Sunday, October 30, 2011

Haunted Hallow-Weenie

Yippy Yappy Furfwends!

No blog today....just a scary movie.  Enjoy at your own risk!  This movie is rated PG-13 (puppy guidance 13) for violence, gore, and sexual innuendos.



Friday, October 28, 2011

JJ Needs Help

Yip Yap Friends,

I just wanted to update everyone on our fundraising.  So far we have raised $365.00 total for doxies/doggies.
We raised $100.00 from the Chip In For Senior Doxies.
We raised $100.00 from selling shirts at the Mid Atlantic Doxie Phest
We raised $165.00 from the Doggy Halloween Costume Parade

I cannot thank you enough for your generosity.

So far we have raised $40.00 for JJ. This ChipIn ends on Halloween.  Let's see if we can make it to our goal of $100.00!
We did such a good job raising money for The Senior Dachshunds of D.R.N.A.!  Congratulations team!  Today I am starting a new ChipIn for JJ Coleman.  JJ is a doxie friend of mine from Facebook.  He was sick for quite a while and the doggy doctor thought he may have had meningitis but then they realized he had very bad pinched nerves in his neck.  The costs to diagnose poor JJ quickly rose to over $4000.00 but his parents love him sooo much that they spent every penny on their sweet boy.  Then JJ got some good news; he received a grant to help with some of his costs.  He had surgery on September 27th and the doggy doctor said he had the worst pinched nerves they had ever seen!

He made it through surgery okay and now JJ is in pain but doing better.  The next hurdle JJ faces is getting through all of his post-surgery treatments and therapy.  This part of his journey is not covered by the grant and his momma and daddy are out of money.

If you have any spare change in your couch or dryer, please consider sending it to JJ.  He is a sweetie and has been through so much already.

Thanks friends!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Beauty and the Beasts

Once upon a time there was a pretty, pretty princess…we will call her Princess Karlita.  She lived in a majestic castle with her Mom the Queen, her dad the King and her Prince Charming Austino. She had a royal brother, Sir Barks-a-Lot and two loyal foster brothers Duke Cody of Ihatecrate and Duke Jack of Tailwag.

They lived a simple yet comfortable life.  Every day the Queen and King made sure Princess Karlita and her entourage were fed scrumptious banquets, given massages and belly rubs, took walks about the Kingdom and played with the newest and most fashionable toys. Life was good.

Then one day, a storm blew in.  The white, fluffy clouds turned dark and ominous; angry thunder shook the castle foundation. The Queen had an idea and experience had taught Princess Karlita that mommy’s ideas were always scary.

Tired of being “just the Queen” mom had decided to obtain employment and give up her life of luxury.  She wanted to be a Pet Concierge. ???? Princess Karlita didn’t even know what that was. The Queen explained she would be taking care of doggies, giving baths, sitting for them when their parents were out of town, and cleaning up after them.

The day finally arrived when the Queens first clients showed up.  A mom and dad had to go out of town and were bringing their 3 doggies to stay in the Castle for a couple of days. Princess Karlita decided she would try her best to be a good co-hostess but that was BEFORE she met them.

Three monsters stood on towering legs above the trembling Princess.  She tried to make eye contact but flinched when she saw the jowls of Mastiff Layla were larger than her own head. As brave as she tried to be a small whimper escaped her dry throat.  Fear stiffened her spine when she glanced up at Rottie Max and saw his enormous teeth crowded tightly in his mammoth mouth. Feeling faint now and unsteady on her paws, Princess Karlita tried to say “Welcome” to her guests but again her eyes met those of another beast, Pittie Diamond and without being able to help herself she let out the loudest, sharpest YIP!!!  She knew her next seconds would be spent being torn into shreds and gulped down the throats of these wiener hungry ogres.

A large pool of warm wet blood surrounded Karlita’s paws but she was too afraid to look.  She was in no pain but new soon her happy life would be over.  It was taking a long time.  She still could feel her body…her front legs…her tail…her head….????

Slowly she unclenched her eyes and looked at the blood.  It was a strange color…it wasn’t a color…it was….slobber!!!!

Max was drooling more liquid from his chin than Karlita drank in a whole day.

His tail was wagging and moving his whole massive body rapidly from left to right.  Diamond and Layla were wagging in unison.

These weren’t beasts!  They were puppies in Bear suits!

Princess Karlita started barking and barking.  She was happy to be alive! Excited to know she would reign another day! And a bit embarrassed at how frightened she had been.

The next two days past quickly and even though they didn’t play together much, Princess Karlita learned that love comes in all sizes.

She still thinks her mom, the Queen is nuts though.

The End

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Dog Parade Winners!

