Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Dog Parade Winners!

Yip Yap Friends!

 So much tail wagging news, so little time for my paws to type it all out!

On Saturday momma, the boys and I hosted a Doggy Halloween Costume Parade in our neighborhood. We started working on it about 1 month ago.  We passed out fliers on our walks, made signs and invited doggies we knew.  I helped my momma make gift bags for everyone and then a really nice lady named Allana Lewis from Care-A-Lot Pet Supply store donated 3 lovely gift baskets that we used as raffles. 

When the big day arrived, I was pretty nervous. I was hoping lots of doggies would show up….and a little excited that a CAT might come. (Thankfully that didn’t happen.) We had 50 gift bags ready and 25 doggies showed up!  We thought that was a pretty good showing for our first try at this. 

We had 4 winners in the costume parade.

Baylee - Prettiest

Scariest - Max the Scull and Pumpkin Boy

Funniest - Mandy the Bug
Most Unique -Bianca the Squirrel

I loved all of the cute outfits.  There were 2 very handsome Batdogs, Riggs and Buddy. I love hero dogs! Ali, an adorable butterfly, Lohla a lovely turtle and Cricket was a charming lady-bug.  Ben came dressed as a Patriot. (Being a Steelers Fan I would have picked him for scariest. Tee hee) His brother Maxwell was a pirate…ARG!  Tucker and CeeCee were funny clown dogs. We had several pumpkin doggies: Quincy, Retten, Harley and the sweet Abby. Austin dressed as a Marine (again..he loves supporting our troops), Spike wore a Twister Game T-shirt, Jack was on the attack as a shark, and Cody was a froggy.

Cody, Austin, Jack, and Spike
Harley and Quincy

We had lots of fun and my favorite part was giving out kisses at my Kiss-A-Wiener Booth. 

Kiss -A-Wiener

Well actually I may have liked all the snacks I got a teeny tiny bit more but mom says that is not polite to say…so I’m going with the kisses.

Some doggies didn’t dress up but came for canine support. Thanks Ms. Judy for bringing your pack.

At the end of the day we raised…..drum roll please……$80.00 for The Chesapeake Humane Society and $80.00 for Dachshund Rescue of North America.  Yippy Yappy!

I am so proud of my new doggie friends and pet parents for supporting doggies. Next year we will try again and try to reach new goals, sniff more heineys and maybe add a few more activities for the doggies. I wanted to have bobbing for Pupperoni’s but mom said we would have to wait till next time.

I would be a bad dog if I didn’t thank my sissy Penelope and her friends Alexa, Megan, Royall and Victor for helping out with registration, voting and set up.  Teenagers are nice….sometimes.

Mom said this was a pretty easy event to put together and if you wanted to try something in your neighborhood next year she would be happy to send you information.

Yikes! I think I hear Cody getting close to my food bowl. I am off to defend my kibble.

Bark at you later.



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  1. That sounds like a lot of fun Karli! Next year maybe Maddie and I can drive down-we need to get out of town sometimes and we would get to see you, Austin, Spike, and your Momma! You do such a great job helping other doggies Karli- you are a wienderful doggie role-model! :)

    Maddie and Angela


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