Monday, October 10, 2011

Fido's Facebook Fight

Yip Yap friends!

Over the last few weeks I noticed some of my furfwends have been missing from Facebook.  With further investigation I discovered they were victims of an awful tragedy…their Facebook profiles had been DELETED!

Facebook policy states that “You will not provide any false personal information on Facebook, or create an account for anyone other than yourself without permission.”

Now I have about 1000 friends and I have lost only about 10.  Some of them may not have liked me. (How could that be?) Some of them may just be deleting their own accounts to spend more time with their families. Finally, perhaps Facebook deleted them because they were found to be in violation of their policy. 

According to  The Telegraph, a United Kingdom Newspaper, over 50% of pet owners post about us and 1 in 10 pets now have their own personal profile on a social network site like Facebook or Twitter. 

With numbers like that it seems nutty for Facebook to delete pet profiles.  We bring in lots of money for them because just like our human counterparts our pages are loaded with ads and apps.

So what can you do to keep your profile from getting deleted?  That is a good question and I do not think there is a doggy proof way of doing it but here are some tips:

1. Ask your human to add their name to your account.  Home-Account Settings-Name-Edit.  I changed my name from Karli T. Landgraf to Karli T. Kelly Landgraf.  Kelly is my momma's name. In order to get your account restored if closed, you have to prove your identity.  This way my mom could just mail in a copy of her I.D. to restore my account.

2. Change your email address to a more “humany” sounding name.  Mine is which doesn’t sounds overly canine, but if your address is, you may want to set up something like Joe

3. Be sure your close friends know your email address or humans profile so if you do get deleted you can reconnect.

4. Consider joining a pet friendly social networking site. Dogster, Catster,, MyCatSpace, MyDogSpace, Fuzzster, Petzume, and more.

5. Create a page instead of a personal profile.  There are fewer options available with a page but you are not breaking any Facebook rules and will not get deleted.

I also recommend that you keep a journal on all of the animals you have helped by sharing pictures and information you have sent to create awareness of animals in need of a home/shelter/financial help.  Also keep track of how your profile has helped your human by having contact with other pet lovers.  This journal may come in handy if you ever decide to “Fight the Facebook Man” and paw them out a letter.

On a personal note, I would say that having a profile has helped me make friends, have fun, learn more about canine epilepsy, canine alopecia, compassion, IVDD, dachshunds, cats, dogs, love, anal glands, and much, much more. I also became aware of many events in my area and around the world for pets. I do believe social media is very important to animal rescuers and without social media I would not be alive.

Thank you for being my Facebook friend. Hopefully it will stay that way furever.



Dear Mark Z.
Please don't delete me!

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