Friday, June 3, 2011

Spikes Trip to the Vet

Yip Yap everyone. (That is “Hi” in doggie language.) I hope you are all doing well today. It is so nice outside that I am writing this from my back porch.  I may have to run and catch a squirrel in a minute….they keep eating my mommy’s birdseed out of the bird feeder.

Today was a big day for Spike, the new boy who lives here.  He had to go to that scary place called “the vet”.  I told him it wouldn’t be so bad and that the humans that work at Mt. Pleasant Animal Clinic were nice, but he was still nervous. Poor boy.
Spike can’t type so I am going to tell you what he said about his doctor visit.

K- Spike, what was your favorite part of going to the vet?

S- Me liked car ride.

K- Were you sick? Why did you go to the vet?

S- My new mom wanted to make sure me back was okay. Me eaties lots of kibble. Me need to watch my weight.

K- Did you make any friends?

S- Me met Max. He nice doggie. Me also like Justin. He nice to me and didn’t hurt me when me needed medicine.

K- Did you see any cats?

S- No, but I smelled some.

K- What did the doctor do?

S- His name Dr. Hiler and he very kind to me. He looked at me ears and teeth. Petted me and wiggled my legs. He say me good boy. I sort of scared and hide my face but he didn’t even get mad at me! I love him!

K- So Spike do you think you will be afraid of the vet anymore?

S- No, me like it now.  They even have nice bushes to pee on outside.

Spike did a good job at his veterinarian visit. I admit that I still get a little jumpy when I have to go.  We wiener doggies are edgy when we have to go to new places but our parents and the nice doctor people make us feel better.


Dr. Hiler and Spikes Friend Max                                                                     

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