed. I could write about their lives. ???

Politics? NOT!!!!

I guess I am just gonna have to sleep on this a few nights until some brilliant idea comes to me.

SLEEP!! I could write about the importance of beauty sleep! I think I first better go do some research.

Night night!!

Hey You!! Yes, You!! Do you have a comment or suggestion on something I should write about? Leave me a message!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Midwife Karli on Labor Day Duty!

Nurse Karli and Patient Gwen

Yip Yap friends!! It is me..Karli the Naked Wiener.

Today I will be going by the name Karli the Charge Nurse and Midwife at St. Francis of Assisi Dachshund Birthing Center.

Tee hee!

Oh much to tell you and so little time. On Monday mom and I received a call that there was a pregnant doxie gal at the local shelter. She needed to be rescued immediately because the shelter has a zero population growth rule.  That means they put to sleep ALL pregnant animals. :(

We picked up this lovely lady and on Wednesday we took her to the doggy doctor.
Our new doggy doctor in North Carolina is located at Surf City Pet Hospital. They were so nice there!

The doggy doctor took and X-Ray of Gwenevere (our new foster gal) and said the puppies would be coming any day!!

Well last night at around 11:00 pm we noticed that she was starting to pant more and more and pace back and forth. 

I calmed everyone down, gave instructions to be gentle and loving, arranged all of the supplies and have been helping Gwen throughout the labor process.

We are expecting the puppies to arrive later today or early tomorrow.

You can WATCH our LIVE VIDEO STREAM of the Birth HERE!!

We also have a new Facebook Group you can join. It is called Gwenevere's Puppy Naming Fundraiser. You can place a bid and the highest bid will get to name a puppy. 
As soon as they are born we will post their sex/stats and you can bid. You can find the Facebook Group Here!

Oh...I have to get back to work. This La-Pawz is hard work.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wiener Workout

Christmas is only 116 days away! Do you know what that means? It means you still have time to get into shape so you will look great in your family photos wearing that gaudy green and red sweater!

During the summer I tend to lose a few ounces from chasing squirrels and rolling around in worms but then if I am not careful I will balloon up a whole pound in September!

This year I am taking a proactive approach to keeping my wiener waist in check. I have developed a list of exercises to do that is sure to help me stay in Top Dog Model shape.

  • Walking! Okay...I know...this one is pretty lame. "I already do that!" you are thinking.  I do too but I am yapping about purposeful walking. Set a goal like a mile or a time limit and then once you reach it set another one. You will have to communicate to your human that slowly lumbering out to the mailbox and back just isn't cutting it.

  • Sniffing! This is not the same as walking. Now you do not have a set distance or even time limit. Just let your nose lead the way! This is not as high intensity as a purposeful walk but it is great for your brain and releasing tension. Many hoomans do not understand the concept of sniffing. They think an occasional stop at a random bush or fire hydrant should suffice. Explain that sometimes you just want to explore the neighborhood. Hoomans tend to do this with their eyes...we are much more sophisticated than them and use our sense of smell.

  • Bubble Batting! This is a new sport I recently took up and I must say although I thought this activity was just for babies or cats, I have found it to be quite exhilarating! It is easy enough that even the most uncoordinated dog can do it and yet fun enough to get your heart pumping pretty quickly. Just have your hooman blow some bubbles up in the air and then do your best to pop them with your nose, tail, paws or even tongue!!! That's right you can eat bubbles!!! My mom found BACON FLAVORED BUBBLES!! Click here for bacon bubbles!

  • Dancing! This is a personal favorite! Just ask your hooman to crank up some fast beat tunes and jump, twirl and run until your hearts content! Here is a list of my top 5 favorite dance tunes.
    1. California Girls - Katy Perry
    2. Dancing Queen - ABBA
    3. Who Let The Dogs Out - Baha Men
    4. The Black Eyed Peas
    5. The Lady In Red - Chris de Burgh (Favorite slow song)
  • Swimming! - Did you know that swimming for 5 minutes burns about the same amount of kibble as walking for 5 miles!! I don't know about you but for my little legs 5 miles is a long way but swimming for 5 minutes is a snap.  My brother Spike can only walk about 1/2 of a mile before he gets exhausted. He is an IVDD survivor. Swimming on the other hand is something he is really good at.  No pool? That's okay. Ask your hooman to fill up the bathtub with warm water and you can still get a great workout. Be sure your hooman stays with you to supervise. Spike wears a life jacket because he has a hard time staying upright without it. You can get a good life jacket here!

    • Doga! - Doga is yoga for dogs. It is a fun way of stretching and relaxing while spending quality time with your hooman. You may not burn up a lot of calories but it is great for your joints and keeping your back strong. To see an example Click here to learn about Doga!

