Thursday, June 9, 2011

Spa Day

Thank goodness that mommy finally took me to my beautician.  I was starting to feel a bit frumpy but no more.  I needed a little “me time” and pampering and that is exactly what I got at Jacqueline’s Posh Wash for Paws and Claws.    
I was a bit nervous at first because I wasn’t too sure the lady would know how to deal with my unique skin condition, but I soon relaxed because Jacqueline was very gentle and professional.  She has been a groomer for many years and this spa is special because they have a professional photographer, Lauren who can take 10 ounces off of your doggy figure! Mommy is going to take me back in August to get my glamour shots.  Today I was washed in a lovely oatmeal bath and then exfoliated with my special scrub and then finally massaged with my Oil of Olay.  Ms. Jacque then painted my nails in a lovely combination of green, yellow, and orange which looks great with my outfit.  When she was done I got the cutest bow that she handmade especially for me!  Before I knew it mom was back to pick me up. I wish I could go to the spa every day!
  If you want a new look, need a hairdo, your nails done, or maybe just a lovely photo of yourself. Call Jacqueline’s Posh Wash for Paws and Claws at (757) 277-9505.
Ms. Jacque is nice!

Yikes, I'm Naked!

Check out the bow and funky nails!

Cute Sign!

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