Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Yip Yap Wiener Friends!

I love fall so much.  It is true that being naked in the cooler weather means I have to switch from sundresses to snugglier coats but I don’t mind.  Pretty, crunchy leaves, pumpkins, and all of the festivals is what I love best about this time of year.  Things have sure changed for me since last year when my life was miserable.  I have been rescued and am living the canine high life.

My change in fortune got my brain a-thinkin. What sort of things could I do to help other doxies/doggies? Are there special events that happen in the fall that could remind people about the plight of my furry fwends who still need a home? I am just one, small, naked wiener…how much could I really do?

I was taking a snooze on the couch yesterday and all of my questions were magically answered in a dream!

I decided to post some ideas here that maybe YOU could try!  If I share my ideas then maybe more doxies/doggies will get help!

OCTOBERFESTS – These usually involve lots of beer and sausages! Well, why not set up a booth with some lil wieners who need a home?

Collect donations for your favorite rescue group?

Have a doxie kissing booth?

Organize a wiener race w/a small entry fee going to doxies in need?

HALLOWEEN – I am having a Doggy Halloween Costume Parade in my neighborhood.  It is free but donations will be going to a local shelter and D.R.N.A.  It was easy to set up. Just a few fliers delivered door to door on my daily walks, a few signs, and some donated gifts as prizes for funniest, cutest, scariest, and most unique costume.

DOXIE/DOGGY HOT DOG SALE!  Who doesn’t like frankfurters and football.  Sell some wieners at a homemade stand and donate the proceeds to doxies/doggies.

THANKSGIVING DOXIE/DOGGY FOOD DRIVE – Work with local shelters/dog stores/vets and set up little boxes to collect food and supplies for doxies/doggies in need.

My Friend Jake with his Slumberbaggie that his Momma Made.
She donates the proceeds to Doxies in Need!
Get Yours Here!
For The Love of Wieners Slumberbaggies

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