Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Unicorn Appreciation Day

Today was Unicorn Appreciation Day!  My friend Baxter told me about this event and I have been looking forward to it for over a week which in Dachshund time is equal to a month! I didn't even know what a unicorn was but it sounded fun so I asked my dad because he knows everything.  He told me unicorns are beautiful creatures that are sort of like us weenies but much larger with long legs, lovely eye lashes and a pointy horn in the middle of their head.  I started out early this morning after my kibble to find a unicorn so I could "appreciate" it. I walked way into the backyard of my grandparents property. First I sniffed around in the garden because I thought maybe I could find a unicorn there. No luck but i did find some yummy plant so I gnawed on it for a while.  I heard a strange noise so I bounded out to the barn to see if the unicorn was there.  I was going to show him the garden so he could gnaw on some veggies too, but when I got there all I saw was my Aunt Squeeky chasing a opossum.  Well I had to help her so we both barked as loud as we could and just about got him but that sneaky fella ran out of the yard before we could get em.  I was getting ready for my morning nap so I sauntered back up to the house and fell asleep.  I dreamed I met the unicorn and his name was Oliver.  He was purple and had green eyes and his horn was glowing blue.  We talked about unicorn things and wiener things and then he disappeared. When I woke up from my nap I was more determined than ever and set off in a different direction but all I found was some worms hiding under a rock in a flower bed.  Hunting unicorn was WAY harder than I thought it would be.  The rest of the day I played with Spike and Austin and they said that hunting unicorn sounded dumb.  They can be so uncultured at times.
Well before I knew it I had to eat dinner and now it is time for bed!  I never found the unicorn.  I never appreciated him. Oh well, maybe next year.


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