Thursday, October 20, 2011

Travel Travesty!

OMD! (Oh My Dear!)

I have been cruelly abandoned! Someone call doggy protective services a.s.a.p.! I am in shock and truly injured by my parents.  They left me home and went to Michigan for 2 days! Ack!

I had a nervous feeling in my tummy yesterday morning cuz mom and dad were taking showers and packing up these little bags.  They were talking real sweet to me and the boys and they gave us all extra treats. My wiener senses knew this was an ambush and sure enough within minutes they were out the door and we were all yelping our heads off. 

Human sister is watching us. This is no good cuz she doesn't let us sleep on the bed and she makes us stay in the kitchen ALL DAY!  She also is not very easy to manipulate cuz she is a teenager and is the master of manipulation herself.

I am so barked off at my parents for leaving me here.  The boys, sure...I mean they are so....uncouth, but Me?  I'm so cute and tiny.  I would have easily fit in my moms huge bag.
When they get home I sure am gonna let them have it.  I am already picking out places to pee.

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  1. Karli this could be a good thing since when our parents go away for a few days they often bring us back a little present or a special tasty treat. And then they continue to feel guilty for a few days afterwards which makes for easy to get extra snacky treats and cuddles. Just remember to look real pitiful when they return for added emotional leverage.

    Skipper, Cricket, Pretzel & Mandy


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