Sunday, November 13, 2011

Karli's Interview with Roxy-Superstar of YouTube

Please Watch Video First
Yip Yap Friends! This is my interview with Roxy, the star of Run Roxy Run. Roxy's video has been seen by over 44 thousand people/doggies/animals. This is a very inspiring video and I am so honored to get to yip yap with such a super star.
K- Roxy thank you so much for yipping with me. You are so famous and I am so excited to get this exclusive interview with you. How old are you and where do you live?
R - I just turned six! I live in Seattle, WA.

K - How old were you when you went down with back problems? What happened?

R - I began having back problems about two years ago. I'm not too sure what happened, I guess I may have jumped off of something wrong when my human wasn't looking. Originally the vet said I would never walk again, but lately I have been able to move my back legs a little bit, and even stand up! Of course, for running, I have to use my cart.
K - Yes, we wieners have a mind of our own and if we want to jump then we jump. I am so glad to hear about the progress with your back legs. What was the hardest part about making your cart? Lifting the hammer? Sawing? (anything you want to share)

R - I think the hardest part about making the cart was dealing with the jumper cables. I ended up getting all tangled up in them, and then realized I didn't need them to begin with. Also, my human's boyfriend kept following me around with a camera. I didn't mind, as long as he didn't get in my way!
K - Do you have a facebook page because I'm sure lots of doggies would like to be your friend?
R - I don't have a Facebook page right now, but maybe I can get my human to help me with that. For now, anyone who wants to talk to me can email me at and I'll get back to them as soon as I can! I would love to hear from other dogs! 

K - Oh I hope you get a Facebook page real soon. I'll be your first friend. :) Describe your human(s).
R - My human is a great girl named Rebekah. She works as a hairdresser and loves to shower me with toys and treats. I live with her and her boyfriend, Matt. He helps me with the computer. He says that I'm spoiled, but deep down I think he really likes me.

K - I think he must love you! You are so sweet, how could he resist? What is the most important thing you want people to learn from your video?
R - I never thought anyone would see my video, and I'm so happy people have and seem to be enjoying it! If anything, I want my video to help people (and doggies) realize that we all go through setbacks in life, but if you really want to you can overcome any obstacle and achieve anything! 

K - That is really good advice Roxy. By the way, what is your favorite treat?

R - Hm... That's a tough one. I like Bully Sticks and Greenies, but if I had to choose a favorite treat overall, I would have to choose peanut butter. I love peanut butter!
K - Mmmm peanut butter is soooo yummy. Do you have a favorite toy?
R - I have a Kong Frog that I absolutely love! It's almost twice my size, but we have a lot of fun. I like when my human hides it under blankets and I have to go find it.
K - Do you have any brothers/sisters?

R - I don't live with any other doggies, but I live with three really nice cats. I grew up with a Black Lab and a Pit Bull mix that I still see quite often. They're like my (really) big brothers.

K - Besides being very creative, do you have any other special skills/talents?

R - I think I'm pretty good at burrowing under things, like blankets and clothes. Also, I can play dead really well if a human points their fingers at me and says "Bang!"
K - Wow that is pawsome! I really want to learn that shooting trick. Anything you want your fans to know about you?
R -All in all, I'm just a miniature Dachshund from the city that likes to play and have fun. My back legs may not work so well, but I'm very happy all the same, and I hope no one out there, whether dog, cat, bird, human or otherwise, lets anything get them down. Always have fun and be happy! That's what I do!

Thanks for interviewing me!
<3 Roxy

K - Roxy you have inspired so many with your video. Thanks so much for barking with me. I'm sure you'll be getting lots of fan mail.

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  1. Amy Lane/Karli's Aunt in myrtle beachNovember 13, 2011 at 9:39 AM

    Great interview with Roxy-she is a truly remarkable doggie!

  2. Roxy brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful story and a great interview Karli!

  3. You are getting to be quite famous in your own right, Karli! Excellent interview with Roxy! She was just as sweet and determined as I i imagined her to be. :) Maddie

  4. Aw! This is the first time I've seen this video, so inspiring! What an adorable girl, and a great interview Karli! I'd love to hear from you!
    Kisses and Tail Wags,
    Dachshund Nola

  5. Another great interview Karli!! Jasper liked hearing all about Roxy & her cool wheels. :) Keep up the good work!!


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