    • Treading! - No...not treading water but rather walking on a treadmill. We doxies tend to dislike extreme cold weather and I personally despise rain! I do not like getting my lil paws wet at all! When the conditions outside dissuade me from exercise I like to try treading. My mom has a treadmill and although it can be scary at first, once you get the hang of it the experience can be quite fun. Here is a cute video of Spike treading.

    • Agility Training! - Okay...let me be totally honest here. I am not "into" agility training. I think it is a bit ridiculous to run around jumping through hoops, weaving in and out of sticks, and popping through little tunnels. That just seems what is the phrase I am looking for...PEOPLE PLEASING! I guess I'm a bit stubborn...but I am only comfortable strutting my stuff When and Where I want to. However, I have many friends who have told me this is great fun, terrific exercise and a great way to work out frustrations.  I have only tried it a few times and I will say watching my hooman get all freaked out just because I walked up and down a ramp was quite funny. You do not have to go to an agility course to do these exercises. Your hooman can make a course or you can purchase one relatively inexpensively here!    
    • Dog Park! - Sometimes it is fun just to get away from your own environment. I really enjoy sniffing and peeing my way around the dog park. So many markings to enjoy! So many new heineys to meet! It is a great way to get your hooman to work on on their social skills too!
    • Fetch! Chasing after balls and toys is great exercise but it really isn't my thing. Wildly running after an item and joyfully returning it to my hooman seems very "labradorish" to me. Those to please people! Sweet yet so unrefined. My hooman needs to know I am in charge so although I will occasionally retrieve...I usually do not. Don't want them to get use to that behavior.
    • Be Happy!! - That's right! Just be happy! Barking and wagging your tail will burn up lots of kibble. This is the easiest of all exercises. Be sure to practice this one alot!!!
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    Wednesday, August 15, 2012

    Zoe - The Doxie Mermaid

    K -Zoe it is so nice to you in canine! I flew all the way to California for this interview and boy are my arms tired! Tee hee!

    Z -Hi Karli! It's nice to meet you! I love making new pup friends!

    K - Zoe, your picture was chosen to represent Dodgerslist in their publication Dodgers Digest.  That is so exciting! Your sweet little mermaid picture is adorable and received tons of votes.  Your momma sure does love you, how long have you been with your family?

    Z - I have been living with my mommy for about 1 1/2 years after she rescued me from the animal shelter. I was dumped by either a backyard breeder or a horrible puppy mill situation when I was about 1 or 1 1/2 years old. I came in the shelter paralyzed and from what the vets say, I had been like that for at least 6-8 months or more. I was soooo full of breastmilk so I guess when the breeders were done using me with breeding the guessed 1-2 liters of my puppies, they turned me into the shelter.

    K - How did your momma find you?                     

    Z - Mommy's friend worked at the shelter. She took me out of the scary "medical room" where my fate had been decided because I was disabled.  My mommy volunteered to watch me for the weekend to keep me safe from those scary needles until an adopter or foster could be found, but mommy and I both knew on the way home from the shelter that we would be together forever no matter what obstacles came our way! She's my mommy and I'm her best princess daughter!

    K - Disabled? That must be a hooman word.  Oh..does that have something to do with you not having any legs or a tail? I think that is neato cuz you are a doxie and a mermaid. How did that happen anyway?

    Z - I was not born without legs. My paralysis starts about from my rib cage down and last year one of my legs started giving me weird painful tingling feelings. All the medicine the vets gave me, the acupuncture, the alpha stimulation, and therapy did not work. It seemed to make it worse and the only way I knew how to fix it was to start chewing off my own toes and leg! It did not hurt me at all to chew because I do not have deep pain were the nerves were regenerating.  I was in danger of infection to my system and bones I was eating. 
    After that amputation last summer, I was happy and pain free again! That was until about 3 months ago when mommy was petting me and I started twitching. I could feel my mom pet me for the 1st time in my whole life! It was a wonderful and happy moment for all of us! My superficial nerves have slowly regenerated on top of my back so I can feel you pet my fur. This quickly turned into disaster when my other leg developed the same thing it did the year before and this time I developed deep pain sensation and  my major nerve in my leg was almost completely healed. I did what I did before and started eating at myself again!     We tried more medications & therapy & without luck, the decision was made to amputate my remaining leg and tail as a precaution.
     I am happier & healthier than ever before without my legs! I have had no complications, I am healed, and loving life! I am a fighter and I am so blessed my mommy stood by my side to help me fight this difficult battle. The vets say most would have given up on me a long time ago.

    K - Wow! That is quite a story Zoe! You are so lucky to have such a great mom! Do you have any brothers or sisters?

