Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Brother, My Hero

I yip yap a LOT about my honey Austin.  It is hard not to when you are in love with the most adorable, kind wiener in the world, but today I want to talk about my brother Spike Spike moved in with us a few months ago and I knew that he had back problems cuz he walked funny but now I know so much more about him.  He has had an extraordinary life.  He lived with a loving family since he was a pup.  He was happy and well cared for.  Then one day when he was 6 he "went down".  This is when a doggy hurts their back and if they aren't treated right away they can be paralyzed and even....gulp.....die His parents took him to the doggy doctor and he said he would probably not survive and even if he did he wouldn't have the same happy personality The family was heartbroken and they wanted to do the right thing for him but they decided to just see how he did.  He was paralyzed in both the front and rear legs.  His family learned how to help him go potty and kept him clean. They rolled him around in a little red wagon and then one day his tail started waggin'.  He recovered slowly but steadily after that. A true miracle

A few years later Spike was taking a walk with his momma and a big unleashed pit bull attacked him Spike was so short he couldn't even defend himself. Poor fella.  A nice neighbor man was able to get the pit bull off of Spike but he was left with several puncture wounds in his head.  Again, my brother survived....another miracle. Spike's grandparents were authors of a history book about Virginia and there are drawings of Spike in the book, so not only is my brother a fighter but he is also famous!

Then there was a bad thing that happened in the economy.  I have no idea what that is but it made it so that Spike couldn't live with his family anymore.  He was very sad but his family wanted him to be with people who could take care of him. That was when Dachshund Rescue of North America came to his aid Spike lived with his first foster momma. She was a very nice lady who was studying to be a doggy doctor. While living with her Spike got a nasty spider bite and it was very ouchy for him, but like always Spike fought and got better Now Spike lives with me and even though he was only suppose to be a foster brother, my momma and daddy fell in love with him. They thought his spirit would fit in good with our family

About two weeks ago we found out that Spike has hypo-thyroidism. (I didn't know what this was so I asked my mom to write this part.) This means that he doesn't have enough of a certain chemical and it makes him hungry, gain weight, and feel sorta yucky.  The vet gave him medicine that will make him better He is already losing weight. (Wish I could.) I think that Spike is a true dog hero for going through everything he has and still being such a sweetie. I am so proud he is my fur-brother.

Spike wants to say something:

"Hi! Me name Spike. I love you. Thanks for reading sissy's story.  Me have IVDD. That means Intervertebral Disk Disease. Me so glad my first family loved me and didn't give up on Spike. If you have doggy that get IVDD, momma says to go to cuz they can help you save your baby. Me hungry go beg for snackie. Woof!"


Spike lived with our family for 3 years. On May 15, 2014 we helped Spike over the bridge. If heart alone could have kept him alive he would still be here. His body was tired and we knew it was time to set him free. He was never grumpy, never felt sorry for himself and always forgave. We have a great deal to learn from his example.

We will always love you Spike.

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