Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Dachshund's Thoughts on 9/11

Today was September 11, 2011.  Momma told me that years before I was born there was a terrorist attack in New York City and Washington, D.C. as well as some terrorists that crashed a plane in Pennsylvania that was heading towards the capitol building in D.C.  This confused me cuz she always calls me and my brothers "little terrorists". 

She explained that these were very bad men, not dachshunds, who hated America and wanted to hurt and kill lots of people.  She said that because of their actions the United States has been in two wars that daddy has had to go fight in and that our country changed forever. 

This made me sad and I whimpered a little bit.  Momma said it was okay to be sad but the most important thing was to remember all of the brave firemen, policemen, and military personnel that died as well as the thousands of innocent civilians who were just living their lives and were savagely murdered. 

I said, "Momma how can I remember them if I never met them?" and she told me even if I didn't know them I could commemorate this day, be proud of my daddy, and honor them by flying our flag.  Austin, Spike and I took pictures and decorated them with flags.  I took a walk with my momma wearing my I Love New York shirt and I gave my daddy extra licks.

I wish everyone in the world had a dachshund because how could people be that mean if they snuggled with a sweet little sausage dog every night?


  1. Skipper, Cricket, Pretzel, MandySeptember 14, 2011 at 9:22 PM

    We were all too young to understand this day also. But you remember the 2 foster old boys, Harley & Quincy? Well, they were 3 years old when this happened and remembered. They told us all about it and how they couldn’t believe humans would do that. Staffer Dad also told us about how he had a very good Shipmate that was his Executive Officer on one of his ships that lost his life in the Pentagon on that day. Anyway, quit a day and we “WILL REMEMBER”

    Skipper, Cricket, Pretzel & Mandy

  2. Karli,

    Please thank your Daddy for his service and give him some love from us at our house to say how sorry we are that his friend died.


    Auntie M in DC (and Uncle Tony and Lucy Doxie, too)


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