    Z -I do! I have a 6 year old real sister that loves me just as much as my mommy does. We have a 2 year old hairless dog and also many kitties.  We love to foster kitties. When mommy brings home new born kittens that she needs to bottle feed, I try to help her by helping to keep them warm and cuddled & lick them clean just like a real mommy cat would do for them. We foster with All Texas Dachshund Rescue when we are able and I love having other weenies to play

    K - Is your life a lot different since you have dis-able-abilities?

    Z - Not that much!  I have a bedazzled wheelchair my mommy & sister decorated for me in our favorite colors, purple and green :) I usually only use my wheelchair for outside walks. Mommy has drag bags or diapers or just expresses my bladder & then let's me run freely like a normal pup around the house. I love to play with small toys and cat toys. My favorite treats are pig ears and cow hoofs. I love dressing up.  My new favorite thing to wear are baby onsies because they fit so much better without having any back limbs and  protect my tummy from rug burn. They also hold my pampers in place when I wear them.

    K - So now that you are a famous model, what other things do you want to accomplish?

    Z - I want to help other doggies with disabilities! When they contact me with questions usually mom and i can answer them or get an answer because we have been through so much. All I know is special needs dogs are very special and they deserve a happy ending when they have the fight and spirit to keep living! We have great support with All Texas Doxie Rescue. Their weenies & our human friends are the best group in the world.

    K - Thanks so much Zoe! :) You are a pawesome friend and inspiration to everyone!

    Monday, August 6, 2012

    I'm a Semper Fi Doxie!

    Yip Yap Friends!

    Wow it has been a whirlwind summer.  I apologize for not pawing out many blogs lately but I've been busier that a doxie at a squirrel farm!

    The last time we chatted I was supervising work being performed up at the future Long Dog Retreat in Michigan.  We were able to get quite a bit of work completed but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate as much as we would have liked.  It was so hot that being naked worked to my benefit!

    Then we were on the road for our new home in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

    We moved here because my dad is a Marine and he still has 2 more years before he retires.
    Jacksonville is very different from Chesapeake. We are still near the ocean...actually closer...but it is SOOOOO HOT here! Yikes!

    Also, just about every doggy in this town belongs to a Marine, a retired Marine or someone that works with Marines!

    Semper Fi is a motto of the Marines. It means "Always Faithful". 

    I plan on always being a faithful friend to you and to my family.

    I'm not sure what it will be like living in a new town, in a new house, with a new vet and making new friends but I know that I am not alone. 

    God led us here. He will not abandon us. He is Semper Fidelis...Always Faithful!!


    Tuesday, June 26, 2012

    The Dangers of Drinking

    Who Me?

    Rylo, my foster brother, has always had a knack for getting into mischief. The first night he moved in with us he decided he didn’t want to sleep in his crate. Mom heard him crying and whining and finally, after about 2 hours she went down to check on him. He had managed to pry open the bottom of the crate and squeeze his head out but then got stuck.

    He has been getting into trouble ever since!

    One day he decided to dig under the back fence and go on an “adventure”. I barked at him and told him to come back but he didn’t listen. He followed a ditch behind our yard about 4 blocks away and then found a duck penned up in a yard and barked at it so much the little quacker nearly had a heart attack!

    Mom never would have found him but his bark was so loud it led her to his location.

    He has nipped at people too! He once nipped at a little girl my sister was watching. Oh boy did he get in trouble. Mom bought a muzzle for him but that proved to be just another way for him to get in a mess.

    He was so determined to get it off that he pawed and gnawed on it and ran wildly around the house, knocking down the only good vase mom owned, breaking it into hundreds of tiny glass pieces which he promptly stepped on cutting his paw

    He has been known to sneak drinks of my parents and sister over the last few months. As soon as they walk out of the room he would jump up on the couch and lap up my sister’s soda, my dad’s beer, my mom’s coffee. He is a very indiscriminate drinker.

    I can charm you with this bow tie!
    I, being the good sister that I am, yipped at him again and told him that dogs are only suppose to drink WATER but he ignored me again.

    I once tried my mom’s coffee. It was pleasantly sweet but I hurled my guts out after about an hour. I learned my lesson. Human drinks are for humans and doggies drink WATER.

    Last night we got a call from Rylo’s new foster mom and our great friend Ms. Barb. They have been keeping Rylo and our other foster sister Roxy since we went on vacation to Michigan.

    Rylo was at it again!

    On Sunday night, Mr. Doug, the foster daddy, made himself a relaxing glass of whiskey on the rocks.  He then walked out of the room for just a few minutes and wouldn’t you know it, my brilliant brother Rylo decided to lap it ALL UP!!

