Friday, December 2, 2011

My Visit With Santa

Last night mom and hooman sister took us all on a very special outing.  Around 5:00 pm mom dressed us all in our holiday garb, loaded us into the Wiener-Mobile (aka the van) and took us to see Santa!

She didn’t tell any of us where we were going or who we were going to see but we all knew it was gonna be something neat!  The foster girls, Harlow and Chloe were yipping loudly, Spike and Austin barked and I just shook with excitement!

When we pulled into the parking lot of Great Bridge Veterinary Hospital I was soooo mad!  I thought, “Holy Cat Turds! She got us all dressed up to get shots!”

But before I could get too upset I saw lots of other doggies decked out in their seasonal fashions and Austin started yelling, “SANTA! SANTA!...We are going to see SANTA!”

He had been to see him before so he remembered this place.

Before I knew it we were in line with lots of doggies waiting our turn to meet the Big Man himself and give him our Christmas Lists.

There was a lovely labradoodle, a cute little Jack Russell terrier named Penelope, Meatball the Pug, and lots more.  They were all so good and didn’t bark.  The same couldn’t be said for my pack.  We are dachshunds after all, we have to let our voices be heard.

Finally we calmed down a bit and settled on moms lap until it was our turn to go see Santa.

Austin got to go back first.  He has met Santa before and he wanted to show us where to sit and how to sniff his beard. Santa said he already knew that Austin had been a very good boy all year and he was going to make sure he got a nice new pair of socks to chew on!

Chloe and Harlow went next and they giggled and wiggled the whole time. They asked for toys and treats. They completely forgot to ask for a home, so momma mentioned it to Santa who said he was sure they would get one real soon.

Next was Spike's turn. He was so nervous that he couldn’t even speak, poor boy. Santa seemed to understand and started talking to him in a quiet reassuring voice and told Spike he was one of the sweetest dogs he knew and he was going to make sure he got something extra special.

I wanted to go next so I blinked really sweet at my momma and the elves that were helping.  The next thing I knew a sprite girl elf lifted me ever so gently from my momma's arms and started to lower me onto Santa’s lap. 

In an instant a bazillion thoughts ran through my doggy brain.“Oh no! What if I forget what to say? Do I address him as Mr. Santa? Mr. Klaus? Sir? Yikes, he is sooo big!  Tee hee his beard is tickly! Wow, his red suit sure is snazzy!”

The next thing I heard was the deep, smooth voice of Santa.

“Well hello pretty lady! You have had quite a year haven’t you Miss Karli,” he said.

Yip! He knows my name!

“Uh..., I stammered…yes Santa sir.” 

“Just call me Santa,” he continued. “Is there anything special you want for your very first Christmas in your new home?”

For some reason I instantly thought of clothes. I had been looking at lots of doxie dresses lately and I thought I would ask for that.

Then I remembered my diet and thought maybe if I asked Santa he could think of a way I could eat anything I wanted without gaining weight. I was about to mention that when another idea popped into my head.

Spike has a hard time getting around and I thought maybe he could talk to God for us about making his legs work better.

My selfishness took over again and I thought it sure would be nice for Chloe and Harlow to get a home for Christmas so I could have my mom’s lap back to myself.

Oh..I know..I will ask for new squeaky toys. I love those!

I started to nervously whisper my request when a much better idea came to mind.

“Santa, I have a loving home. I sleep every night in a warm bed. I have plenty of food and toys and get lots of belly rubs. I have the best furfwends and am happier than I have ever been. For Christmas, could you help all the doggies that do not?”

“Oh  Karli, that is a big request for such a small girl,” he said. “I will try very hard but you must share your story with lots of humans. Never give up on trying to help all those who are less fortunate than you and I will also do my best.”

Then he kissed me on my snoot and I gave him a lick on his and he passed me back to my momma.

My trip to see Santa was probably one of the greatest events of my life so far. He is super nice so if you get a chance to go see him, do not be afraid.


  1. That's so sweet Karli!
    Kisses and Tail Wags,
    Dachshund Nola
    P.S. Love your new picture!

  2. cindy rood and claytonDecember 2, 2011 at 3:52 PM

    that was such a wonderful story of you and your family visiting santa! i love all your adorable pictures too:)hopefully clayton will get to see santa also!!

    love cindy and clayton(ween) <3

  3. You really need to start sending these to a publisher Karli! They are well written, funny, have purpose, and have heart (and soul!). Maddie and I always look forward to reading Karli's blogs and laughing at Karli's first person narrated stories. We look forward to a series of "The Adventures of Karli the Naked Weiner" books! They will be an instant success!! Love, Angela and Maddie

  4. Karli, I'm so happy that you thought of other pooches who don't have a home. That is truly the spirit of the season. The poster who suggested that you write a book series was so right. You have so much to offer the world, and you do it with humor and insight. My very best to you and your family! Love, Elizabeth and Sammy

  5. Karli, your story had our Mom in tears *passes tissue to Mom*...we join you in your Christmas wish and will continue to work tirelessly in our quest to find homes for all the homeless pets! Merry Christmas to you and your family, OMS & the Brat Pack


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