Monday, October 17, 2011

Yippy Yappy, I'm So Happy!

So yesterday was a doggy spinning day! I read the list of winners on the Dachshunds Rock website for their calendar contest and I was not listed. My tiny wiener heart was broken. My modeling aspirations took another hit. I whimpered a bit but momma said I was top dog to her and lots of my friends wrote to me and said I should keep my snoot up because they loved me. That made me so happy that soon my spirit was lifted and I was on to my next task of the day, sleeping.

Then late in the afternoon I received a call from one of my agents….ok well actually she used to be my foster-mom but she is like an agent…and she told me that I DID WIN!! The folks at Dachshunds Rock had made a little boo boo in their count and I was gonna be in the calendar after all!

I was so excited last night that I could only sleep 9 hours! I kept dreaming about getting the calendar and seeing my picture in it.

Wow, my life sure has taken a drastic turn for the better from when I use to be in the scary place. Everyone thought I was so ugly and nobody wanted me, now I am gonna be a doggy model! It just proves that someone’s trash can be a treasure to someone else. Where someone saw a worthless doggy, others saw a priceless doxie. I think that is how God sees us. We are priceless to him no matter what sort of scary place we are in or how ugly we may seem.

I just want to send out huge doxie nuzzles, licks and high paws to everyone who supported me and congratulations to all the winners. For my friends who didn’t get a spot in the calendar I just want to say I really know how you feel, but honestly the only thing that matters is how much you are loved by your human. They see your beauty everyday!

Kisses to all,



  1. I think your Mom could write a book that is funny, spiritual, and educational Karli! We love your blog!! You always make my Momma laugh :) Love, Maddie

  2. So glad you are going to be in the calendar, Karli! You definitely had one of the cutest pictures! We voted for you!


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