    When Mr. Doug came back in the room, his drink was gone and so was Rylo. He found him passed out on the floor. Soon Rylo barfed and got rid of most of the alcohol in his system but was sick for the next two days. He spent Monday and Tuesday at the vet getting a doxie version of a banana bag of fluids and medication to help him over his hangover.

    I know things could have turned out much worse. Alcohol and animals just don’t mix but apparently that was a lesson Rylo had to learn on his own.

    This should be a reminder to all of us doxies and doxie parents that some of us wieners just can’t be trusted. They always pick up the chocolate. The keep chemicals and toxins locked up. They attach special latches to doors we aren’t supposed to open but they sometimes forget about the liquid concoctions.

    I had to learn my lesson from coffee. Rylo from whiskey.

    The vet said he is going to be just fine…but we may need to take him to AA meetings.

    He never admitted it but we think he was drunk at our wedding!

    Saturday, June 23, 2012

    The Great Bluegill Hunter

    I have been so busy in Michigan working at The Long Dog Retreat! Pulling weeds, power washing, painting, chasing swans off the beach,general supervising duties and of course working on my modeling portfolio.
    Unfortunately this has left little time for blogging or fun. Welp today I finally slipped away to go fishing.
    Fishing is tough for a wiener dog. It isn't that I can't bait my own hook it is just that the little worms smell so good that I want to roll around in them! It takes a great deal of discipline to put them on the hook.
    I am not a great "caster" because my tail often gets wound up in the line but once I get my bobber out in the water...well what can I say..I am just a fishing master!
    Austin and Spike don't like to fish with me because I make them look bad. For every 1 fish they catch, I catch 3! Tee hee!
    Lil Bit is a pretty good fisherween too but he has trouble seeing so I have to bait his hook.
    Fishing is good for the soul. It is relaxing,peaceful and gives me time to think. Today I mostly thought about my friends and how Facebook is sort of like fishing. You cast out your line and you never know what you're gonna get. It is exciting and fun and as much as I love fish, I love my friends more.

    Tuesday, June 5, 2012

    Scary Pictures

    Mom and I were looking through our FB news feed and suddenly saw a very sad and scary picture of a poor little doggy named Hopey.
    He has suffered some sort of terrible accident or injury and now he has a very disturbing ouchy.
    I was very sad when I saw the picture. It also made me did this happen? What is the matter with this doggy? Did someone do this on purpose?
    From what mom could tell the vet wasn't exactly sure how poor Hopey got this way but one thing was for sure...this little fella needs help.
    I do not like seeing sad and scary pictures on FB and I know many others feel the same way.
    I wonder how many people would know about Hopey if the picture had not been attached to the story?
    FB is graphic at times and maybe they should develop a photo sharing app with a warning system and we all need to be careful about what we post.
    I hope everyone remembers that the people sharing the pic were trying to help and the folks who refuse to share the pic have very valid reasons too.
    Once a long time ago someone put up a frightening photo of a hairless, skin infected, underweight doxie. It was was was ME!
    Honestly I am pretty sure I would have died in that scary shelter if someone hadn't posted it.
    Let's not attack each other over the validity of such posts, lets support each other in being committed to keeping these scenarios from happening in the first place.

    Thursday, May 24, 2012

    Our Wacky Wedding Video and OOHH The Places We Go!!

    Yip Yap Friends!!

    Tomorrow I set off on a long adventure in the UGV (Ugly Green Van) to Michigan.  I will be traveling with mom, Penelope my hoosister, Austin, Spike, Lil Bit and Miss Daisy. We are also picking up Gus. Gus is a doxie fella who is getting placed with his forever family in Michigan. He needs a little bit of TLC, dental and some surgery on his paw. 

    Our friends over at Bella's Fund are going to be helping out with the fees for his dental work.  We are so excited that since we are on the Bella's Fund Board that we actually get to meet Gus in canine!

    Follow our progress on facebook as we will be posting updates along our route.!/karlilandgraf

    By the way!! My wedding video is finally uploaded.  Hope you watch and enjoy. Wonderful Wiener Wedding of Karli and Austin

    Oh eyes are getting heavy.   Must get some sleep. 

    Love and Licks to all.


    Friday, May 18, 2012

    The Wiener Dog Nationals - My Interview With Kevan Peterson

    So now that I am a married doxie and my hectic(but pawesome) wedding is over, I have decided to start fulfilling items on mybucket list. 

