Monday, December 12, 2011

Karli's Interview with Daniel The Beagle- His Miraculous Story and Family

You have seen him on Anderson Cooper, you heard about him on the news and you know his story but now you get to hear from Daniel The Beagle directly.  Please watch the video of his story and then read my interview with Daniel.
Hi Daniel! I am so pleased to meet you. Your story is so inspiring! I heard you were named after a famous character from the Bible, Daniel who survived being thrown into the lion’s den. How do you like your name? It seems very fitting.

Yes, I am named after Daniel in the lion’s den, a fitting name and I do like it, especially the many times I am called to give kisses...and get some too!

I love giving kisses too! You were suppose to be put to sleep in October with 18 other that correct?

I was scheduled to die on October 3 in a gas chamber.

But a miracle happened and you survived! I know a little about miracles too because on the day I was suppose to die there was a “freak” ice storm. (God) The next day I was rescued. I am so glad you survived because now you can help get rid of gas chambers. Did you know what was gonna happen when they put you in there?

I did know what was happening and my heart still breaks for the dogs that died that day.

Oh my! I am so sorry. It must have been so scary when those people locked you in the gas chamber. Do you ever have nightmares about it?

I do have nightmares at times but one of my family members always comforts me, including my canine siblings.

Oh that is so nice. Could you please tell us a little more about your fur-brothers and sisters? I hear there are doxies in your family!!!

My oldest sibling is a Doxie, Rommel, he is 10 and is so sweet.
My Doxie sister Greta is 7 and is also really sweet. I am trying to get her to play with me.
My brother Spartacus is half Beagle/Half Doxie and I love him very much. I follow him when he runs to the door and barks.
My Pit Bull sister Shelby is my favorite. She is a therapy dog and I look up to her too. My dad takes her to the hospital every week to visit people. he wrote a book about her (Shelby's Grace) to help the image of Pit Bulls.

Oh my goodness! That is amazing Daniel. Your whole family is so committed to helping people and animals! Your mom and dad are pawsome people, can you tell us a little more about them?

I do love my mom and dad very much. My mom is so loving to all of us. I follow her around the house with my brother Spartacus. My dad is great too. He is a motivational speaker so he talks about me often.

Because of your situation, a new law is being passed: Daniel's Law. So far 16 states have banned the gas chamber.

I know Daniel's Law will pass in Pennsylvania and then we hope to take on the rest of the country so animals lives can be saved. My dad said we will figure out a game plan soon!

We are all so glad you survived Daniel. You are truly a miracle dog who was obviously spared because you have an important message to share.

My dad says I have so many lessons on animal respect and compassion AND so many for humans too. He is working on them every day (I am excited to be a part of all this).

I know you work with Eleventh Hour Rescue; are there other organizations you would like our doggy friends to support?

11th Hour rescue will always be part of our life. Pilots N Paws are also good friends along with The FernDog Rescue Foundation and Pitty rescues and all who help animals in need.

I'm sure it has been very exciting getting to travel around and tell your story. You are famous! Lots of my friends want to know what has been the neatest thing you have been able to do?

On Monday, Japanese TV visited our home and it was awesome. They were so nice. My story will help many homeless dogs in Japan. So, now my story is worldwide!

(Oh also...some of my girlfriends are asking if you are single?) Tee hee!

I am single! (I just blushed!) Love, Daniel

You can find out more about Daniel The Beagle Dwyer at Read more about Daniels Law and how you can help here: Daniels Law

Find out more about Daniel’s sister Shelby go here: Daniel's Sister Shelby

You can find Shelby’s Grace at several online stores.

To read more about Daniel's dad, Joe Dwyer click here!

Pictures courtesy of Daniel TheBeagle Dwyer and Joe Dwyer.
Video courtesy of YouTube.


  1. I wish they could come to NC and help end gas chambers here! Especially since there is that eviiiil Dr. Death here!!!

  2. Amy Lane/Karli's Aunt in myrtle beachDecember 13, 2011 at 9:23 AM

    Wonderful Story and I am so happy that Daniel made it out to share his story! Thank you Karli for sharing with us and for all the hard work you do!

  3. He's so inspiring!
    Dachshund Nola


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