Yip Yap Friends!

 So much tail wagging news, so little time for my paws to type it all out!

On Saturday momma, the boys and I hosted a Doggy Halloween Costume Parade in our neighborhood. We started working on it about 1 month ago.  We passed out fliers on our walks, made signs and invited doggies we knew.  I helped my momma make gift bags for everyone and then a really nice lady named Allana Lewis from Care-A-Lot Pet Supply store donated 3 lovely gift baskets that we used as raffles. 

When the big day arrived, I was pretty nervous. I was hoping lots of doggies would show up….and a little excited that a CAT might come. (Thankfully that didn’t happen.) We had 50 gift bags ready and 25 doggies showed up!  We thought that was a pretty good showing for our first try at this. 

We had 4 winners in the costume parade.

Baylee - Prettiest

Scariest - Max the Scull and Pumpkin Boy

Funniest - Mandy the Bug
Most Unique -Bianca the Squirrel

I loved all of the cute outfits.  There were 2 very handsome Batdogs, Riggs and Buddy. I love hero dogs! Ali, an adorable butterfly, Lohla a lovely turtle and Cricket was a charming lady-bug.  Ben came dressed as a Patriot. (Being a Steelers Fan I would have picked him for scariest. Tee hee) His brother Maxwell was a pirate…ARG!  Tucker and CeeCee were funny clown dogs. We had several pumpkin doggies: Quincy, Retten, Harley and the sweet Abby. Austin dressed as a Marine (again..he loves supporting our troops), Spike wore a Twister Game T-shirt, Jack was on the attack as a shark, and Cody was a froggy.

Cody, Austin, Jack, and Spike
Harley and Quincy

We had lots of fun and my favorite part was giving out kisses at my Kiss-A-Wiener Booth. 

Kiss -A-Wiener

Well actually I may have liked all the snacks I got a teeny tiny bit more but mom says that is not polite to say…so I’m going with the kisses.

Some doggies didn’t dress up but came for canine support. Thanks Ms. Judy for bringing your pack.

At the end of the day we raised…..drum roll please……$80.00 for The Chesapeake Humane Society and $80.00 for Dachshund Rescue of North America.  Yippy Yappy!

I am so proud of my new doggie friends and pet parents for supporting doggies. Next year we will try again and try to reach new goals, sniff more heineys and maybe add a few more activities for the doggies. I wanted to have bobbing for Pupperoni’s but mom said we would have to wait till next time.

I would be a bad dog if I didn’t thank my sissy Penelope and her friends Alexa, Megan, Royall and Victor for helping out with registration, voting and set up.  Teenagers are nice….sometimes.

Mom said this was a pretty easy event to put together and if you wanted to try something in your neighborhood next year she would be happy to send you information.

Yikes! I think I hear Cody getting close to my food bowl. I am off to defend my kibble.

Bark at you later.



Thursday, October 20, 2011

Travel Travesty!

OMD! (Oh My Dear!)

I have been cruelly abandoned! Someone call doggy protective services a.s.a.p.! I am in shock and truly injured by my parents.  They left me home and went to Michigan for 2 days! Ack!

I had a nervous feeling in my tummy yesterday morning cuz mom and dad were taking showers and packing up these little bags.  They were talking real sweet to me and the boys and they gave us all extra treats. My wiener senses knew this was an ambush and sure enough within minutes they were out the door and we were all yelping our heads off. 

Human sister is watching us. This is no good cuz she doesn't let us sleep on the bed and she makes us stay in the kitchen ALL DAY!  She also is not very easy to manipulate cuz she is a teenager and is the master of manipulation herself.

I am so barked off at my parents for leaving me here.  The boys, sure...I mean they are so....uncouth, but Me?  I'm so cute and tiny.  I would have easily fit in my moms huge bag.
When they get home I sure am gonna let them have it.  I am already picking out places to pee.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Duncan-The Pom Bomb!

Yesterday I got to have "Mommy and Me Time".  This is when we get to do special stuff together without all the wiener dogs with wieners. BOL!  Mom says even though they are fixed they are still boys and girls just need to get out, let their hair down (bad analogy) and have fun without them sometimes.

We had to run errands because this weekend is our big Doggy Halloween Costume Parade.
Oh...I didn't tell you about that? Well basically my mom and I have put together a parade for dogs to show off their fabulous costumes for Halloween.  It is gonna be on Saturday and we are hoping to raise lots of money for doggies/doxies in need.

Anyway we had to go to this store to pick up cute little signs that advertise the parade and mom took me with!  I love going in the car. I just feel so free!  I like sticking my nose out the window and sniffin all the wonderful aromas as we cruise down the road. Today I distinctly smelled burning leaves with a hint of charred grubs, squirrel slobber, goose poop and McDonalds french fries. favorites.