    Some of the things I want to do before I fly tothe Rainbow Bridge include:

     1.     Getmarried to the doxie of my dreams.

     2.     Modelin a Calendar

     3.     Meet100 of my Facebook Friends in canine.

     4.     Obtaina Canine Good Citizen Certificate

     5.     Becomea Certified Therapy Dog

     6.     Gosee the Statue of Liberty and pee in Central Park

    7.     Flyon an airplane.

    8.     Catcha squirrel.

    9.     Inventdog-safe chocolate.

    10.  Sniff a famous person’s heiney.

    11.  Learn to skateboard.

    12.   Go to Mundare, Canada and see the world’slargest sausage monument.

    13.   Lead someone to the Lord.

    14.  Visit the animal shelter in Mullins, SC and poopon their lawn.

    15.  Make 5000 Facebook Furfwends.

    16.   Paw out a book.

    17. Be in a commercial.

    18. Open The Longdog Retreat Dachshund RetirementHome and Foster Care

    19.Run in a wiener race.

    20.  Interview a movie director.

    I have been doing research on my dreams. Some ofthem are going to be a bit harder than others to complete but I will never giveup.

    While researching ‘Run a wiener race’, I cameacross some fascinating information. There are many different races across the country…even around theworld.  I have several furfwends that runin these races often. Some of my furfwends are even considered professionalsand they have won lots of times.

    The most amazing thing I discovered is thatthere is actually a movie being made about wiener racing! 

    I was so fortunate to be able to interview Mr.Kevan Peterson, the writer and director of the greatly anticipated upcomingmove The Wiener Nationals.

    Hello Mr. Peterson! Thank you so much for letting meinterview you.  Have you even been interviewed by a dog before?

    No. I have not. I've also never been interviewed by someonewho is naked, so it's really a double first for me!

    Tee hee! I’ve never interviewed a director or produce, so Iguess we are even.  It would have been abit more fun if you were naked too.  So, you are directing The Wiener Nationals movie, which youalso wrote.  How did you come up with the idea of making this movie?

    I read about the Wiener Dog Nationals, which is an actualevent, in the L.A. Times. It sounded like a fun event, so I called up a goodfriend of mine, Greg Gutierrez, and said we should go. When we got there wewere blown away by the huge crowds and the level of enthusiasm there were forthe races. These are people who really love their dogs, who come down for theday to partake in this event. These are not professional racers, they just wantto have fun, and the dogs seem to love it. We asked around to find out who wasin charge of the races. We secured a face to face meeting with the heads atWienerschnitzel a few weeks later and pitched them the film. I had no idea I'dbe directing it! Or that it would consume the next four years of my life!

    It is true that doxie parents are a special group.  What has been the biggest challenge you havefaced while making this movie?

    Coming up with the money. The script has kids and dogs init, and a pretty elaborate race sequence at the end. When most studios read it,they think it will cost them too much. We've decided to take the DIY approach,and have found a surprising amount of people, mostly dog lovers, coming to usto help support the film, either as investors or through helping to spread theword. We still need to find more money, but we are definitely getting close,and will make the movie in July with as much as we can raise!

    I will be letting all my wiener friends know about the movieand even though there isn’t much time left, I am sure you will meet and evenexceed your goals. Speaking of goals, I am an aspiring bald dachshund model andI am always looking for advice about advancing my career. What advice do youhave for wiener dogs who want to become famous movie stars?

    Just get out there and be yourself. Embrace what is uniqueabout you. And most importantly know that you are already the star of yourfamily!

    Do you eat hotdogs?  Just wondering.

    Only ones without legs.

    Oh,good. Do you use stunt double doxies or does each wiener race athis/her own risk?

    We have several dogs that we use, they run very shortdistances, and then it is all assembled to make it appear as if they ranfurther. We also have one sequence where we plan on using CG. None of the dogsare doing anything they wouldn't be doing if the cameras weren't rolling.

    Ahh…that makes sense. We wieners get tired if we have to runtoo far. Who is more difficult to work with...the doxies or thehumans?

    The humans. Theydemand higher salaries, and are picky eaters.

     Hmmm…well I have most doxies I know will eat just aboutanything.  As far is money is concerned,I wish I had a lot of money so I could help save lots of doxies. Barking ofmoney, if you had a blank check budget for your production, what's the onepiece of equipment you would never go without and why?

    Well, I would never go without a camera, cause then I'dstill just have a script! But with the more money we raise, we look at gettingbigger names in the film, better special effects and more elaborate locations,pretty much in that order.

     Will any of the proceeds from your movie go to helpdachshunds?

    The plan is to donate a portion of profits to dachshundrescue. We have reached out to several organizations. We want to make sure thatif the film is wildly successful it goes to several places and not just one.

    That is so nice. I am sure whatever organizations you helpwill be so happy.
    Do you like cheese?

