Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Beauty and the Beasts

Once upon a time there was a pretty, pretty princess…we will call her Princess Karlita.  She lived in a majestic castle with her Mom the Queen, her dad the King and her Prince Charming Austino. She had a royal brother, Sir Barks-a-Lot and two loyal foster brothers Duke Cody of Ihatecrate and Duke Jack of Tailwag.

They lived a simple yet comfortable life.  Every day the Queen and King made sure Princess Karlita and her entourage were fed scrumptious banquets, given massages and belly rubs, took walks about the Kingdom and played with the newest and most fashionable toys. Life was good.

Then one day, a storm blew in.  The white, fluffy clouds turned dark and ominous; angry thunder shook the castle foundation. The Queen had an idea and experience had taught Princess Karlita that mommy’s ideas were always scary.

Tired of being “just the Queen” mom had decided to obtain employment and give up her life of luxury.  She wanted to be a Pet Concierge. ???? Princess Karlita didn’t even know what that was. The Queen explained she would be taking care of doggies, giving baths, sitting for them when their parents were out of town, and cleaning up after them.

The day finally arrived when the Queens first clients showed up.  A mom and dad had to go out of town and were bringing their 3 doggies to stay in the Castle for a couple of days. Princess Karlita decided she would try her best to be a good co-hostess but that was BEFORE she met them.

Three monsters stood on towering legs above the trembling Princess.  She tried to make eye contact but flinched when she saw the jowls of Mastiff Layla were larger than her own head. As brave as she tried to be a small whimper escaped her dry throat.  Fear stiffened her spine when she glanced up at Rottie Max and saw his enormous teeth crowded tightly in his mammoth mouth. Feeling faint now and unsteady on her paws, Princess Karlita tried to say “Welcome” to her guests but again her eyes met those of another beast, Pittie Diamond and without being able to help herself she let out the loudest, sharpest YIP!!!  She knew her next seconds would be spent being torn into shreds and gulped down the throats of these wiener hungry ogres.

A large pool of warm wet blood surrounded Karlita’s paws but she was too afraid to look.  She was in no pain but new soon her happy life would be over.  It was taking a long time.  She still could feel her body…her front legs…her tail…her head….????

Slowly she unclenched her eyes and looked at the blood.  It was a strange color…it wasn’t a color…it was….slobber!!!!

Max was drooling more liquid from his chin than Karlita drank in a whole day.

His tail was wagging and moving his whole massive body rapidly from left to right.  Diamond and Layla were wagging in unison.

These weren’t beasts!  They were puppies in Bear suits!

Princess Karlita started barking and barking.  She was happy to be alive! Excited to know she would reign another day! And a bit embarrassed at how frightened she had been.

The next two days past quickly and even though they didn’t play together much, Princess Karlita learned that love comes in all sizes.

She still thinks her mom, the Queen is nuts though.

The End

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  1. This was a wonderful tale Karli!! It was exciting, scary in parts, had twists and turns, and a happy ending! As well as a moral! You and your Momma should write books for hoomans and doggies. Hugs, Maddie


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