When we arrived at Designs of Chesapeake, mom scooped me up and nestled me down into my Hug-A-Dog Take-A-Long Bag.  I love that thing. It makes being carried so much more comfy. If I get cold I can bury my head and when I am hot I can stick my paws out the top.

The signs for the parade were ready but just as we were about to leave, a very handsome fella came strutting out from the workshop.  His name was Duncan and he WORKS there!  He has a J.O.B.!  Ladies, you know how hard it is to find a man that is good looking and is employed, so I thought I would write about him, in case you are looking for a new stud muffin.

He is called a Pomeranian, but I call him HOT!  He has the loveliest soft cream fur and a mischievious smile. He is about 18 inches tall and buff.  His humans name was Brock and he said that Duncan came from a rescue right here in Chesapeake, Virginia. 

Duncan was a little shy but he did tell me he gets paid DAILY in treats.  His job is to basically keep the workers happy and from what I saw, he is doing a great job. All the human ladies were fawning all over him and he seemed use to the attention.  He didn't mention a girlfriend, but if you are interested, I would make your move soon. A guy like that don't stay in the dog park for long.

So, mom and I went out for a girls day and I met a hottie. Tee hee. We will just keep this between us. No need to be worrying Austin.

Howl at ya later!


Monday, October 17, 2011

Yippy Yappy, I'm So Happy!

So yesterday was a doggy spinning day! I read the list of winners on the Dachshunds Rock website for their calendar contest and I was not listed. My tiny wiener heart was broken. My modeling aspirations took another hit. I whimpered a bit but momma said I was top dog to her and lots of my friends wrote to me and said I should keep my snoot up because they loved me. That made me so happy that soon my spirit was lifted and I was on to my next task of the day, sleeping.

Then late in the afternoon I received a call from one of my agents….ok well actually she used to be my foster-mom but she is like an agent…and she told me that I DID WIN!! The folks at Dachshunds Rock had made a little boo boo in their count and I was gonna be in the calendar after all!

I was so excited last night that I could only sleep 9 hours! I kept dreaming about getting the calendar and seeing my picture in it.

Wow, my life sure has taken a drastic turn for the better from when I use to be in the scary place. Everyone thought I was so ugly and nobody wanted me, now I am gonna be a doggy model! It just proves that someone’s trash can be a treasure to someone else. Where someone saw a worthless doggy, others saw a priceless doxie. I think that is how God sees us. We are priceless to him no matter what sort of scary place we are in or how ugly we may seem.

I just want to send out huge doxie nuzzles, licks and high paws to everyone who supported me and congratulations to all the winners. For my friends who didn’t get a spot in the calendar I just want to say I really know how you feel, but honestly the only thing that matters is how much you are loved by your human. They see your beauty everyday!

Kisses to all,


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jasper Wins!!!

My Facebook buddies Jake Waenie and Chance Louie had a totally pawsome Halloweenie Costume Contest.  Lots of cute and scary doxies entered and after all the voting and final judges decision, sweet Jasper Francisco from Kentucky won!

I interviewed him to find out how he was feeling about his big win.

Karli- "Jasper, Congratulations on winning Jake Waenie and Chance's Halloweenie Costume Contest Spooktacular! How did you feel when you discovered you won?

Jasper - "I was very excited to hear that I had won the Halloweenie Costume Contest, it at least made being wrapped up in sheets worth it.

Karli - "You won a handmade slumberbaggie which makes me wonder where do you normally take your naps?"

Jasper - "I'm not really sure what a slumber baggie is, but I'm willing to give it a try!! Normally I take my nappies wherever mom is... on her lap, on her tummy if she's laying down, smooshed up by her head in bed, curled into her side... you get the picture:) I just like to be near my mom."

Karli - "Oh gosh Jasper! Me too! Sometimes I wish my momma could be a kangaroo so I could just ride in her pouch. Tee hee. What is your favorite snackie?"

Jasper - "Oooo, favorite snackies, excellent question!! I have many, I like all kinds of fruits & veggies like carrots, green beans, soy beans, apples, bananas, peaches & watermelon. I also love popcorn & cheese & strawberries & cabbage & well, let's just say there isn't a snackie I don't like:)"

Karli - "You are a good dachshund Jasper and just like all good doxies you love food. My brother Spike even eats lettuce! He is quite a character. He always tries hard to do things even though he has a few disabilities. Doxies are always so determined. If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?"