    Yes. I grew up in Wisconsin, which is the cheese capital ofthe U.S. Sorry California cheese makers. Also, since we do primarily familyentertainment, the root words 'From' and 'Age,' seemed like a good fit.

    Neato! Wieners love cheese! People who don't like cheesejust simply can’t be trusted.  You areokay in our book!

     Do you own any dachshunds?

    Nobody 'owns' a dachshund. I don't have one in my house. Mybest friend in elementary school had two of them though, and I used to spend somuch time at his house, it was like they were mine. I am, however, Facebookfriends with several hundred of them.

    You are a very wise hooman….tis true no one “owns” a doxie!I have hundreds of doxie facebook furfwends too!  They are all looking forward to seeing TheWiener Nationals. When will your movie be released?

    We anticipate the early part of next year.

    Is there anything else you would like all of my wienderfulfriends to know about you or your movie?

     So many things! We appreciate all the support that has comeout of the dachshund community. Independent films survive on the sweat of thefilmmakers and the support of the film's community. We still have severalhurdles to cross before reaching the finish line, so if anyone wants to supportthe film in some fashion, please email us directly

    Thank you soooo much. Best of luck with your movie. We allknow it will be a big hit!

    Did you know YOU can help with The Wiener NationalsMovie?  It’s true!

    Please clickhere!  and make a donation!

    Wednesday, May 2, 2012

    Sorry...I've Been Honeymoonin', Hunting and Helping!

    I know, I know. "Karli, where have you been?"  I apologize for being so delinquent on pawing out my bloggy lately.  I do have some reasonable excuses.

    1. Come on folks...I just got married! I've been Honeymooning!

    Austin took me on a whirlwind trip of the homeland. Yes..that's right Germany!  We stayed in a lovely castle, The Schloss Ludwigseck Castle.  His second cousin twice removed, Teckel Von Gilsa invited us over and treated us to a lovely stay in a luxurious suite, fine German beers, sausages and a guided badger hunt in the forests of Riedesel’schen Wälder in the Knüll Hills.

    Take a look at our room!

    2. I've been Hunting!

    The guided badger hunt was quite exciting!  Those suckers sure are nasty! Austin managed to capture 2 of them...quite a feat for a mini we were told.  I just sat on a blanket, sipped on  a local Riesling wine and watched.  There was NO WAY I was going to risk my manicure by scrambling down those holes!

    Alas, our time in Germany was too short. I hope we can go back for another visit soon.

    When we flew back to the states, man were our paws tired!! Tee hee, just barking!  We continued our doxiemoon at home and have been snuggling and licking like crazy.  Austin has just been so sweet.

    We thought we left all of the hunting behind us in Germany but unfortunately our backyard has been invaded by a scary and hideous monster so we were back on the attack again.  This hideous beast is a known omnivore and has red beady eyes!  The scientific name is Terrapene Carolina...more commonly know as the Eastern Box Turtle. Oh it is so menacing!  It has a sort of force field to block you from being able to penetrate it and rip it to shreds.  It has a creepy mouth and will hold still for hours just to make you think it is harmless. Fortunately, Austin and I are savvy hunters and knew the truth about this awful monster.  We just about had him destroyed when mom interrupted our conquest and set him free! WTH??? Mom is a bleeding heart liberal sometimes!

    I mean look at this thing! Would you let him go?

    3. I've been Helping

    So apparently we (The Landgraf Family) are moving. Ugh. I am sad because I really love it here and have lots of furfwends but dad is a Marine and we have to go to Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, North Carolina. I have been packing all of my toys, bones and of course my fabulous wardrobe.

    Mom says I will like our house in North Carolina but I am a bit nervous about it.  We also have to take a trip to Michigan to visit our grandparents and help them out with their cabins.

    So, as you have read. I have been busy. I do have lots to tell you about my wedding and as soon as I get my wedding video I will post it.

    If you have any tips for newlyweds I would appreciate getting them. 

    Licks and Nuzzles to You All!!


    Monday, April 9, 2012

    The Doxiefollies Villa and Greeting Cards

    Peanut butter and Jelly. Cookies and Milk. Wiener dogs and Cuteness. Some things just make a perfect match. Michelle Lyn Duckworth is a photographer and her love for dachshunds has melded together into a perfect combo.

    Twelve years ago Michelle purchased an adorable little dachshund, Oliver from a local pet store. Soon it became clear that instead of getting a healthy, well cared for dog, her new baby was quite ill.  She investigated Oliver's past and was astounded.

    "I was introduced into the horror of puppy mills and backyard-breeders." Michelle stated. "So, I started a mission to help as many surrendered/rescued dachshund adult breeders from puppy mills and backyard-breeders, and socially rehabilitate them. I decided the term "sanctuary" was better then a "rescue" due to the fact, that it could take a long period of time to rehabilitate these dachshunds and for them to be adoptable, realizing some may never be adoptable."

