Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Clayton's Christmas Wish

Yip Yap Friends!

I hope you all had a Ween-der-ful Thanksgiving! I sure did...but now I have to do extra crunches to work off my Turkey Tummy.

Today instead of writing a blog I wanted to share a letter I received from my buddy Clayton. He is a sweet boy who has been sick lately and I asked him to share a little more about himself.

Here is his letter.

Clayton the Christmas Tree

I met my momma, Cindy, way back when I was a pup in 1999.  For those of you young’ins who don’t remember the 90’s, it was a wild time.  Anyway, my momma was so beautiful and when she came to visit me I was wearing a blue ribbon around my neck and she fell wildly in love with me.  I was still a pup, so who could really resist? I noticed her eyes first of all.  They were sort of sad and I knew she needed me and would love me forever. I knew she had a big heart and I could see that she would always take good care of me.

We moved in together and before you know it we were best friends.  I would make my momma laugh when she was sad, give her hope when she was down and taught her lessons about patience.  (Potty training)

Momma, in return, would rub my belly, feed me yummy food, and cuddle with me when I needed her.

We were always together.

When I was a baby.
She put up with me through all of my puppyish behavior including chewing up the couch cushions and unrolling the toilet paper and “decorating” the house.

When I got a little older mom made me ramps and put them all over the house. She read that sometimes we doxies have back problems and she didn’t want that to happen to me.

That was just like my momma….always thinking of me and doing her best to make my life better.

Lately I have been ill.  I am nearly 12 so I suppose a little sickness is to be expected but apparently this is a bit more serious.  Mom has been putting on a brave face but I can tell she is very worried about me.  I try to be upbeat and give her lots of kisses but some days I am just very tired.

I have something called kidney failure. Mom takes  me to the vet quite often and I have been feeling better but I heard her talking to my sister about something called bills.  I’m not sure exactly what bills are but I know it has something to do with money.

I am just a dog…I do not have a job to help momma out with the bills but I thought maybe if I shared my story some of you may be able to help my momma out. 
Getting my medicine.

She has always taken such good care of me and for Christmas I would like for her to not have to worry about my vet bills.
Me and My Momma

In closing I would like to say that I love my mom very much and I am proud of all of her accomplishments.  She is the most beautiful, loving and thoughtful mommy I could have ever asked for.  I bet you feel the same way about your mommy!

Your friend,


If you would like to donate to Clayton, please visit his ChipIn.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What I'm Thankful For

So Thanksgiving is finally here! I am going to my grandparents house to celebrate my very first Happy Thanksgiving. It is hard to remember my life before I was rescued by D.R.N.A.

Since I got my new life things for me have been terrific. I am loved, well fed and healthy. I do not know who I am most thankful for...Katie Wehner,who networked so hard to find someone to pull me out of the shelter, Ms. Emily Fink who was my first foster after leaving the scary place, Ms. Barb and Mr. Doug Warner who fostered me once I was transported, my nice vet, Dr. McCrary who helped me heal from all of my sicknesses, or my parents who took one look at me and fell deeply in love.

I just know I am thankful for all of them and many more that I do not even know that helped me out along the way. Did you know God sent a horrible snow/ice storm on the day I was suppose to be PTS so that all the volunteers could have one more opportunity to get me? I am definitely thankful for that!

Now, I am a doxie advocate myself. I try hard to work with other doxies and humans to save the lives of other doggies who are in the situation I once found myself. I have made lots of friends doing this important work...friends I may not have met in canine but who I know share the same passions. I am thankful for each and every one of them because they are daily working so hard to make a difference. Some people save children from starving, some give shelter to the homeless, some build churches in far off lands and other comfort the lonely and sick. God sent me to help doggies who need a loving, safe home. We all have our place.

Sure...I would like to be a famous doxie model....who wouldn't, but if I can help just one dog, then I have succeeded in life. I am so thankful for all of you who have saved just one dog...because at one time...it was ME! In honor of all of you I would like to share this video.

For Thanksgiving and the Christmas Season I challenge you to do what you can for doggies. My friend Wolter suggested that we all give something up for 1 month and use the money we save to give to animal rescue. I didn't really have anything to give up, so instead I decided to reward myself for every day that I went walking with my mom. I am paying myself $1.00 per day I walk which will equal $30.00 at the end of the month. If we all did something like this, think of the good we could do! 

