Monday, October 3, 2011

Hooray!! We Met Our ChipIn Goal!

Yip Yap Friends!

I am still resting up from all the excitement from the Mid Atlantic Doxie Phest that we attended this past weekend. I had a totally pawsome time and I have much to tell you! 

Today I just wanted to congratulate you for helping to reach our ChipIn goal of $100.00 for Senior Dachshunds of D.R.N.A.!!  I had originally set up the time period to end on October 31st but we have already reached it!!! Woo hoo! Go team! 

I met a special gal at the Doxie Phest and I think she really needs our help.  Her name is Amy and she needs a cart.  I will fill you in tomorrow about my new friend and our next goal but until then I just wanted to say on behalf of the senior doxies, thank you again soooo much.



Karli the Naked Wiener

I am soooo happy!

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