Monday, June 13, 2011

A Sad Tail (Tale)

This is a sad story. Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess dachshund.  We will call her “Karrie”. Karrie’s mom and dad loved her very much and spoiled her whenever possible but something terrible happened…Karrie ate so many snacks that she got FAT!  This was not good because Karrie was an aspiring swimsuit model.  Her parents took her to the doctor and the doctor said, “Karrie must go on a diet.”  “OH NO!” Karrie whimpered. “But I LOVE my KIBBLE!” The doctor reassured her that all would be fine if instead of eating so many snacks she instead was given fruits and veggies.  It sounded scary to Karrie because she was pretty much addicted to her yummy treats, but in order to squeeze into her new bikini she was willing to try anything. Mom and dad were told they could give their little princess pumpkin, zucchini, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, green beans, potatoes, spinach, cabbage and even lima beans. She was also allowed to eat bananas, blueberries, raspberries, and mangos. Karrie tried the veggies and fruits and some of them were super delicious but others tasted nasty to her.  The vet said it was good for her to try new things and it was okay to not like them all.  The most important thing was that she didn’t eat onions, grapes, or chocolate because they are toxic to doggies. Karrie’s brothers liked her diet too! I know I said at the beginning this was a sad story and you may be wondering what is so sad about this, after all Karrie is happy with her diet.  The sad part is that there are lots of overweight prince and princess doggies who may hurt their backs and have a shorter life span if they don’t go on a diet soon.  There are also lots and lots of little wiener dogs who don’t have a mommy and daddy of their own. Consider adopting a dachshund today. Karrie’s Karli’s mom and dad did and they have never been so happy.

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  1. good job karrie i once had to go on a diet to but mine was so i could impress justin ,long haired daschund, and so i could not have back problems to. sincerely,precious p.


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