I am sending my money to Bella's Fund. Bella's Fund is in honor of sweet Bella Goodin who passed away after being attacked by an off-leash dog. The purpose of the fund is to be able to provide medical care to doggies who need it and to help pull them out of shelters. You can find more information here. Bella's Fund

Please take time today to write down three things you are thankful for.
1. My furwends and family.
2. My honey Austino
3. Clothes that keep my heiney warm. :)

God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving,


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Karli's Interview with Roxy-Superstar of YouTube

Please Watch Video First
Yip Yap Friends! This is my interview with Roxy, the star of Run Roxy Run. Roxy's video has been seen by over 44 thousand people/doggies/animals. This is a very inspiring video and I am so honored to get to yip yap with such a super star.
K- Roxy thank you so much for yipping with me. You are so famous and I am so excited to get this exclusive interview with you. How old are you and where do you live?
R - I just turned six! I live in Seattle, WA.

K - How old were you when you went down with back problems? What happened?

R - I began having back problems about two years ago. I'm not too sure what happened, I guess I may have jumped off of something wrong when my human wasn't looking. Originally the vet said I would never walk again, but lately I have been able to move my back legs a little bit, and even stand up! Of course, for running, I have to use my cart.
K - Yes, we wieners have a mind of our own and if we want to jump then we jump. I am so glad to hear about the progress with your back legs. What was the hardest part about making your cart? Lifting the hammer? Sawing? (anything you want to share)

R - I think the hardest part about making the cart was dealing with the jumper cables. I ended up getting all tangled up in them, and then realized I didn't need them to begin with. Also, my human's boyfriend kept following me around with a camera. I didn't mind, as long as he didn't get in my way!
K - Do you have a facebook page because I'm sure lots of doggies would like to be your friend?
R - I don't have a Facebook page right now, but maybe I can get my human to help me with that. For now, anyone who wants to talk to me can email me at RoxTheDoxy@gmail.com and I'll get back to them as soon as I can! I would love to hear from other dogs! 

K - Oh I hope you get a Facebook page real soon. I'll be your first friend. :) Describe your human(s).
R - My human is a great girl named Rebekah. She works as a hairdresser and loves to shower me with toys and treats. I live with her and her boyfriend, Matt. He helps me with the computer. He says that I'm spoiled, but deep down I think he really likes me.

K - I think he must love you! You are so sweet, how could he resist? What is the most important thing you want people to learn from your video?
R - I never thought anyone would see my video, and I'm so happy people have and seem to be enjoying it! If anything, I want my video to help people (and doggies) realize that we all go through setbacks in life, but if you really want to you can overcome any obstacle and achieve anything! 

K - That is really good advice Roxy. By the way, what is your favorite treat?

R - Hm... That's a tough one. I like Bully Sticks and Greenies, but if I had to choose a favorite treat overall, I would have to choose peanut butter. I love peanut butter!
K - Mmmm peanut butter is soooo yummy. Do you have a favorite toy?
R - I have a Kong Frog that I absolutely love! It's almost twice my size, but we have a lot of fun. I like when my human hides it under blankets and I have to go find it.
K - Do you have any brothers/sisters?

R - I don't live with any other doggies, but I live with three really nice cats. I grew up with a Black Lab and a Pit Bull mix that I still see quite often. They're like my (really) big brothers.

K - Besides being very creative, do you have any other special skills/talents?

R - I think I'm pretty good at burrowing under things, like blankets and clothes. Also, I can play dead really well if a human points their fingers at me and says "Bang!"
K - Wow that is pawsome! I really want to learn that shooting trick. Anything you want your fans to know about you?
R -All in all, I'm just a miniature Dachshund from the city that likes to play and have fun. My back legs may not work so well, but I'm very happy all the same, and I hope no one out there, whether dog, cat, bird, human or otherwise, lets anything get them down. Always have fun and be happy! That's what I do!

Thanks for interviewing me!
<3 Roxy

K - Roxy you have inspired so many with your video. Thanks so much for barking with me. I'm sure you'll be getting lots of fan mail.

Be sure to paw out a letter to Roxy and send it to her @ RoxTheDoxy@gmail.com


Karli the Naked Wiener

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Don't Miss This!

Yip Yap Friends!

I have amazing news! Tomorrow, right here on my blog, I will be posting my interview with a HUGE SUPERSTAR!!!! I can't reveal who it is but I will give you some clues.

It is a girl.

She is super famous.

You love her and if you don't it is only because you haven't met her.

She loves peanut butter.  Tee hee, okay that is sort of a trick cuz after all who doesn't?

Be sure to tune in tomorrow and read the full interview and be sure to tell you furfwends.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Canine Cooking with Karli - Pumpkin Beef Gravy

Halloween is over but pumpkins are still abundant.  I carved a pumpkin with my daddy and sister and saved all of the guts to make some treats and to put in my food.  Pumpkin is really good for doggies and it is low in calories for those of us who are trying to watch our figure.

