Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Wanna Come Too!

I think the world would be better if my momma could take me with her everywhere!  Sometimes she has to go to the store and I have to stay home. Why? I love to shop!  I would be very helpful picking out the nummies at Walmart and anyway have you seen some of the people who shop there? I mean, they will let in an intoxicated, dragon-breath, scary guy with chains hanging off his clothes, but not cute little, nail polished, designer dress wearing, me.

On some nights daddy and momma go to the "movies".  I do not really know what they do there but mom said it is a place where you sit in the dark, eat popcorn, and watch a movie on a large screen. Well, why can't I go? I LOVE popcorn.

One day my mom was gone for hours because she went to the doctor.  My mom always goes with me to the doggy doctor so why can't I go with her? I bet she gets nervous and shaky not having anyone there with her. Poor momma.

There are a few restaurants that I can go to, but not very many.  I would love to go to Red Lobster because I love fish and the commercials make me soooo hungry.

Perhaps I should become an advocate for us doggies to be able to go with our parents everywhere.

Who is with me?


  1. Jasper & I are with you Karli!!

    I've always wondered why if it's okay for parents to take their two legged kids with them, why I can't take my four legged furkid with me?? Jasper would be better behaved than most of them anyway, and I hate to be w/o him:) Maybe we could start a movement...

    :):) Amy

  2. Yes! Exactly. Some of the two legged kids are so....well naughty. I am a good girl.


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