Tuesday, October 4, 2011

O Brother Where Art Thou?


Oh I remember, my lil foster brother got adopted and on October 1st, at the Mid Atlantic Doxie Phest, Watson met his new parents.  I was so busy that I didn't really get a chance to say goodbye and give him big sisterly advice. I must confess that even though I know that Watson needed and deserved a home of his own, I selfishly miss my lil buddy.

So Watson if you read this....or your momma does since I know you are still learning your alphabet...here is some advice from a fellow D.R.N.A. rescue.

1. You must always eat your kibble because if you miss even one meal, your parents will start freaking out and worrying about you. You may get carted off to the doggy doctor simply because your parents don't realize you scarfed down some yummy morsel you found under the dining room table.

2. When your person comes home always, always greet them with exuberance.  Wiggle your tail, give out a few yips, and lick them uncontrollably. Humans need to be needed. You are your momma and daddy's cheerleader.  You have magic abilities to make their people problems disappear.

3. When you fart act as inconspicuous as possible or better yet, look at your dad with an,"Ew, what did you just do?" look. Never accept responsibility because as natural as this canine body function is, humans act like it never happens to them. Yeah right!

4. If you are going to chew up underwear and socks (and who doesn't) be sure to hide the evidence deep in the cushions of the couch.

5. Always be on guard for: squirrels, cats, and mailmen.  They are our mortal enemies. BARK LIKE WILD IF YOU SPOT ONE OF THEM!

6. Decimate all squeaky toys as quick as possible, the squeakers in them alerts other squeaky toys of your whereabouts.

7. Work on your "treat face" daily until perfected.

8. If you are not sleeping on the big bed, make this your number one goal!  Every dog deserves to sleep with their humans...some of our parents just don't realize this.

9. Insist on daily walks. The last thing you want is for your human to become obese and get back problems.

10. Love with all your little heart and forgive when your person makes a mistake, after all they are merely human.

I love you lil buddy and if you ever need me I will be here for ya. Enjoy your new home and write when you can.


Karli <3

Watson with his new family. :)


  1. Too funny! Excellent advice, Karli!

  2. Karli your blogs always make me smile and often LOL. You are a very special Doxie. I think you are Maddie's new role model. Keep up the great work!!


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