Jasper - "If I could change one thing in the world it would be that every animal had as good a life as I do. I would like to make sure no animal had to be in a shelter or be abused or be sad. That they would all have homes with tons of treats & fun & love & a mom as awesome as mine. Sure, she has to go to work everyday, but she only does that so she can buy me toys & bones & snackies so I guess that's okay."

Karli - "Oh Jasper I couldn't agree more. I am so happy that I was rescued from the scary place. I think you are lucky that your mom goes to work. My mom is always home and it makes it difficult for me and my pack to get away with anything. Thank you so much for answering all of these questions Jasper. You are so cute and I am glad you won the contest."

Jasper - "Thanks! Karli, if you don't mind I would like to take this opportunity to let everyone know,  there is a serious problem out there, it's called "stuffed animal overpopulation". I do my part to help keep the ones in my house under control by destuffing them & removing their squeakers as soon as possible, but I can't do it alone. Won't you help keep these monsters from stealing our snackies and taunting us with there "squeak, squeak, squeak"!!

Karli - "YIKES! That is the truth. I will be sure to pass that along. Also I will let folks know that they can read your blog @ Jasper's Blog "

Don't forget, YOU could be the next contest winner!  There are lots of them posted on my Karli's Contest and Giveaways Page. Most are free or low cost to enter.

Also, be sure to click on some of the ads on my blog. Even if you just look at them, it helps raise money for doxies!!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Yip Yap Wiener Friends!

I love fall so much.  It is true that being naked in the cooler weather means I have to switch from sundresses to snugglier coats but I don’t mind.  Pretty, crunchy leaves, pumpkins, and all of the festivals is what I love best about this time of year.  Things have sure changed for me since last year when my life was miserable.  I have been rescued and am living the canine high life.

My change in fortune got my brain a-thinkin. What sort of things could I do to help other doxies/doggies? Are there special events that happen in the fall that could remind people about the plight of my furry fwends who still need a home? I am just one, small, naked wiener…how much could I really do?

I was taking a snooze on the couch yesterday and all of my questions were magically answered in a dream!

I decided to post some ideas here that maybe YOU could try!  If I share my ideas then maybe more doxies/doggies will get help!

OCTOBERFESTS – These usually involve lots of beer and sausages! Well, why not set up a booth with some lil wieners who need a home?

Collect donations for your favorite rescue group?

Have a doxie kissing booth?

Organize a wiener race w/a small entry fee going to doxies in need?

HALLOWEEN – I am having a Doggy Halloween Costume Parade in my neighborhood.  It is free but donations will be going to a local shelter and D.R.N.A.  It was easy to set up. Just a few fliers delivered door to door on my daily walks, a few signs, and some donated gifts as prizes for funniest, cutest, scariest, and most unique costume.

DOXIE/DOGGY HOT DOG SALE!  Who doesn’t like frankfurters and football.  Sell some wieners at a homemade stand and donate the proceeds to doxies/doggies.

THANKSGIVING DOXIE/DOGGY FOOD DRIVE – Work with local shelters/dog stores/vets and set up little boxes to collect food and supplies for doxies/doggies in need.

My Friend Jake with his Slumberbaggie that his Momma Made.
She donates the proceeds to Doxies in Need!
Get Yours Here!
For The Love of Wieners Slumberbaggies

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fido's Facebook Fight

Yip Yap friends!

Over the last few weeks I noticed some of my furfwends have been missing from Facebook.  With further investigation I discovered they were victims of an awful tragedy…their Facebook profiles had been DELETED!

Facebook policy states that “You will not provide any false personal information on Facebook, or create an account for anyone other than yourself without permission.”

Now I have about 1000 friends and I have lost only about 10.  Some of them may not have liked me. (How could that be?) Some of them may just be deleting their own accounts to spend more time with their families. Finally, perhaps Facebook deleted them because they were found to be in violation of their policy. 

According to  The Telegraph, a United Kingdom Newspaper, over 50% of pet owners post about us and 1 in 10 pets now have their own personal profile on a social network site like Facebook or Twitter. 

With numbers like that it seems nutty for Facebook to delete pet profiles.  We bring in lots of money for them because just like our human counterparts our pages are loaded with ads and apps.

So what can you do to keep your profile from getting deleted?  That is a good question and I do not think there is a doggy proof way of doing it but here are some tips:

1. Ask your human to add their name to your account.  Home-Account Settings-Name-Edit.  I changed my name from Karli T. Landgraf to Karli T. Kelly Landgraf.  Kelly is my momma's name. In order to get your account restored if closed, you have to prove your identity.  This way my mom could just mail in a copy of her I.D. to restore my account.

