Monday, September 19, 2011

Karli and My Horrible, Terrible, Very Bad Weekend

So this weekend was totally pawesome! NOT!  On Friday night my dad came home from a business trip for the Marines and I was so excited to see him. I jumped up on his lap and began licking his face and hands but dad put me down and petted the OTHER DOGS! Ta! What was that all about? I am the favorite! He said he "was tired". Please I've heard mom use that excuse before. I did wiggle my way next to him as he drifted off to sleep that night, but then again so did Spike, Austin, and Watson.

I woke up early on Saturday in a much better mood.  During the night the other dogs decided to move over to mom's side of the bed so I had dad all to myself.  As I blinked the morning goo out of my eyes I remembered this wasn't any Saturday morning, it was DOXIE MEETUP SATURDAY!  Oh Boy! I jumped off the bed and gave my morning "Yip" to alert my parents that it was time for my kibble and potty break. I bolted down the stairs beating my brothers and Austin by a mile and eagerly waited by the back door. My bladder felt like it might burst! Mom opened the door and I ran onto the deck only to
immediately run back inside. My feet wet, my back was cold, and my heiney was getting spit on by evil raindrops. Ugh. I hate rain. Dad scooped me up and carried me way out onto the damp lawn and set me down demanding that I "Go potty! Go potty! Hurry Karli...go potty!" Great, now i was cold, wet, and under extreme pressure to go potty! My bladder just didn't want to let go under such stress but finally after ambling a few steps away, I was able to pee.

After I was safely carried back into our warm, dry home mom and dad fed us all breakfast in a hurried fashion.  Mom disappeared for awhile and came back down from her room looking all spiffy.  An uneasy feeling began to rise up in my tummy.  "They're going somewhere," Austin said without even looking up from his black paw printed dog bowl.  "How do you know?" asked Spike.
"Well look at them!" he explained. "When is the last time mom put on make-up and didn't have her hair in a ponytail?"
"Oh no! He was right." I thought.  And within minutes they had locked us all in the kitchen and sneaked out the front door.

It was Saturday morning and my parents had left! This day was not starting out well at all.
I snuggled down with Austin in our soft doggy bed and dreamed about the Doxie Meet that we would be going to later in the afternoon. No matter where mom and dad had gone, I knew they would be home in time for that because they love going just as much as me.  I liked the excitement. All the sausage dogs, all the heiney's to sniff, meeting new friends. These thoughts helped me calm down and soon I drifted off to sleep.

The opening of the front door woke us all up and we rushed to the gate barking as loud as we could tails wagging fervently.

I completely forget I was barked off at them and instantly in love with them. A shift in emotions I'm told only canines possess. 

We all went to the living room and mom started screaming at the t.v.  It  was football but I was prepared and barked along with her yells.

The afternoon dragged on and I was getting anxious about the Doxie Meetup when all the sudden mom looked down at me and said, "Oh Karli I'm sorry.  We are not going to the Doxie Meetup today. It was cancelled because of the rain."


Then within a few moments of crushing my dreams of butt sniffing and wiener dog fun something else happened; my human brother came home from college for the weekend.

Soon every one's attention was on HIM!  I felt so sad that I snarled at him and then crawled under a blanket. 

That night my parents went out again! This time with my college brother. I felt so neglected.

Sunday morning it was still raining. Perfect!  At least mom and dad stayed home most of the day but they were so busy helping college boy do laundry and getting daddy packed up to go on another business trip that I barely got any cuddling.

Soon it was dinner and then, once again, my daddy was gone. My little heart just broke as he shooed me away from the door and drove away.

The last terrible injustice of the weekend happened late that night.  Mom baked a bunch of delicious cookies for college brother and she didn't even give me a single nibble. "They have chocolate in them honey, you can't have any." she lied. I know this whole chocolate thing is just a conspiracy cuz humans don't like to share.

So basically my weekend sucked. But I'm a dog, so in five minutes I won't remember any of the bad stuff.  We don't hold grudges. But they better not pull that stuff again this weekend.

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  1. Karli- you forgot that you beat your aunt Amy in a mean scrabble game! Hope this weekend is better for you!


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