Friday, July 29, 2011

Wiener Roast Photo Contest

*Sigh* My oh my, being famous is certainly challenging.  Okay, so maybe famous is a slight exaggeration but I am working on it.  As if sleeping, eating kibble, watching my figure, exercising, modeling practice, spending time with my sweetie, and taking care of momma and brother Spike wasn't enough, I have a photo contest going on too! A few weeks ago I decided that to make some new friends and promote my website and Facebook fan page, I would sponsor a Photo Contest.  It is called Wiener Roast Photo Contest and it is for all of my doxie/doxie mix friends. I published it through a Contest application on fb but many of my friends are having a hard time entering.  This is making me really frustrated.  I want all my friends to be able to enter the contest with no problems. :(

If you want to enter, the easiest way is to click on the banner on the bottom of my website that says, "Enter Our Contest"

If you do that and it says you are not eligible, be sure that you have "Liked" Karli the Naked Dachshund on facebook.  This is my fan page, not my personal page.

If you want to enter directly from facebook, then go to my fan page, Karli the Naked Dachshund.
"Like" my page.
Then click the contest tab on the left.
Search for Wiener Roast Photo Contest

It should be easier than this but I am new at all of this publicity stuff.  Please forgive me. 

Your Friend,


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Wanna Come Too!

I think the world would be better if my momma could take me with her everywhere!  Sometimes she has to go to the store and I have to stay home. Why? I love to shop!  I would be very helpful picking out the nummies at Walmart and anyway have you seen some of the people who shop there? I mean, they will let in an intoxicated, dragon-breath, scary guy with chains hanging off his clothes, but not cute little, nail polished, designer dress wearing, me.

On some nights daddy and momma go to the "movies".  I do not really know what they do there but mom said it is a place where you sit in the dark, eat popcorn, and watch a movie on a large screen. Well, why can't I go? I LOVE popcorn.

One day my mom was gone for hours because she went to the doctor.  My mom always goes with me to the doggy doctor so why can't I go with her? I bet she gets nervous and shaky not having anyone there with her. Poor momma.

There are a few restaurants that I can go to, but not very many.  I would love to go to Red Lobster because I love fish and the commercials make me soooo hungry.

Perhaps I should become an advocate for us doggies to be able to go with our parents everywhere.

Who is with me?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tummy Troubles

Over the last few weeks my honey, Austin and my brother Spike have both had pretty serious tummy troubles. Mommy thought it would be a good idea to paw out a few paragraphs about this because maybe you are facing these same issues and/or maybe you have some good suggestions for other wiener dogs who may get tummy sickness.

Austin's sickness started off very obvious. He barfed. A lot! Then mommy noticed he was very sad and wouldn't eat anything. Then a few hours later he barfed again...and again....and again. I was concerned but mom freaked out!  We were still in Michigan on vacation and she didn't know what to do so she took my honey bunny to an emergency vet.  She has a Care Credit Card for this type of emergency, but wouldn't you know she left it at home.  Silly mom.  The emergency vet took some blood and determined that he wasn't suffering from a serious illness like pancreatitis but rather a manageable illness called Canine Gastritis. (He had a tummy ache.)  The vet gave him some medicine to stop throwing up, an antibiotic, and doggy tums.  He also got to eat some special wet food that smelled really good to me and Spike. It was called Hill's ID gastrointestinal formula.  After a few days of moping around and running a low fever Austin got better.

Fast forward ten days.  We are finally home from vacation.  Life is good. We are chillin at our crib when all of the sudden, BOOM Spike has a poop poo accident all over the living room carpet. Ugh! My mom was going to be SO mad.  But guess what? She wasn't because it turned out poor Spikey was sick too.  This time the vet said it was stress colitis because of all the travel and changes in his life.  He also got medicine to stop the diarrhea and had to stop eating for a few days. (This is a big deal for my brother Spike because food is like his LIFE!  Other than barking, eating is his favorite thing.  Fortunately, he recovered quickly and he now is back to his old habits.

My questions are these:

Have you ever had one or both of these illnesses?
How did you feel?
What did your human do to make you feel better?
Should I expect to get sick since they both were?

I am not an expert so I would love to hear your comments about this.

Have a Yip Yap week!