Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Clayton's Christmas Wish

Yip Yap Friends!

I hope you all had a Ween-der-ful Thanksgiving! I sure did...but now I have to do extra crunches to work off my Turkey Tummy.

Today instead of writing a blog I wanted to share a letter I received from my buddy Clayton. He is a sweet boy who has been sick lately and I asked him to share a little more about himself.

Here is his letter.

Clayton the Christmas Tree

I met my momma, Cindy, way back when I was a pup in 1999.  For those of you young’ins who don’t remember the 90’s, it was a wild time.  Anyway, my momma was so beautiful and when she came to visit me I was wearing a blue ribbon around my neck and she fell wildly in love with me.  I was still a pup, so who could really resist? I noticed her eyes first of all.  They were sort of sad and I knew she needed me and would love me forever. I knew she had a big heart and I could see that she would always take good care of me.

We moved in together and before you know it we were best friends.  I would make my momma laugh when she was sad, give her hope when she was down and taught her lessons about patience.  (Potty training)

Momma, in return, would rub my belly, feed me yummy food, and cuddle with me when I needed her.

We were always together.

When I was a baby.
She put up with me through all of my puppyish behavior including chewing up the couch cushions and unrolling the toilet paper and “decorating” the house.

When I got a little older mom made me ramps and put them all over the house. She read that sometimes we doxies have back problems and she didn’t want that to happen to me.

That was just like my momma….always thinking of me and doing her best to make my life better.

Lately I have been ill.  I am nearly 12 so I suppose a little sickness is to be expected but apparently this is a bit more serious.  Mom has been putting on a brave face but I can tell she is very worried about me.  I try to be upbeat and give her lots of kisses but some days I am just very tired.

I have something called kidney failure. Mom takes  me to the vet quite often and I have been feeling better but I heard her talking to my sister about something called bills.  I’m not sure exactly what bills are but I know it has something to do with money.

I am just a dog…I do not have a job to help momma out with the bills but I thought maybe if I shared my story some of you may be able to help my momma out. 
Getting my medicine.

She has always taken such good care of me and for Christmas I would like for her to not have to worry about my vet bills.
Me and My Momma

In closing I would like to say that I love my mom very much and I am proud of all of her accomplishments.  She is the most beautiful, loving and thoughtful mommy I could have ever asked for.  I bet you feel the same way about your mommy!

Your friend,


If you would like to donate to Clayton, please visit his ChipIn.


  1. That's such a nice story about your mom Clayton.. We love you and are praying for you every day~
    Weezer and Karen

  2. Oh poor baby! Love and prayers are coming your way!
    Kisses and Tail Wags,
    Dachshund Nola

  3. We are praying here in DC. Lucy Doxie said to tell you that God is a miracle worker!

  4. ~Sending prayers & good thoughts for you & your Momma. *Just a thought for your Momma- could your Vet teach Mommma how to give you your sub/q fluids at home? Our Vet taught my Momma how to do it & it sure does help save some $. Hugs to you & Momma xoxo~


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