    The Doxiefollies Villa Dachshund Sanctuary began. 

    Michelle explained, "These dachshunds have spent the first 7-8 years living in cages 24/7, no socialization and have behaviours created out of boredom. I also, decided to take in senior dachshunds dropped off at high kill shelters and a few with disabilities. My goal is, to provide a life with quality for these dachshunds that have been bred for greed only."

    My mommy and I have always enjoyed looking at Michelle's pictures of her doxies. They are always so cute, professional looking, funny, and sweet.  Mom and many other people encouraged Ms. Michelle to start selling her pics as greeting cards. Recently she did just that!

    "Photography has always been a hobby, so I decided to combine the two things I love and live and dachshunds. Financially, the burden is heavy with all the vet expenses, so I created The Doxiefollies Villa Greeting Cards in effort to help support the expenses. 100% of all proceeds are applied to the care of the dachshunds." said Michelle.

    Michelle features card for just about every occasion and she will happily create a card just for you!  Her prices are fabulous especially considering how much they can help dachshunds. Like many online items...the more you buy the more you save!

    You can find out more about the Doxiefollies Villa Sanctuary here.

    You can view and order greeting cards from the Doxiefollies Villa Greeting Cards here.

    You can also find out more on the Villa on Facebook.

    To donate to The Doxiefollies Villa you can ChipIn here!

    Wednesday, March 14, 2012

    Do You See the Butterflies?

    Today is March 14th and what many of you probably didn’t know is that it is “Learn About Butterflies Day".

    I love butterflies because they are so pretty.  I like the way they fly….they seem to go about getting to their destination in such a carefree way. They dance and float and are like aerial acrobats that delicately step through the air. 

    I learned that butterflies are very tough in spite of their appearance and many of them travel thousands of miles just to reproduce.

    Butterflies come in hundreds of thousands of varieties and sizes.  They serve many purposes but probably one of the most well known is to pollinate plants.

    On warm days I like to chase butterflies through the yard. Their pretty colors make me happy.

    Dad told me something interesting about butterflies. He told me that they don’t start off pretty; in fact he said they are quite ugly. They have a life cycle and when the first start out they are just a squishy little egg.  Next they progress into a nasty little caterpillar. I have eaten those before and eww it was gross! The next phase is when they cocoon themselves in a leaf-looking case. The last stage is when they come out of their cocoon as a beautiful butterfly.

    I was thinking about this life cycle and it made me thing of shelter dogs. Often times these rejected doggies are not very cute or lovable when people first see them. They may be curled up in a little ball like an egg. They may be dirty or smelly like a caterpillar. Some shelter dogs have been abused and neglected and they may be reserved and scared similar to the cocoon phase of a butterflies life. The good news is that when given love, time and patience shelter dogs will emerge as beautiful as a butterfly. 

    I once was abandoned in a scary shelter. I was skinny, dirty, sick and pitiful. Most people could not see beyond my bald, infected skin and sunken eyes. Fortunately for me, a group of people could see the beauty I had inside. They loved me, helped me, saved me.

    Now I have blossomed out of my cocoon and have developed into a beautiful butterfly.

    May God Bless all of you who see the butterflies instead of the eggs.

    Sunday, March 11, 2012

    My Song

    Sunday was a gorgeous day here in Chesapeake, Virginia.  Just as soon as mom was able to lather me up in sunscreen I bounded out the back door and down the deck step. I was zooming around the yard and sniffing the damp grass. So many smells...and the warm sunshine; a perfect combination.  Sometimes when I am really happy, I sing. I like to just make up songs as I go. Today my song went something like this. "I am sooooo happy because it is warm. I like to smell the grasss!! It is sooo green. Thank you God for giving me such a nice place to peeee!!! You made the flowers and you made me!!!"

    It is sort of impromptu singing. My melodies and words are not poetic or beautiful but my body just wiggles and my snoot sniffs the air and I just sing. 

    Mom told me when I climbed back up on the deck and snuggled in her lap that I was doing a good job praising God.  I asked her what she meant and she said that every creature was created to give honor and praise to God.  She said many people have a hard time doing that because sometimes they think it is too hard. Sometimes they think about their problems and do not feel that He deserves to be praised. Sometimes they see their own failures and do not feel worthy to praise Him.  Still others miss the point completely and instead chose to praise themselves instead.

    "How did I praise God mom?", I asked. And she explained that I was praising God just by being myself. I noticed the lovely day and I danced and sang with thankful glee.  That was it.  It seemed so natural to me.

