Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Duncan-The Pom Bomb!

Yesterday I got to have "Mommy and Me Time".  This is when we get to do special stuff together without all the wiener dogs with wieners. BOL!  Mom says even though they are fixed they are still boys and girls just need to get out, let their hair down (bad analogy) and have fun without them sometimes.

We had to run errands because this weekend is our big Doggy Halloween Costume Parade.
Oh...I didn't tell you about that? Well basically my mom and I have put together a parade for dogs to show off their fabulous costumes for Halloween.  It is gonna be on Saturday and we are hoping to raise lots of money for doggies/doxies in need.

Anyway we had to go to this store to pick up cute little signs that advertise the parade and mom took me with!  I love going in the car. I just feel so free!  I like sticking my nose out the window and sniffin all the wonderful aromas as we cruise down the road. Today I distinctly smelled burning leaves with a hint of charred grubs, squirrel slobber, goose poop and McDonalds french fries.  Ahhh...my favorites.

When we arrived at Designs of Chesapeake, mom scooped me up and nestled me down into my Hug-A-Dog Take-A-Long Bag.  I love that thing. It makes being carried so much more comfy. If I get cold I can bury my head and when I am hot I can stick my paws out the top.

The signs for the parade were ready but just as we were about to leave, a very handsome fella came strutting out from the workshop.  His name was Duncan and he WORKS there!  He has a J.O.B.!  Ladies, you know how hard it is to find a man that is good looking and is employed, so I thought I would write about him, in case you are looking for a new stud muffin.

He is called a Pomeranian, but I call him HOT!  He has the loveliest soft cream fur and a mischievious smile. He is about 18 inches tall and buff.  His humans name was Brock and he said that Duncan came from a rescue right here in Chesapeake, Virginia. 

Duncan was a little shy but he did tell me he gets paid DAILY in treats.  His job is to basically keep the workers happy and from what I saw, he is doing a great job. All the human ladies were fawning all over him and he seemed use to the attention.  He didn't mention a girlfriend, but if you are interested, I would make your move soon. A guy like that don't stay in the dog park for long.

So, mom and I went out for a girls day and I met a hottie. Tee hee. We will just keep this between us. No need to be worrying Austin.

Howl at ya later!


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