I decided to share my Pumpkin Beef Gravy with you via video.  To make this recipe you will need:

1 Cup Pumpkin
1 Cup of Beef Broth (Low sodium)
2 Tbsp of Wheat Flour (Rice flour if you are on a grain free diet)
1/2 cup of plain yogurt
1 teaspoon of dry ginger (This is good for joints and has antioxidents. It is a natural anti-inflamatory)
2 Tbsp of Fish Oil (This is good for your heart, skin and fur.)


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sausage Dog Stroll Safety

On Friday I received horrible news from my best buddy Weezer Bob in Arizona. He had gone on a walk with his momma and sister Bella and they were attacked by a big doggy that was not on a leash. Bella suffered serious injuries and died.  Bella was recently adopted from a shelter and had already suffered a great deal throughout her life.  She was finally in a great home with loving parents, Weezer Bob, Bella and Toby the Cats.  She enjoyed laying out in her yard and soaking up the sun.  She loved her brother and was almost healthy enough to go to a park that her family told her about.  Because a careless human didn’t restrain their doggy, Bella never made it to that park alive.  This was a senseless tragedy; a death of a sweet girl who was just starting to really live. So, for Bella, my momma and I decided we should discuss keeping safe while going out for walks.

Love your leash!

Never, ever go out on a walk without wearing your collar and leash.  You are so much safer! Your collar should have all your contact information on it in case you accidentally get loose.  Your collar, preferably a comfy harness type, should fit you well and not be too big or small.  I highly recommend Hug-A-Dog Harness because of the way they fit. 

Some people think doggies should be able to run free and I love running free at my grammy and grandpa’s house because they have a huge fenced in yard but it is very dangerous to run in public for several reasons.

First of all, you could get lost or hit by a car.  Since us wieners are so cute, we may even get dog-napped!

There are mean, mean people who may poison you because they don’t like doggies.

You may come across a bigger dog or wild animal that will eat you!

You may be mistaken as dangerous and shot or killed by a person or policeman.

Finally because it is illegal! …..or is it?

You would think that if your parent just let your run around wild it would clearly be breaking a law but in fact only 2 states Michigan and Pennsylvania have strict statewide leash laws. Other states regulate only vicious and in heat females but most have no statewide legislation instead leaving it up to local governments.  You can check your states laws here. Leash Laws

Please check with your city/county for local laws. If no leash laws exist in your town, consider submitting one in Bella’s name so we can all be safer.

Be Seen!

When you go out on your walky with your parents be sure to wear an outfit or bandanna that is bright and can be seen easily.  I love my clothes but many of you prefer to be “au natural”. Even if you hate clothes, be sure you and your momma/daddy have bright clothes on that will make it easier for cars to see you. 

If you like to take your walks in the early morning or night, a reflective tape or blinky light is a must!

Protect your Paws!

It may seem odd but doggies need to wear shoes too sometimes.  If you are gonna be walking on a very hot or cold day be sure to wear booties, shoes or socks. These little thingies are sort of annoying at first, I admit, but on cold mornings they sure make the pee walk more bearable.  My momma tried all different types on me but the ones I like best are little rubber material that stretches over my paws.  They are biodegradable and reusable. Here is the link. http://pawzdogboots.com/

Stay Warm! 

On cool and cold days be sure to wear a sweater or coat so you don’t get too cold. I have too many to pick a favorite but keep in mind if you are on a budget, Wal-Mart sells reasonably priced coats and sweaters that are very fashionable. www.walmart.com

Know your surroundings!
It may get a little boring walking in the same place but by knowing your neighborhood or walking route, it adds safety. You will learn where the aggressive dogs live, become more social, and gain confidence.  If there are doggies in your neighborhood that run loose be sure to have your parents call the authorities.

Walk Softly but Carry a Big Stick!

As Bella’s story reminds us, some people are very insensitive and will let their animals run free.  Your parents need to be prepared. They should always carry doggy doo doo bags and a cell phone. I have received many suggestions on what is the best protection for your parents to have but I have not needed to use any of them yet, so I will just list everything. A big stick, a whistle, an umbrella, an ultrasonic transducer, a taser, citronella spray, a gun, mace, pepper spray, a cane, or a bat. Obviously, some of these items may require a permit or license of some sort and your parents should feel comfortable with their decision and be able to use the item but this is a personal choice.

If you are attacked, the best defense is a good offense.  Because it can be difficult to protect more than one doggy at a time, your parents may need to walk you separately or have a stroller to tuck you in quickly.  If all else fails, it is better to be laid on than lifted in the air because of the risk of falling.

Bella’s mommy did everything she could to save her and she should be very proud of herself. I know Bella was.

In honor and memory of Bella, I ask that you share these suggestions with your friends and please if you have information to add, please leave a comment.