    We should remind our humans that praise is easy. Just look around and notice the beauty in the world. Then wag your tail and sing. Hmmmm....that could be the problem; no tail.

    Saturday, March 10, 2012

    Dizzying Details of a Doxie's Big Day!

    Yip Yap Friends!

    Do you remember me? It's Karli! I know I have been neglecting my blogging lately. Whew! Things have just been a whirlwind around here. 

    My wedding is only 6 weeks from today! EEEEEEEKKKKK!! I am so excited but the tiny details of our big day is really starting to make my tummy flutter. 

    Today I received my gorgeous wedding gown, bridesmaid dresses and the groomsmens bow ties.  They were specially designed by Cheryl Keninger at Down Under Dog Designs  and I couldn't be more pleased with them.

    On Friday I am going to Chantilly, Virginia with mom, hoo-sister Penelope, Maddie Mathews and Angela Mathews. We will be attending the Super Pet Expo! If you are planning on attending be sure to use the coupon code "BELLA" to get discounted tickets. We are going to have a pawesome time and also be finalizing all of the wedding details.  Maddie has so many good ideas and she is going to be my Maid of Honor!

    As if the wedding wasn't enough to have to plan and dad also told us that we will be moving this summer. Dad is a Marine and we have to move one final time before he can retire.  Mom and all of us doxies will be spending most of our summer in Michigan at Long Dog Retreat but when summer is over we are going to be moving to Jacksonville, North Carolina. Mom and dad have lived there before and they own a house there so we already have a place to go.

    I am sad to leave all my furfwends in Chesapeake, Virginia but I am super excited about making new friends in North Carolina.  Mom said that we will live very close to the beach so that sounds fun. 

    I hope if any of you ever travel near Camp Lejeune, NC you will come to visit me.

    Oh dear! I have to go workout now. Trying to lose a few more ounces before the big day.

    Kisses to all!


    Thursday, February 9, 2012

    Adventures with T.U.G.V. (The Ugly Green Van)

    The last two weekends have been a whirlwind of travel for me and momma!  Last weekend we got to be a part of a rescue transport relay and it was pawesome. We helped three little doxies, Mason, Napoleon and Mandy get to their new foster homes. We met a nice lady named Debbie Allen in Richmond and then when we got to Alexandria, Virginia we got to meet another really nice lady named Marjorie Mogulescu. She wasn’t even mad that mom was late! (really late) She was even speeding and I threatened to call the K-9 cops on her, so she slowed down.

    The best part of that trip was that I got to see my best girl furfwend Maddie and her mom Miss Angela!  I haven’t seen Maddie since October so I was really happy.  My tail got a mind of its own and just started flailing back and forth. After we dropped of f the doggies for their last part of the rescue relay we went with Miss Angela and Maddie to visit another friend in D.C., Auntie Melissa and Lucy.  Lucy wasn’t exactly thrilled to see us….probably because we sort of showed up unexpected and we were really late. (Again)  Mom got us lost about 10 times in D.C. but Auntie M was still happy to see me. J

    After visiting D.C., Maddie and I got to share a yummy hotdog! Mmmmm it was so good. I think I might have hogged most of it but Maddie didn’t mind. She has such nice manners.

    This weekend was also very exciting. Austin and I got to ride with mom in the U.G.V.(Ugly Green Van) to North Carolina and meet up with Murphy Poole Dachshund.  He had just picked up a new little brother, Benson, from Miss Tara Herrin in Georgia.  They were nice enough to bring pretty Schatzie home with them so we could pick her up and drive her to her new mommy.

    While visiting with Murphy I saw a cat!! Murphy has two cute little beds in his kitchen for his cats. BOL!! I thought that was so funny.  His cat looked yummy to me. I wanted to take a bite of him but I figured that would be sort of rude….so I restrained myself.

    Then we all went to The Hampton Inn and had fun running up and down the hallway.  I felt like I was in a wiener race! We got to all sleep up on the huge, comfy bed with mom. Ahhh I love hotels. Special thanks to Tara Herrin for getting the room for us! Mom even let us have pizza bones!

    The next day were rode in the car for a very long time and picked up my new foster brother Eli and then drove and met Ms. Beth Schonfeld in Delaware.  It was very cold there and I was shivering. BRRR!!!  We took lots of pictures and then Schatzie was off with her new momma.  We drove home down through Delaware and the eastern shore of Virginia and it was a very nice drive.

    We made it home in time to see the end of the Superbowl but I missed the Puppy Bowl. L
    Since the Giants won we decided to name our new foster boy Eli.

    My mom’s ugly green van may not be very attractive but it makes a great doxie taxi!  I hope we get to go on another adventure real soon.