2. Change your email address to a more “humany” sounding name.  Mine is which doesn’t sounds overly canine, but if your address is, you may want to set up something like Joe

3. Be sure your close friends know your email address or humans profile so if you do get deleted you can reconnect.

4. Consider joining a pet friendly social networking site. Dogster, Catster,, MyCatSpace, MyDogSpace, Fuzzster, Petzume, and more.

5. Create a page instead of a personal profile.  There are fewer options available with a page but you are not breaking any Facebook rules and will not get deleted.

I also recommend that you keep a journal on all of the animals you have helped by sharing pictures and information you have sent to create awareness of animals in need of a home/shelter/financial help.  Also keep track of how your profile has helped your human by having contact with other pet lovers.  This journal may come in handy if you ever decide to “Fight the Facebook Man” and paw them out a letter.

On a personal note, I would say that having a profile has helped me make friends, have fun, learn more about canine epilepsy, canine alopecia, compassion, IVDD, dachshunds, cats, dogs, love, anal glands, and much, much more. I also became aware of many events in my area and around the world for pets. I do believe social media is very important to animal rescuers and without social media I would not be alive.

Thank you for being my Facebook friend. Hopefully it will stay that way furever.



Dear Mark Z.
Please don't delete me!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's Raining Men!

Well, as you may have read, Watson has moved out in into his new home. I was feeling sort of sad and sorry for myself and then mom went out and got 2 more foster brothers for me!  They are 2 year old litter mates and very cute.  They are inseperable. They play together, sleep together, eat together and lick together! They are both long hair black and tan doxies and their names are Jack and Cody.  I'm sure they will get adopted soon because they are just lovebugs.  I made a video of many of the men in my life. Some of them are dear Facebook friends who I love flirting with. Hey...I'm engaged, not a nun!

If you are interested in adopting Jack and Cody, send me an email, or better yet contact DRNA.

Good news about my friend Amy, the gal who needs a cart. She was given the cart she was borrowing! Yippee!!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

O Brother Where Art Thou?


Oh I remember, my lil foster brother got adopted and on October 1st, at the Mid Atlantic Doxie Phest, Watson met his new parents.  I was so busy that I didn't really get a chance to say goodbye and give him big sisterly advice. I must confess that even though I know that Watson needed and deserved a home of his own, I selfishly miss my lil buddy.

So Watson if you read this....or your momma does since I know you are still learning your is some advice from a fellow D.R.N.A. rescue.

1. You must always eat your kibble because if you miss even one meal, your parents will start freaking out and worrying about you. You may get carted off to the doggy doctor simply because your parents don't realize you scarfed down some yummy morsel you found under the dining room table.

2. When your person comes home always, always greet them with exuberance.  Wiggle your tail, give out a few yips, and lick them uncontrollably. Humans need to be needed. You are your momma and daddy's cheerleader.  You have magic abilities to make their people problems disappear.

3. When you fart act as inconspicuous as possible or better yet, look at your dad with an,"Ew, what did you just do?" look. Never accept responsibility because as natural as this canine body function is, humans act like it never happens to them. Yeah right!

4. If you are going to chew up underwear and socks (and who doesn't) be sure to hide the evidence deep in the cushions of the couch.

5. Always be on guard for: squirrels, cats, and mailmen.  They are our mortal enemies. BARK LIKE WILD IF YOU SPOT ONE OF THEM!

6. Decimate all squeaky toys as quick as possible, the squeakers in them alerts other squeaky toys of your whereabouts.

7. Work on your "treat face" daily until perfected.

8. If you are not sleeping on the big bed, make this your number one goal!  Every dog deserves to sleep with their humans...some of our parents just don't realize this.

9. Insist on daily walks. The last thing you want is for your human to become obese and get back problems.

10. Love with all your little heart and forgive when your person makes a mistake, after all they are merely human.

I love you lil buddy and if you ever need me I will be here for ya. Enjoy your new home and write when you can.


Karli <3

Watson with his new family. :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Hooray!! We Met Our ChipIn Goal!

Yip Yap Friends!

I am still resting up from all the excitement from the Mid Atlantic Doxie Phest that we attended this past weekend. I had a totally pawsome time and I have much to tell you! 

Today I just wanted to congratulate you for helping to reach our ChipIn goal of $100.00 for Senior Dachshunds of D.R.N.A.!!  I had originally set up the time period to end on October 31st but we have already reached it!!! Woo hoo! Go team! 

I met a special gal at the Doxie Phest and I think she really needs our help.  Her name is Amy and she needs a cart.  I will fill you in tomorrow about my new friend and our next goal but until then I just wanted to say on behalf of the senior doxies, thank you again soooo much.



Karli the Naked Wiener

I am soooo happy!